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100 Heart Touching Good Morning Messages For Friends

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Good morning messages for friends: Ushering your friends into a new day with some cute texts can put a smile on their faces as they wake up from sleep. It is a way to remind them that they are special to you. You don’t need too many words. A simple sweet good morning message can go a long way to make them feel special.

So, if you are looking for the best good morning wishes to send a friend, you are at the right place. Read on to discover what we have for you.

Good morning message to a friend

Good morning message to a friend

1. I slept last night with your thought in my heart. This morning, I woke up still thinking about you. I couldn’t wait for the sun to set to usher you into a new day. Good morning, dear friend.

2. My night was well spent, so I hope yours? May your day be as bright as the sun and as spotless as the sky.

3. Good morning, dear friend. Don’t forget that every new day comes with new opportunities. May you never miss the pleasantries today brings your way.

4. Wake up, my dear friend. May your today be better than your yesterday. Wishing you a lovely day.

5. I wish to see you smile this morning. Wake up like a giant, my dear friend. Good morning.

good morning wishes for friends

6. I sent two things your way this morning-happiness and new opportunities. Have a great day.

7. As you read this message, have one thing in mind-you are special to me. Good morning, my friend.

8. As the sky is far above the heavens, so shall you be far from anything that will make you unhappy today. Good morning.

9. While you are still lying on your bed, I was just wondering how to make you smile and feel special this morning. Good morning, friend.

10. I do not need too many words to tell you that you have a special place in my heart. Good morning, dear friend.

Heart touching good morning messages for friends

Heart Touching Good Morning Messages For Friends

11. I have found a friend that sticks closer than a brother-that is you. You are more than a million friends to me. Good morning, my friend.

12. Every new day comes with an opportunity for me to say “thank you” for being there for me. Welcome to a new day.

13. Every day is an opportunity to make someone smile. As you go out, ensure you put a smile on somebody’s face before the end of today. Good morning, dear.

14. Open your eyes and behold the brightness of the day. Step into it with boldness and defeat every obstacle that will stand in your way. Good morning, dear friend.

15. The night is gone, welcome to a new day, dear friend. May heavenly blessings come your way this morning.

16. May your morning be filled with new strength, and your day with new inspiration and the courage to pursue your goals. Good morning.

17. Good morning dear, friend. This is another new day for us to celebrate our friendship. Have a nice day.

18. The night is gone and well spent. Wake up, my sleeping friend. Sip your coffee and prepare yourself for today. Good morning.

19. May heavenly blessings locate you today, and may the rivers of joy never depart from you. Good morning, dear friend.

20. A day spent without you is like a waste to me. Good morning, my dear.

Good morning quotes for friends

Good morning quotes for friends

21. My morning is not complete without you, my dear friend.

22. You are like the air I breathe every day.

23. Seeing you smile every morning is all I need to be happy for the whole day.

24. Your name is the only song that rings in my ear each time I wake up from sleep. Good morning, dear friend.

25. Each day I wake up thinking about you, I know my day is going to be awesome.

26. Every morning spent with you adds meaning to my life.

27. I’m sending this good morning along with good health.

28. Morning is the best time to renew the strength you lost in the night.

29. Every morning comes with a new opportunity but only those who are prepared for it gets it.

30. We have become so close that I always long for your sweet texts each time I wake up from sleep.

Funny good morning message for a friend

Funny Good morning message for a friend

31. Wake up, lazy bone. I’m sure you are trying to run away from today’s work.

32. If there is a sleeping award available, I’m sure you will be the winner. Good morning, sleeping head.

33. I know your two best friends, sleeping and snoring. Good morning, dear.

34. I’m sure you never wanted the day to break so you could sleep more.

35. My alarm is the only enemy I have in the morning, yet is still my best friend.

36. We may be best friends during the day but the only best friends I have at night are my bed and my pillow.

37. Good morning! It’s time to allow your bed and your pillow to have a little rest. You have over-stressed them last night.

38. Sleep is the most beautiful gift God ever gave man.

39. Rolling over and over again on the bed will not stop the time from moving. If you like, reset your alarm time, the morning will surely come. Good morning, sleeping head.

40. May your alarm never stop waking you up because I know that sleeping is your hobby.

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Good morning wishes for best friends

Good morning wishes for best friends

41. May the morning breeze refresh your mind and strengthen you for the day’s activities. Good morning, my best friend.

42. Wake up and see the morning sun smiling at you. The beds of the air are shouting your name. And the breeze is waiting for you to arise so it can refresh your mind. Good morning, bestie.

43. What makes my morning better is hearing from you. I hope this good morning greeting meet you, my best friend.

44. As the sun rises in the morning, so shall you rise above whatever will make you feel bad today. Good morning, buddy.

45. A positive mindset, faith, and courage are all you need to make today greater than yesterday. Good morning.

46. As you wake up from sleep, all I want you to do first is to smile whenever you receive this text. After that, believe in yourself that today is going to be better than yesternight.

