What Does It Mean When Your Husband Rejects You Sexually?

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Sexual rejection affects intimacy and a healthy marriage. When your partner doesn’t want you sexually, it means a lot of things and in this post, I will be discussing what it means when your husband rejects you sexually.

Rejection comes with negative feelings. Couples who stay happy and healthy in their relationship take their bedroom activities seriously. Starving your partner’s sexual needs is not only detrimental to your relationship but can also lead to infidelity.

What happens when your husband rejects you sexually

When your husband denies you sexual intimacy, it makes you feel alone, unloved, and unwanted and also diminishes your self-worth. This makes you feel anxious, and think you are not attractive enough for your husband, or that he is cheating on you with another woman. When this continues, it will make you either resort to cheating or the relationship will fail beyond repair.

Dealing with sexual rejection can be tough, especially if it has persisted over time. But you should know that you are not only in this kind of situation and in this post, I will be sharing with you tips on what to do when your husband doesn’t love you sexually.

What causes sexual rejection in marriage?

Sexual rejection can be caused by different factors. If your husband denies you sex, it could be as a result of stress at work, fatigue, or that he is not in the mood at the moment. It does not necessarily mean that you are not attractive to him or that he is secretly cheating on you.

What does it mean when your husband rejects you sexually?

If you ever notice that your husband doesn’t want you sexually, or that he is not interested in you sexually, there are a lot of reasons behind that.

When your husband turns you down sexually, it could mean that you have not turned him on. Apart from physical attraction, stress at work, medical issues, and fatigue, another reason why your husband may decide not to have sex with you is because he no longer has that sexual connection or intimacy with you.

Sexual attraction or connection triggers the desire to have sex with your partner. So, if you don’t talk dirty with your husband or even flirt with him, it is possible that he has lost sexual connection with you.

Signs your husband doesn’t want you sexually

One of the signs that indicates your husband’s lack of interest in establishing a sexual connection with you is that he doesn’t initiate sex with you. When you do, he dismisses or rejects you on the grounds of stress, fatigue, or a lack of interest at the moment.

What to do when your husband is not interested in you sexually

The first thing every wife should do when she discovers that her husband is no longer attracted to her sexually is to communicate the issue with him. Honest communication is the first step in resolving any relationship problem.

Let your husband understand how you feel when he rejects your sexual needs and the consequences of his actions on the relationship.

Apart from communication, another way to deal with sexual rejection in marriage is to re-establish a sexual connection with your husband. You can do this by talking dirty with him in the bedroom and by sending him flirty texts that will turn him on and deepen your sexual connection.


Being denied your conjugal rights as a wife can be painful and depressing. No marriage can survive without emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy or connection. In other words, sexual rejection can do more harm to a relationship than any other relationship problem.

The first way to address the issue of sexual rejection in your marriage is to communicate with your partner about your sexual needs. Apart from that, work on re-establishing a sexual connection between you and your partner by talking dirty with him and sending him flirty texts to get him in the mood.

Are you in this kind of situation? Let us know what you think in the comment below.

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What Does It Mean When Your Husband Rejects You Sexually?
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