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As a relationship blog, we accept guest posts about relationships, dating, marriage and friendship. To get started, pitch your desired topic(s) to us first before you proceed with the draft. We are kind and will accept your guest submission if we like your post. So, feel free to send us your topics. We love to publish “signs” and “how to” posts in this category. Browse the relationship section to find out what we love.

Write for us “Self-improvement”

On Powerful Sight, we also accept self-improvement articles. Do you have some tips or guides that will help our audience improve their daily life? Send your topic to us. We love posts about self-discipline, mindset hacks, personal growth tips, morning routines, night routines, etc. So, if you are looking for a place to write a guest post for a self-improvement blog, Powerful Sight is the right place.

Write for us “Quotes”

Our audience love quotes. Starting from Monday inspirational quotes to Sunday morning quotes. Can you write an original quote that has not appeared elsewhere? Send it to us and we will accept it. We don’t want you to send us quotes from scholars as there are lots of websites that have already written that. We want you to compose yours. Powerful Sight accepts inspirational or motivational quotes.

To increase your chances of being featured on our website, check our categories to see the topics we have covered and the ones we have not, especially in the new categories.

Requirements for guest submission

We accept posts with word counts starting from 1,200 and above. We love comprehensive posts. In order to make your post in depth, try to answer the questions in the ‘people also ask section’ in google search results.

If you are writing for us, your article must be 100% plagiarism-free. We don’t accept re-written articles or already published posts. You have a unique voice, and you don’t need to be a professional before writing for us. We believe that everyone has something to offer. If your post is published, we will give you 1 do-follow link in the author bio section. You should only link to authoritative websites like Wikipedia, .gov websites or any other website that is relevant to your writing.

Contact us

Pitch your topic to powerfulsight7@gmail.com or admin@powerfulsight.com.

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