20 Creative & Easy Christmas Gifts To Make For Family And Friends
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20 Creative & Easy Christmas Gifts To Make For Family And Friends

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If you are looking for Christmas gifts to make, here are ideas on homemade Christmas present to make for your loved ones. Either your family or friends.

A handmade gift is always a great idea. You can make your own homemade Christmas gift using the ideas we will be sharing with you in this post.

So, if you are looking forward to surprising your dad, mom, friends, or your kids with a gift this Xmas, these easy and creative homemade Christmas presents are the best ideas to start with. Here are the best DIY Christmas presents to make for your loved ones.

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20 Creative & Easy Christmas Gifts To Make For Family & Friends

Christmas Gifts To Make For Friends

1. A Personalized Photo frame

A  Personalized Photo frame

The best Christmas gift to make for a friend is a personalized photo frame of them. You can make a personalized photo frame with the photo of your friend and some hand-written words on it. It will be a great way to show your love for them and also make their day special.

2. Pandora Necklace

A woman making Pandora Necklace

Jewelry is the best when it comes to gifts, especially the one you’re giving to a female friend. Why not get some materials and make your own necklace and present it to your friend as a Christmas present? You can even add their name on it or just say happy Christmas to you, my dear friend, instead of using their name. If you don’t know how to make one, go to Youtube and watch videos on that.

3. Design a T-Shirt for them

A woman holding a white T-shirt she designed

Before you do this, make sure you know your friend’s favorite color. You can ask them if you don’t know. After that, pick out their favorite color, style, and design, and then have them pick out the shirt from a list of options before you finally rap it as a gift and present it to them.

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4. Heart-shaped cookies

heart-shaped cookies

Another idea for a Christmas DIY present is heart-shaped cookies with personal messages written on them. This is a great idea if you don’t have money to buy materials to make the gifts I mentioned earlier. This one is very simple and easy, and your friend will appreciate the time you took to make that.

5. Christmas tree or flower

A Woman holding a Christmas tree

A simple Christmas tree or flower is a great gift to present to your friend on a Christmas day. You don’t need to buy it from the market. You can do it yourself and add some personalized notes to it. Simply check Youtube to find out how you can easily make a Christmas flower.

Christmas Gifts to make for Kids

As Christmas approaches, it is time to gear up for the holiday season. This year, why not make a gift for your child? There are plenty of DIY gifts that you can make for your children and even more ideas on the internet. Here are some things you could make:

1. A photo album with photos from their first few years

Photo album of a child

This is not only the best idea for your kids this Christmas but a great memory in the time to come. You don’t have to spend money doing this. You just need to get their childhood pictures, cut them to your preferred sizes, get a water gum, a book, or whatever you want to use and paste them. In the end, add a little design or a light to make it more beautiful.

2. A scrapbook of their favorite memories

A Scrapbook

It can be from the day they were born to the day they started crawling or walking, the day they celebrated their first birthday or the day they started school.

3. A personalized pillowcase with their name on it

Kids get happy when they receive a gift with their name on it. If you can’t pay someone to do this for you, find out the materials you can use to do it yourself.

4. A family tree poster to hang up in their room

family tree poster

Find out how you can do this. I always recommend Youtube because you can learn anything right there for free. If possible, add the date each person was born on the family tree poster.

5. A journal or diary that they can fill up with memories


Christmas present isn’t all about things to wear or eat. You can help your child spend the holiday wisely by making them a journal as a Christmas gift. You are not only empowering or helping them discover more about themselves, but you are also making sure they stay busy and active with their books.

6. A handmade Christmas card

Handmade Christmas gift card

Inside the handmade gift card, you can decide to add their favorite picture, or whatever you know they will like and appreciate.

Christmas DIY Gift Ideas For Mom

1. Handmade Christmas Cards

Making Christmas Gift card

This is a great gift to give any mother. You can choose from different types of paper and colors to create a unique card for your mother. If you want to add some extra flair, use glitter or ribbons to decorate the card.

2. Design a Coffee Mug for her

Coffee mug

If your mom loves coffee or tea, then this would be the perfect gift for her! You can use chalkboard paint and stencils to create a mug with a festive design on it. This will be great if she loves drinking coffee or tea in the morning. Or, you can buy a new coffee mug and add a personalized design name like Merry Christmas, or you write her name on it.

3. Handmade Lace Christmas Ornament

Handmade Lace Christmas Ornament

If your mom likes to decorate her house during the holidays, then this would be a great gift for her! You can use silk lace and yarn to create your own ornament.

4. Make a necklace for her

A girl wearing her mum necklace

You can impress your mum with a cute handmade necklace. Just find the best material you can use and start working on that immediately.

5. Make a photo frame with a picture of the two of you together

A photo frame of mum and daughter

Your mum will also love to receive a photo frame with a picture of the two of you together. Look for her favorite picture (where you were together) and make a photo frame with a Merry Xmas design on it.

6. A Journal with your thoughts on what makes her special inside

A woman writing a journal

The Christmas period is also a time to celebrate your mum. You must not wait till her birthday before you tell her how special, kind, and unique she is. This Xmas holiday is an opportunity for you to express your love for her. You can write a journal with your thoughts on what makes her special inside and package it as a Christmas present for her.

Handmade Christmas gifts for dad

1. Handmade Christmas card

If your dad is a sentimental person, this is the perfect gift for him.

making a scarf

2. Handmade scarf

This gift is perfect for the dad who loves to stay warm during winter and also likes to look stylish. If you are that crafty, consider making a scarf for your dad as a Christmas gift.

3. Homemade cookies

Handmade cookies

This gift idea is perfect if your dad has a sweet tooth and loves cookies as much as you do.

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