How To Make A Narcissist Miss You Badly
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How To Make A Narcissist Miss You Badly

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Ever wondering how to make a narcissist miss you? It’s very simple. Just follow the tips I shared below.  Narcissists are capable of falling in love and therefore can miss someone.

Below are simple things to do to a Narcissist to make him or her miss you badly.

How to make a Narcissist miss you

1. Make use of the No-contact rule

The ‘No contact rule’ is a powerful tactic often employed to gain the attention of a narcissist. Implementing this rule means completely severing communication channels, effectively becoming inaudible and invisible to the individual. This absence can sometimes lead the narcissist to reflect on your value in their life, as the sudden withdrawal of your attention can be jarring for someone who thrives on admiration and validation.

The effectiveness of going no contact lies in the vacuum that your absence creates. Narcissists often rely on others to feed their ego, and by removing yourself from their sphere, you create a silence that can be felt. This is not an easy step; it requires immense willpower and a firm resolve to not reach out or respond. In this silence, the narcissist might begin to experience the lack of adulation and support that they had perhaps taken for granted.

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How to make a narcissist miss you

2. Use Indirect communication

Engaging in indirect communication is a subtle yet effective method of piquing a narcissist’s interest. This involves conveying your well-being and achievements through mutual acquaintances or social media, rather than direct interaction. The key here is to create an aura of positivity and success around yourself, which the narcissist will eventually notice.

This form of communication works because it plays on the narcissist’s innate competitiveness and desire to associate with people who enhance their self-image. Witnessing your accomplishments and happiness from a distance may prompt a sense of missing out.

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3. Create boundaries

Establishing clear boundaries is paramount when interacting with a narcissist. Boundaries are the invisible lines that define how much of yourself you are willing to share and how you expect to be treated. By setting firm limits, you communicate your self-worth and demand respect. When a narcissist encounters these limits, it can lead to a newfound appreciation for your strength and autonomy.

Creating boundaries can be particularly challenging, as narcissists often do not recognize or respect the personal space of others. To effectively establish these lines, you must be consistent and unwavering in your approach. When a boundary is crossed, it should be addressed immediately and assertively. It’s not about confrontation but about standing up for yourself in a calm and composed manner.

The act of setting boundaries in itself can make you more attractive to a narcissist, as it presents a challenge to their perceived control. It can also lead to them missing the ease with which they previously interacted with you when your boundaries were less defined.

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4. Avoid Emotional Manipulation:

Emotional manipulation is a common strategy used by narcissists to maintain dominance in a relationship. To counter this, you must recognize and evade any attempts at manipulation. By doing so, you present yourself as someone who cannot be easily swayed or controlled, which can inadvertently lead a narcissist to miss the influence they once had over you.

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5. Be Assertive

Assertiveness is the balanced expression of one’s own rights and feelings without infringing on the rights of others. When interacting with a narcissist, being assertive is a testament to your self-respect. This approach involves clearly stating your opinions, needs, and desires in a direct yet respectful manner. It can be a catalyst for a narcissist to recognize the weight of your presence in their lives.

Being assertive with a narcissist can be daunting, as they may not be accustomed to such straightforwardness. However, it is essential for establishing a dynamic where your voice is heard and your needs are considered. This communication style can shift the balance of power, as it moves the interaction from a one-sided affair to a more equitable dialogue.

6. Create Distance

Creating physical and emotional distance from a narcissist is another way to make a narcissist miss you.  The absence created by distance can foster a sense of longing and reflection. It’s important, however, that the space you create is for your own mental and emotional health, rather than solely to elicit a response from the narcissist.

Physical distance can be as simple as not attending events where the narcissist will be present or finding new places and activities that are separate from those you once shared. Emotional distance involves disengaging from the narcissist’s attempts to draw you into their emotional dramas or relying on you for validation.

The combination of physical and emotional distance can be a powerful message. It signals to the narcissist that you possess a life and passions beyond their scope, potentially leading them to miss your presence and reconsider the importance of your relationship.


Your narcissistic partner or co-worker will miss you badly if you follow the above tips, especially creating a distance. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. So, if you want a narcissist to long for your presence, distance yourself from them.

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How to make a narcissist miss you

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