47. If there is nothing to be grateful for, be grateful for your life. Good morning, dear friend.

48. Out of the million dreams I had last night, my greatest joy is that I saw you last night.

49. Your day will not change except you compel it to. Arise and make your day whatever you want it to be. Good morning, buddy!

50. Let yesterday’s worries be gone with your night. Enjoy your today with a smile on your face this morning.

Deep good morning messages for friends

Deep good morning messages for friends

51. Be sure you slept off all your worries last night. Good morning, dearest friend.

52. You are a part of me I cannot replace with any other thing.

53. Every day gives me the opportunity to meet a loving friend like you.

54. Waking up in the morning is a miracle and a testimony to you and I. Endeavor to celebrate this gift with joy. Good morning, dear.

55. I wish you a lovely morning, my dearest friend. May all your wishes come through today.

56. I don’t need an alarm to wake up every morning. All I need is to see you in my dream and hear your name.

57. Good morning, loving soul. You are indeed the best gift I have ever received.

58. I wish you the very best thing you ever wish yourself, starting from sound health, joy, prosperity, all in all, the heart not to forget the one who made all these wishes. Good morning, my dear friend.

59. May the morning breeze cools your mind, and may the brightness of the sun warm your day. I love you, dear friend.

60. May your day be filled with songs of praise. Good morning.

Thoughtful good morning message for a friend

Thoughtful good morning message for a friend

61. Darkness is gone with the night. The brightness and the beauty of the day are only felt by those who are awake. Arise and behold the beauty of the earth.

62. I was thinking of the best way to make you feel special, so I thought of sending you good morning greetings. I hope your night was well spent?

63. I’m sending you this text to describe what I want your day to look like. May your day be filled with funs. Good morning.

64. The moon and the stars are gone. What are they telling you? It is time to wake up from sleep. Good morning, dear.

65. No matter how busy I’m, I will always stop to say good morning to you.

66. Your thought runs through my heart always. Good morning, dear friend.

67. May your strength be renewed every morning. Enjoy the rest of your day.

68. Waking you up with some cute good morning texts is one thing I cannot do without. Good morning, dearest.

69. A true friend cannot be forgotten. You are always in my heart.

70. A sweet and lovely morning to a friend who understands my pain more than any other person. I love you, dear.

Good morning message to a new female friend

Good morning message to a new female friend

71. A wonderful woman like you cannot just wake up without someone to remind her that she is beautiful, elegant, wonderful, intelligent, and fearfully made. Good morning.

72. All your appointment with failure, sickness and disappointments this morning are cancelled. Good morning, dear.

73. Good morning, my lovely friend. I hope to see your smiling face this morning.

74. This is just a reminder that you have a special place in my heart. Good morning, my new friend.

75. Good morning to a gentle creature like you.

76. Everyone we meet in life is for a purpose. I believe you are an angel sent from God.

77. The colour in you is the same colour as mine. Good morning, my type.

78. I love being in your company. Ever since you came into my life as a friend, you have always been a source of inspiration to me.

79. People come and go but friendship is meant to last forever. Good morning.

80. Having you as my new friend is a blessing to me. Good morning, dear friend.

Inspirational good morning message for friends

Inspirational good morning messages for friends

81. May you start your day with a new inspiration, a new vision, a new mindset, and the courage to actualize your dreams. Good morning, friend.

82. As you wake up this morning, begin your day with a smile, find a problem to solve, and in all, ensure that everyone that comes your way, leaves with a smile on their face.

83. Good morning to you. Today is Thursday. Never allow this week to end before you fulfil your goals for the week.

84. Wake up, buddy! Successful people don’t sleep too much. Arise and rule your world.

85. Always keep your hope alive for nothing is impossible in life. Good morning, dear friend.

86. If you ever failed yesterday, see today as a new opportunity to overcome yesterday’s failure.

87. Every morning is another opportunity to plan for the future

88. Dreams take time to manifest. So far you don’t give up on them, they will surely come through. Good morning, dearest friend

89. Good morning, dear. You are becoming the man (or woman) of your dream.

90. The best way to keep moving is to keep believing in yourself. Good morning.

Good morning message to a friend online

Good morning message to a friend online

91. If I can ever make you smile while reading this message, I have actualized my goal for today. Good morning.

92. Text messages are not enough for me to express my whole heart to you. Good morning, dear friend.

93. Seeing you smile makes me feel good. Good morning.

94. I’m glad you’re alive to chat with me again.

95. You are the first person that comes into my mind every time I wake up from sleep.

96. The sun is as bright as your face. Good morning, dearest.

97. If only I could behold the beauty of your face this morning, I will be the happiest person ever. Good morning, my lovely friend.

98. You are the part of me that cannot be taken away. Good morning.

99. The last time I saw you in my dream was the day I sent you good night text. I want you to occupy my thought today that is why I’m sending you this good morning message.

100. Good morning, my beloved friend. Enjoy your day but don’t forget me.

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