17 Ways To Annoy Your Boyfriend And Make Him Mad At You
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17 Ways To Annoy Your Boyfriend And Make Him Mad At You

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In this post, you will find some ideas on how to annoy your boyfriend. This post is filled with tips and tricks you can often use to irritate your boyfriend.

The content of this article might not be appropriate for people who are looking for a peaceful relationship, but for those who want to have some fun with their partner, these tips will come in handy.

In order to annoy your boyfriend, you need to understand how he thinks and what makes him happy. If you know what he likes and dislikes, it will be easier for you to find ways of making him unhappy. For example, if he likes sports and you don’t care about that, you can change the television channel each time he is watching football match.

Below are more ideas on how to provoke your boyfriend.

How to annoy your boyfriend

1. Mock his dress or hairstyle

Mock everything he says or does as if it’s the most absurd thing you’ve ever heard. You can also mock his hairstyle, his dress, or the way he walks or talks.

2. Nod your head at everything he says

It is very annoying when someone nods their head when they’re supposed to answer yes or no to your questions. This is another boyfriend annoyance tip you can use to upset your boyfriend.

3. Take his phone without his consent and access his social media accounts

Not every guy wants his girlfriend to access his social media accounts. So, take your boyfriend’s phone without his consent and start reading his social media messages. This will really annoy him.

4. Wake him up early for no reason

This can be so annoying. Wake your boyfriend very early in the morning for no reason and sleep back. You can do this two to three times before day break. Additionally, you can decide to spit water on his face if you have woken up and wants to serve him his breakfast or a coffee.

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5. Ignore him when he speaks

Sometimes, just be busy with your phone and pretend to not hear him when he’s talking to you. Preferably, put music and listen to it with your earpod. This will irritate him when he discovers he’s talking to himself.

6. Accuse him of cheating

You should be careful with some of these advice as they can ruin your relationship. Another way to irritate your boyfriend is to accuse him of cheating on you, looking at a girl’s buttock or flirting with another girl especially, when you are in the public. This will make him very angry but don’t forget to sought everything out at last.

7. Flirt with another guy in his presence

No matter how gentle you are, you will feel jealous when your partner flirts with another person. You can infuriate your boyfriend by flirting with another guy in his presence. Or you can just make a call when he is around and end it up with ‘I LOVE YOU.’

8. Cancel your date for no reason

This can be very frustrating, especially if they are already dressed up or they are already at your initial date spot, waiting for you. If they call, just tell them you forgot you have a date today and you won’t make it.

9. Complain About His Friends and Ex-Girlfriends All the Time

Guys get annoyed when their girlfriend complains a lot. You can make your guy angry by complaining about his friends, ex-girlfriends or the people he associates with.

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10. Start Arguing with Him Over Anything and Everything

Guys find girlfriends who cargue a lot so irritating.

11. Act Like You’ve Been Cheating on Him When He’s Gone for a Few Hours

No guy will resist this temptation without being annoyed. You can prank him to think you are cheating on him.

12. Take His Phone Away from Him at Night

Most guys like surfing the internet at night. You can take your boyfriend’s phone away from him at night so he can’t text or use the Internet on his phone after 11 pm.

13. Use all his data to watch movies online

You can make your boyfriend get mad at you by using all his data bundles to watch netflix or Youtube videos. If you can’t finish it once, transfer it to your phone and pretend as if nothing happened.

14. Ask him to make you coffee in the midnight

There are a lot of ideas on how to annoy your boyfriend but this particular one is so irritating to guys. Just wake him up at midnight and tell him you want to seap tea or coffee, that he should help you make it.

15. Change the television each time he is watching football

Almost every guy loves watching football (except I myself). You can make your boyfriend annoyed by changing the television channel each time he is very busy watching his favorite match.

16. Place your leg on his head when you are both sleeping

This will really annoy him, especially when he’s beginning to love his sleep or when he’s still struggling to sleep.

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17. Fart when you are together

You can just drop a loud bomb from your anus when you are together. You can also do this when you are about to sleep, or after you have had a fight or arguments with him.

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17 Ways to annoy your boyfriend and make him mad at you
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