15 Ways To Overcome Laziness And Boost Productivity
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15 Ways To Overcome Laziness And Boost Productivity

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Laziness is a bad habit that hinders productivity. I was once a lazy boy who loves sleep. I will sleep the whole night and still go back to bed in the morning, after taking my breakfast until the day runs out.

One funny thing about being lazy is that it does not change things. After procrastinating and rolling on your bed, your work is still there waiting for you. Today, I will be sharing with you, some tips on how to overcome laziness and boost productivity.

Why am I so lazy? What causes laziness?

Factors like stress, lack of motivation, fatigue and distraction are the major causes of laziness. Even studies of motivation suggest that laziness may be caused by a decreased level of motivation, which in turn can be caused by over-stimulation or excessive impulses or distractions. These increase the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for reward and pleasure.

Can you cure laziness? Or can a lazy person change? Here are possible ways you can stop being lazy.

How to overcome laziness

1. Understand why you’re being lazy

Are you being lazy because you’re stressed up, you lack the motivation to work, you’re sick, or even have bulky work or tasks to complete? Figure out what your own problem is. What normally kills your motivation to work? Find out.

2. Find motivation

After you have identified why you’re being lazy, the next step is to look for something that will stir you up from your comfort zone. You need to be energized. What I personally do is reset my mindset to realize how important that task is, or I listen to motivational preaching about success. It awakens my spirit a lot especially when I’m burned out. So, look for some energy booster that will energize you.

3. Divide your task into smaller parts

Sometimes, we get lazy as a result of the bulky work we’re yet to complete. This kills our motivation and makes us procrastinate. So, to make things easier, break down your goals or work into smaller forms. This will get rid of the fear that has been holding you down in the form of laziness.

4. Remind yourself that the task is very crucial

Another way to stop being lazy is to realize how important what you are doing is. Does the work or goal you’ve set for yourself have a deadline? What will happen if you fail to complete the task as soon as possible? Or are there immense benefits or rewards you will get if you do the job or complete the work now? Remind yourself that the task is very crucial to be abandoned.

5. Create a plan of action

This is another way I overcome laziness. Draw out your plan of action (I’m not saying you should look for a pencil and drawing book to draw your plans). How do you intend to complete this work faster? Are there short roots you can implement to make things easier for you? You got to answer these questions.

6. Start with the smaller tasks

Over-stressing yourself can result in laziness. Instead of trying to complete the whole task at once, start small. You can begin with the most important ones down to the less significant ones. This will make things easier for you and will help you stop being lazy.

7. Avoid distraction

Distraction is another factor that causes laziness. It can be distractions from social media, movies, games, etc. You need to minimize or deal with those things that interrupt or hinder you from doing the needful.

8. Get organized

Both your physical environment and your inner mind needs to be organized if you want to deal with laziness. Getting organized simply means arranging one’s things or one’s affairs so they can be dealt with effectively. So, make sure you put your environment in order. This will create a conducive environment that will motivate you to get out of your comfort zone.

9. Always have some rest after work

Do not try to finish a 3 day’s work in a single day. This will make you feel lazy especially when things are not working the way you planned. So, after each work, try to have some rest before you begin a new one. This will help you to avoid being lazy.

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10. Avoid procrastinating

Procrastination is a time-waster. Laziness comes the moment you postpone what you ought to do now for another time. So, the secret to dealing with laziness is to overcome procrastination.

11. Ask for help

Sometimes you need someone to work along with you to help you conquer laziness. So, when next you feel too lazy to work, look for a partner that will challenge you.

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12. Find someone to be accountable to

Do you know you can stop being lazy by being accountable to someone? Look for someone or a friend that can hold you responsible each time you fail to accomplish your task. Get a deal with them to charge you money (let’s say $20 or $30) per default.

13. Make use of positive affirmations

Positive affirmations like ‘I can complete this task now’ ‘There’s nothing difficult about this job or work’ ‘I’m getting strong’ ‘I’m not lazy’ etc. can help you overcome laziness. Affirmations work more than you can ever imagine.

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14. Exercise yourself

Adopt the habit of exercising yourself whenever you notice you’re becoming lazy. Exercise helps strengthen your body. Laziness comes in the form of weakness. So, you need to strengthen your body to have the required energy to work.

15. Stop planning, start executing

I have noticed this several times in my life. Too much planning without implementation brings laziness. You set a new goal today, tomorrow you have cancelled it. Next tomorrow you set another one and before you could know it, you’ve abandoned that very goal for another one.

So, my final tip for you is that you should stop planning on what to do and start doing them immediately. If you’ve already set goals for yourself, don’t go and amend them looking for a perfect one.

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15 Ways to overcome laziness and boost productivity
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