2022 new year wishes for family and friends
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2022 New Year Wishes For Family And Friends

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Bravo! It is 2022. The Christmas celebration is over. After new year’s eve, the next is to welcome your family and friends into the new year and say goodbye to the previous year. Welcome your family, friends, and well-wishers into 2022 with these happy new year wishes. Before then, I want to say “happy new year to you and welcome to 2022 in advance”.

Happy New Year Greetings for 2022

1. Congratulations on seeing 2022. Goodbye to 2021

2. Happy new year my wonderful family. This is our year of celebration.

3. The previous year may have been tougher, but this new year shall favour us all. Happy new year.

4. I am glad you made it into 2022. Rejoice, for you are highly favoured.

5. Welcome to 2022! This year marks the beginning of your turnaround in life.

6. Season’s greetings to you, my dear friend. This year shall be better than last year.

7. A new year marks a new life. Be strong this year and victory shall be yours.

8. With a joyful heart, I welcome you into the new year. Happy new year, my dear friend.

9. Wishing you all the good things of life. Good health, prosperity, and victory shall be yours this year.

10. It is a privilege to see a new year. Thanks to God for the gift of life.

11. Stepping into a new year is a sign you are unstoppable. May heavens grant your heart desires this year.

12. Goodbye to 2021, and welcome to 2022. Happy new year.

13. My wishes for you in 2022 are: more money into your account, sound health, and all the good things of life. Happy new year to you.

14. I usher you all into 2022. Have a prosperous new year.

15. Distance can never be a barrier to us. Happy new year and stay safe dear.

16. You are the best friend in the world. Welcome to the new year.

17. Morning, afternoon and evening can never cease. Likewise, my love for you will never end. Happy new year, dear friend.

18. Today marks the beginning of another 365 days. Set a new goal, be focused and success shall be yours. Happy new year.

19. Life is the best gift anyone can receive. I praise God for your life. Welcome to 2022.

20. Everything that has an end equally has a beginning. Welcome to the first day of the year.

21. Bravo! It’s 2022. I am glad we made it. Happy new year to you all.

2022 New year greetings for your Boss and co-worker

1. Wishing you all the best in this new year. May happiness, good health, and prosperity never be far from you.

2. Welcome to your year of prosperity, Boss. Rejoice and be glad in it.

3. I wish you everything you ever wish for yourself. You shall see the end of 2022.

4. May your dreams come through this year. Wishing you a prosperous new year.

5. Compliment of the season. May this year be filled with new adventures.

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