30 Funniest Things To Do With Your Boyfriend
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30 Funniest Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

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Sometimes, it can be really hard to think about something fun things to do with your boyfriend at home. But the truth is that if you love someone, you can find inspiration everywhere around you. You see a hill near your city, you get an idea to go there, hike and have fun.

Those types of adventures will help you get closer to one another. In this article, you will find some ideas on fun things to do with your boyfriend when you are bored.

How do you know when your relationship isn’t funny as it used to be?

One day you wake up and feel bored. Tomorrow it’s the same situation. When your partner suggests you go out to your favorite restaurant, you don’t feel interested.

Do you keep asking yourself, do I love this person anymore? It can be a possible scenario, but sometimes it’s just a lack of new funny adventures between the two of you. Even though you love someone so much and want to spend the rest of your life with that person, sometimes you need a reminder of what brought the two of you together and how you had fun before.

So, if you don’t want this to happen in your relationship, here are some ideas for you to bring some funny moments to your relationship.

Try something new!

When two of you do the same things all over again, one day it will stop being a relationship, it will become a habit. And of course, no one wants that. When you feel bored, just go out and do something you haven’t tried before. If you don’t have any inspiration for something new, you can alw1. ays find it on social media or elsewhere. 

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Fun things to do With Your Boyfriend

Here are 30 great ideas for you and your boyfriend that you will surely like. Here are super fun activities to do with your boyfriend

1. Go to a different restaurant for dinner

You like to go out together and you are used to the same place for years. But one day you realize it is super boring to go there all over again. So why don’t you go and try a new restaurant? For example, if you have never tried Chinese food, go to a Chinese restaurant and you will have fun. Isn’t it funny to try new food and comment about it with your partner?

2. Go-Karting

Maybe you are not someone who loves those kinds of ‘dangerous’ adventures, but if your partner is a fan of it, why don’t you two try it together? You will have fun together, and your partner will be happy you accepted to try something he likes to make him happy. It will refresh the energy in your relationship!

3. Make some ‘relationship goals’ photographs

You scroll your Instagram feed and think ‘wow couple goals’. Get up, call a photographer and make some photographs with your boyfriend. Soon you will be an inspiration to other couples when you post your photos on Instagram.

You don’t have to make only romantic photos. It depends on what type of person you are. Silly facial expressions can also make great photos and memories for the two of you.

4. Create a mutual YouTube channel

In your free time, you can recreate some other celebrity couples’ YouTube videos, do some challenges, or just make vlogs anywhere you go. It will be funny for you to edit those videos and you will also make memories for a lifetime.

Twenty years later, you will be able to watch your mutual memories and remind yourself what you did at a young age. 

5. Buy and play some board games

This is one of the things you can do with your boyfriend at home. On weekends, you can make a kind of ritual with your friends. If you have friends couples, invite them, make some popcorn and play board games. You will bring fun to your relationship and improve your friendship at the same time. 

6. Make a quiz for your boyfriend

If you want to find out something new about your boyfriend, you can do it funnily. Both of you can take a quiz about yourself and ask your partner. Ask some funny questions, such as ‘How old was I when my first tooth went out?’ Surely, you will find out something new and have fun.

7. Invite your families for a family lunch

This is a great idea to make a bond between you and your families. To make it funnier, do a challenge. You tell your partner what to cook, and he tells you. Later, ask your guests to tell you which meal was better, and tell them who prepared it. 

8. Learn a new language

In your free time, you can learn a new language. You choose how you want to do it, go to lessons, or use some online tutorials. Then, at the end of every month, make a competition and see who made better progress in the last 30 days. Good luck!

9. Go to a football match

Is your local football team playing a game this weekend? It is a great idea to have fun with your boyfriend. Even if you are not a big fan of that team, you will surely have fun.

It is exciting to try something new and be part of a fan group of your local team. Maybe it will be better than you think, and you will continue to go and cheer them every weekend with your partner.

Couple on a bike

10. Rent a bike and go to a picnic area outside of the city

This idea is great for couples who like practicing together. Maybe it is time to take a break from the usual training. Rent bikes, buy some food, and go to nature. You will stay in shape, eat some good food and have fun together. What else could you want?

11. Plan each other ‘your perfect day’

You know your partner better than anyone else, and he also knows everything about you. So, you can make a deal. Mark one date on a calendar and plan each other a perfect day.

