66 Fun Contact Names for Best Friends
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66 Fun Contact Names for Best Friends

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Choosing the right contact name for your best friend can be a fun and meaningful way to personalize your phone or messaging app.

Whether you’re looking for something cute, funny, or creative, there are endless possibilities to capture the essence of your friendship.

Below are unique contact names that you can use to refer to your closest confidant.

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Cute Contact Names for Best Friends

When it comes to best friends, cute and affectionate contact names can be a great way to express your fondness for one another.

Consider using endearing terms like “Bestie,” “Partner in Crime,” or “Ride or Die.”

You could also opt for playful nicknames based on inside jokes or shared interests, such as “Sunshine,” “Cupcake,” or “Bookworm.”

Below are a few contact names for friends.

  1. Bestie
  2. Soulmate
  3. Partner in Crime
  4. Ride or Die
  5. Sunshine
  6. Cupcake
  7. Bookworm
  8. Sweetie
  9. Honey Bun
  10. Snuggle Bug

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Funny Contact Names for Best Friends

Injecting a bit of humor into your best friend’s contact name can be a great way to bring a smile to their face.

Try using puns, pop culture references, or playful inside jokes.

Some examples could include “Bff-ective,” “Sherlock Homie,” or “Taco ‘Bout a Friend.”

  1. Bff-ective
  2. Sherlock Homie
  3. Taco ‘Bout a Friend
  4. Bestie Besterton
  5. Giggles
  6. Silly Goose
  7. Goofball
  8. Chuckles
  9. Jokester
  10. Prankster

Creative Contact Names for Best Friends

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can get creative with your best friend’s contact name.

Consider using puns, wordplay, or even made-up terms that capture the essence of your friendship.

For instance, you could call them “Bestie Boo,” “Kindred Spirit,” or “Friendship Unicorn.”

  1. Bestie Boo
  2. Kindred Spirit
  3. Friendship Unicorn
  4. Soulmate Superstar
  5. Dynamic Duo
  6. Better Half
  7. Comrade in Chaos
  8. Confidante Extraordinaire
  9. Kindred Spirits
  10. Friendship Alchemist

Contact Names Based on Shared Interests or Inside Jokes

If you and your best friend have a particular hobby or inside joke that you bond over, you can use that as inspiration for their contact name.

For example, if you’re both avid readers, you could call them “Bookworm Buddy.”

Or if you have an ongoing gag about a certain TV show, you could use a reference from that as their contact name.

Shared Interest Contact Name
Reading Bookworm Buddy
Baking Cupcake Queen
Traveling Globetrotter
Gaming Player 2
Fitness Workout Warrior
Music Harmony Harmonizer

Contact Names Inspired by Popular Culture or Movies

Drawing inspiration from popular culture can be a fun way to create unique contact names for your best friend.

Whether it’s a reference to a beloved TV show, movie, or even a famous fictional friendship, these names can be a great conversation starter.

  1. Frodo to your Samwise
  2. Laverne to your Shirley
  3. Lucy to your Ethel
  4. J.D. to your Turk
  5. Chandler to your Joey
  6. Leslie to your Ann
  7. Meredith to your Christina
  8. Thelma to your Louise
  9. Sherlock to your Watson
  10. Buzz to your Woody

Contact Names for Best Friends of Different Genders

If your best friend is of a different gender, you can get creative with contact names that acknowledge and celebrate your unique bond. Consider using gender-neutral terms like “Pal,” “Comrade,” or “Sibling.”

  1. Pal
  2. Comrade
  3. Sibling
  4. Confidante
  5. Partner
  6. Teammate
  7. Ally
  8. Kindred Spirit
  9. Fellow Adventurer
  10. Chosen Family

Contact Names for Long-Distance Best Friends

For best friends who live far apart, contact names can be a way to keep your connection strong despite the distance. You could use terms that reference your shared history, like “Across the Miles” or “Distance Doesn’t Matter.”

  1. Across the Miles
  2. Distance Doesn’t Matter
  3. Forever Friends
  4. Kindred Spirits, Worlds Apart
  5. Connected Hearts
  6. Inseparable, Even Apart
  7. Friendship Without Borders
  8. Distant Bestie
  9. Far-Away Pal
  10. Lifelong Companion


Choosing the perfect contact name for your best friend is a personal and meaningful gesture that can strengthen your bond.

Whether you opt for something cute, funny, or creative, the key is to select a name that captures the essence of your friendship.

Remember, the possibilities are endless, so have fun and get creative!

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