20 Ways To Make Your Wife Feel Wanted
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20 Ways To Make Your Wife Feel Wanted

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Feeling wanted and appreciated is a fundamental need for any individual, and it’s especially true for your wife. When your wife feels wanted, it strengthens the bond between you, fosters a deeper sense of connection, and can even reignite the passion in your relationship. Here is how to make your wife feel wanted and valued.

How to make your wife feel wanted

1. Surprise Her with Thoughtful Gestures

Surprise your wife with small, thoughtful gestures that show you’ve been paying attention to her needs and desires. This could be as simple as bringing her favorite snack or flowers home or planning a spontaneous date night.

These unexpected acts of kindness will make her feel cherished and appreciated.

Example: On a busy weekday, surprise your wife by picking up her favorite dessert on your way home from work. Accompany it with a heartfelt note expressing how much you appreciate her and all that she does for the family.

2. Actively Listen and Show Interest

Actively listen when your wife is speaking and show genuine interest in what she has to say. Put down your phone, make eye contact, and engage in the conversation.

This demonstrates that you value her thoughts, feelings, and experiences and that she has your undivided attention.

Example: When your wife is telling you about her day, resist the urge to multitask or interject. Instead, nod, ask follow-up questions, and let her know that you’re listening and care about what she’s sharing.

3. Compliment Her Regularly

Compliment your wife regularly on her appearance, her accomplishments, or her personal qualities. Be specific and sincere in your praise, as this will make her feel seen and appreciated.

Example: “Honey, you look absolutely stunning in that dress. The color really makes your eyes shine.” or “I’m so proud of you for acing that presentation at work. Your hard work and dedication are truly inspiring.”

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4. Offer to Help with Household Tasks

Offer to help with household tasks without being asked. This shows that you’re willing to share the load and that you value her time and efforts.

Example: “Let me take care of the dishes tonight. You’ve been working hard all day, and I want you to be able to relax.”

5. Plan a Romantic Getaway

Plan a romantic getaway for just the two of you, whether it’s a weekend trip or a longer vacation. This dedicated time together will allow you to reconnect, create new memories, and make your wife feel like a priority.

Example: Book a cozy cabin in the mountains or a beachfront resort for a romantic weekend away, complete with activities and surprises that cater to your wife’s interests.

6. Give Her Undivided Attention

When you’re together, give your wife your undivided attention. Put away your phone, turn off the TV, and focus solely on her and the time you’re sharing.

Example: During a quiet evening at home, turn off all distractions and engage in a deep conversation with your wife, sharing your thoughts, dreams, and feelings.

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7. Reminisce About Special Moments

Reminisce about special moments you’ve shared together, such as your first date, your wedding day, or the birth of your children. This will remind your wife of the depth of your love and the special bond you share.

Example: “Remember when we went to that little Italian restaurant on our first date? The way you smiled at me across the table still makes my heart skip a beat.”

8. Show Physical Affection

Show physical affection through hugs, kisses, and gentle touches throughout the day. This physical connection will make your wife feel loved and desired.

Example: Greet your wife with a warm hug and a passionate kiss when she gets home from work, or hold her hand while you’re out running errands together.

9. Prioritize Quality Time Together

Prioritize quality time together, whether it’s a weekly date night, a weekend getaway, or simply sharing a cup of coffee in the morning. This dedicated time will make your wife feel special and valued.

Example: Schedule a regular date night, where you both dress up, go out for a nice dinner, and enjoy each other’s company without distractions.

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10. Surprise Her with a Thoughtful Gift

Surprise your wife with a thoughtful gift that shows you’ve been paying attention to her interests and needs. This could be something as simple as a book she’s been wanting to read or as elaborate as a piece of jewelry she’s admired.

Example: If your wife has been mentioning a new kitchen gadget she’s been wanting, surprise her with it, along with a heartfelt note expressing how much you appreciate all the time and effort she puts into cooking for the family.

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11. Celebrate Her Achievements

Celebrate your wife’s achievements, whether it’s a work promotion, a personal goal she’s accomplished, or a milestone in her life. This will make her feel proud and appreciated.

Example: When your wife receives a well-deserved award at work, plan a special dinner to honor her success and share how proud you are of her accomplishments.

12. Engage in Activities She Enjoys

Engage in activities that your wife enjoys, even if they’re not necessarily your favorite. This shows that you’re interested in her hobbies and want to share in the things that bring her joy.

Example: If your wife loves going to art museums, plan a visit to a new exhibit and engage with her in discussing the artwork, even if it’s not your usual interest.

13. Express Gratitude

Express gratitude for the things your wife does, both big and small. This could be thanking her for preparing a meal, helping with household chores, or simply being a loving and supportive partner.

Example: “Thank you for making such a delicious dinner tonight. I know you put a lot of effort into it, and I really appreciate it.”

14. Be Spontaneous

Be spontaneous and do something unexpected to surprise your wife. This could be planning a picnic in the park, taking her to a concert she’s been wanting to attend, or simply whisking her away for a spur-of-the-moment adventure.

Example: On a random weeknight, surprise your wife by coming home early and taking her out for a spontaneous dinner at a new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try.

15. Encourage Her Interests and Hobbies

Encourage your wife to pursue her interests and hobbies, and be supportive of her efforts. This will make her feel valued and appreciated for who she is.

Example: If your wife has been wanting to take a pottery class, offer to help with childcare or household tasks so she can have the time and space to explore her creative side.

16. Show Appreciation for Her Role as a Homemaker

If your wife is a homemaker, show appreciation for the vital role she plays in maintaining your household and caring for your family. Acknowledge the hard work and dedication she puts into her responsibilities.

Example: “I know how much time and effort you put into keeping our home running smoothly and making sure the kids are taken care of. I’m so grateful for everything you do.”

17. Engage in Meaningful Conversations

Engage in meaningful conversations with your wife, where you discuss your hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the future. This will make her feel like an integral part of your life and future plans.

Example: “I’ve been thinking a lot about where we want to be in the next five years. I’d love to hear your thoughts on our goals and how we can work together to achieve them.”

18. Respect Her Boundaries and Needs

Respect your wife’s boundaries and personal needs, and be understanding when she requires time for herself or space to recharge. This will demonstrate that you respect her as an individual and value her well-being.

Example: If your wife needs a quiet evening to herself, respect her request and use the time to pursue your own hobbies or interests, rather than pressuring her to spend time together.

19. Communicate Openly and Honestly

Communicate openly and honestly with your wife, sharing your thoughts, feelings, and concerns. This level of vulnerability and transparency will deepen your connection and make her feel trusted and valued.

Example: “I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, and I wanted to talk to you about it. I know we can work through this together, and I really appreciate your support.”

20. Cherish Her Unconditionally

Cherish your wife unconditionally, regardless of her flaws or imperfections. This unwavering love and acceptance will make her feel truly valued and secure in the relationship.

Example: “I love you for who you are, not just for what you do or how you look. You are an incredible woman, and I’m grateful to have you in my life.”


Making your wife feel wanted is necessary if you want to keep the spark alive and make her feel appreciated. When your partner feels wanted, they feel important and valued in the relationship. So, follow the above tips to show your wife how much you value and cherish her today.

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How To Make Your Wife Feel Wanted

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