100 Affirmations For Money That Will Attract You Great Wealth
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100 Affirmations For Money That Will Attract You Great Wealth

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Repeating daily affirmations for money can help you attract wealth and success in your life, business, or work. Affirmations are powerful words that can change your life. Unlike self-confidence affirmations and affirmations for success, money affirmations can help you attract money. That is how the law of attraction works. You attract what you think, say, or imagine about yourself.

Below are words of affirmation for finance to help you attract great wealth in your life.

Affirmations for money

1. I’m free from debt

2. Money is my friend

3. I have the capacity to attract wealth

4. I will never be poor

5. I shall lend to others

6. Nations shall borrow from me

7. I’m a money magnet

8. Money will obey me

9. Wealth is my inheritance

10. I shall never be broke

11. A great wealth is on my way

12. I’m about to receive the money I never expected

13. My bank account shall never be empty

14. I can make money

15. My income is increasing

16. Money runs in my vein

17. I don’t go after money, money chases me

18. Money and prosperity are my blessings today, this week, month, and year.

19. I get richer and wealthier every day

20. Money knows how to locate me

21. I shall make sales that will bring me enough money

22. The money I’m about to receive will be bigger than I expected

23. Making money is my hobby

24. I shall receive financial favor today

25. Those owing me shall bring my money today

26. From now people shall call me money making machine

27. I’m becoming wealthy

28. Money shall be supplied to me in hundred folds

29. My cashflow is drastically increasing

30. Everything I invest in will bring me good returns

31. My finance is becoming stronger

32. I’m on my way to financial freedom

33. That I don’t have money now does not mean I’m broke. I’m just temporarily unable to dispense cash

34. My daily income shall continue to multiply

35. I’m in control of my finance

36. Every business I venture into brings prosperity to my life

37. Poverty does not know the way to my house

38. I sleep and wake up with money

39. Money shall be my daily food

40. Every phone call I make shall fetch me money

41. I’m destined to be rich

42. Money shall not be difficult for me to make

43. My business shall flourish like a palm tree

44. I smell money everywhere

45. I choose wealth and abundance

46. Money will never be my problem

47. I will continue to make a great fortune for myself

48. I’m very close to my financial success

49. I welcome unlimited wealth in my life

50. Every gift I receive from today shall be money

51. Money will serve me

52. My financial security is becoming stronger

53. I shall never run into debt again

54. There is no limit to the amount of money I shall make in my business

55. I’m turning my business into a fortune

56. Even the step of my feet shall be filled with money

57. I receive the grace to make wealth

58. I receive financial wisdom to make riches.

59. My wealth is unlimited

60. The opportunities that will change my life are here

61. I make the right decisions when it comes to money

62. There is no amount of money I cannot handle

63. I’m free from financial limitations

64. The idea to make money will never cease in my life

65. I always win in the game of making money

66. I can have anything I want

67. Money easily falls in love with me

68. My business will never stop making money for me

69. I was not born to be poor

70. I was born to make lots of money

71. I have all it takes to make money

72. I’m already reaching my financial goals

73. Money grows in a tree for me

74. Making money is not bad

75. Money is not the root of all evil but the love of it

76. There is money in my business

77. I have a lucrative job that will make me wealthy

78. I deserve a big pay cheque

79. I will be a millionaire

80. I’m conquering my financial fear

81. I live in surplus

82. The door of great riches is open to me

83. I don’t worry about money, money worries about me

84. Money is never a problem to me

85. Every business I start turns into money

86. Money is my best friend

87. My life is rich

88. Making money gives me joy

89. Every path I follow is blessed with great abundance

90. I will have enough money to give to others

91. Opulence is a gift God has given me

92. I’m rich and successful

93. Success is my best friend

94. I do not deserve to be poor

95. Affluence is at the door of my life

96. I don’t settle for less

97. Monetary abundance is my portion

98. I don’t go after money, money follows me

99. I believe in my ability to turn something small into a great fortune

100. I believe I can make wealth


100 Affirmations for money that will attract you great wealth
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