If he loves sport, cars, or video games, you can buy him tickets to a football game or a car race. Make it as funnier as you can. For example, you can make some cards with explanations of where his adventure begins and where to go next. 

12. Pranks

This is one of the funniest things to do with your boyfriend. You can prank him, but don’t do anything that can be too scary. Also, two of you can prank your mutual friends. Maybe tell them you are moving to a different city and see their reaction?

13. Get tattooed

If you are sure you found the love of your life and you will spend the rest of your life together, it is a great idea to get tattooed together.

If you are not a big fan of tattoos, you can get a little matching tattoo with your boyfriend in a secret place on your body. On the other hand, if you are a big lover of tattoos, you can tattoo something bigger that reminds you of your boyfriend anywhere on your body.

14. Plan a trip

You go on a vacation every summer but it is always the same destination. Why don’t you go to the internet and find some new places where you can try some fun activities? If you are a sea lover, you can go somewhere you haven’t been before and try snorkeling with whales, jet surfing, or kiteboarding. It will be funny for you and your partner to try something new and you won’t feel bored on a vacation.

15. Make each other a hairstyle

Do you trust your boyfriend? If yes, this idea is great for you. Make each other a hairstyle. Let him do anything he wants, and don’t use a mirror until it’s over. This will be fun for both of you.

16. Organize BBQ with friends

Anything better on weekends? Definitely no. This is a great way to become closer with your friends and partner at the same time.

17. Workout together

Maybe you two are not sportspersons. But you can try it together! Everything is way funnier when you do it with your loved one. And it is also good for your health and looks.

Boyfriend and girlfriend in a bookstore

18. Visit a bookstore together

It is a great idea to go to a bookstore with your partner. It doesn’t have to be a special date to buy your partner a gift (a book in this case). You can just go there and surprise your partner. When you buy him something he likes, it will show him how well you know him and his taste.

19. Movie day 

It is rainy and you don’t know what to do. Find some movies, make popcorns and enjoy yourself with your partner!

20. Try something new

Sometimes you two are together for a long time and everything has become a habit. Same places, same people, same date nights, etc. So why don’t you try something new?

Your city must have something new you can try together. It can be skydiving, zip line, hiking, or something like that.

21. Redecorate your garden

If you two live together, it is a good idea to redecorate your garden. You can plant your favorite flowers, trees or buy some cute decorations.

22. Organize charity action for a local family who needs help or volunteer together

Some families don’t have enough resources to raise their children and you can try to help them with your partner.

You can ask your friends to donate, too. It is nice to help someone in need and you two will also feel good for helping someone.

23. Visit some monuments in your city you haven’t visited before

You live in the same city for your whole life and you see a new place on Instagram that your friends visited.

Even though you live there for that long, you can never visit all the monuments. So every time you explore some new place, visit it with your partner and make memories for a lifetime.

24. Choose five cities, write their names on papers, put them in a bowl, and pull out the one where to go

You want to go somewhere but it is hard to choose? This is a great way to make a trip funnier from the beginning.

25. Go on a massage together

Everybody needs to spend some time relaxing. After a hard week, working five days in a row, you two can go together on a couple of massages.

26. Midnight swimming

If your city has a lake, a river or even sea, why don’t you go there for a midnight swim? Summer nights are the best, so enjoy it to the maximum with your partner.

27. Teach each other something your partner doesn’t know

Your partner is a car lover and you are passionate about cooking? Let him teach you some basic things about cars and you teach him a good recipe to cook. It will definitely improve your relationship as this shows you have an interest in each other’s passion.

28. Watch a TV show together and then make a quiz who remembers more details about it

All couples love to watch a TV show together, but you can make it a little different. After watching every episode, make a quiz and check who remembered more details about it.

29. Tell each other your life goals

You two are planning to spend a life together. So it will be interesting for both of you to hear what your partner wants to achieve in life. You can also talk about children and see if you agree on that topic.

30. Tell each other your secrets

What is a better way to meet someone and gain trust than this? If you love your partner and want to spend life with him, you can tell him everything you haven’t told anyone before. You will feel better and you will show your partner you trust him.


When you love someone, you want to spend every moment together and make new memories. But if you come to a stage when you feel bored when you have to spend time with your partner, define is it just boredom or you don’t feel the same about your relationship as before. If it’s just a lack of adventures, we hope you found some useful ideas to bring some funny moments to your relationship.

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