How To Love Yourself Better Than You Do
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How To Love Yourself Better Than You Do

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Knowing how to love yourself first is the first step to loving others. Love begins with ourselves. It is only when we are able to take care of ourselves that we can now turn to others and express our affections to them.

Self-love is not selfishness. Loving yourself first is all about prioritizing your needs and happiness over every other thing. If you are finding it hard to love yourself before others, here are some tips that can help you practice self-love.

How To Love Yourself First

1. Prioritize your happiness over every other thing

Whatever that will take away your happiness isn’t worth your time and effort. That is what self-love is all about. How can you put others first just to displease yourself and end up being depressed?

The first step to loving yourself before others is to place your happiness over or above every other thing. Let every other thing that will not bring joy to your life come second. May I remind you that life is lived once. If you fail to make yourself happy now, when will you?

So, learn to prioritize your happiness over every other thing. If what you are about to do will favour another person but will eventually make you feel bad, let it go. It is not meant for you. That is the law of self-love.

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2. Learn to say ‘NO’

There are times when our friends and family members will request something from us, even if it wasn’t our intention to grant that request, we simply agree just to make them happy or to keep that relationship going. But from today, I want you to learn to say ‘NO’ to certain things or requests you don’t like. Look at that ‘no’ again and see that it is written in a capital letter. Meaning that I want you to take cognizance of it. It’s your life and you have every right to say ‘NO’ to certain things you do not like.

3. Pay yourself first

I once heard this from Robert Kiyosaki, in one of his books, Rich Dad Poor Dad. You got to pay yourself first before you start distributing your money to friends and family members. That sounds rude and selfish, right? That is the best way to love yourself first.

When you earn money, try to clear your debts or provide for your needs first before you even think about how much you will give to that friend or relation that wants to borrow money from you. If you don’t learn this principle, you will keep hurting yourself while pleasing others.

4. Invest in yourself

You can’t talk about self-love without saying something about investing in yourself. Do you know that you are your greatest asset? You can invest in yourself by reading books that will change your life, attending seminars, eating healthy foods to stay healthy, and wearing nice clothes to look good. If there are other ways you know you can invest in yourself, do it.

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5. Be yourself, don’t compare

When you love yourself, you don’t compare yourself with others. You got to start thinking differently about yourself. If you have an inferiority complex, learn to boost your self-confidence. Love yourself the way you are and don’t try to be someone else.

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6. Minimize stress

A lot of things can bring burnout. Your job, family responsibilities, etc. can all stress you out at the end of the day. Learn to minimize these things to stay healthy and stronger. Minimizing things that stress you, shows you truly love yourself. So, manage your work properly and make sure you exercise your body daily to stay fit.

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7. Celebrate your achievements

Another way to love yourself is to appreciate yourself for every effort you make. You deserve to be celebrated. You can start by dating yourself. Look for a restaurant and eat nice food, take your favourite drink and merry. That sounds like a party to you, right? Lolz. Anyhow you chose to celebrate yourself, do it. Just make sure you’re appreciating yourself always.

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8. Say nice things to yourself

Using self-affirmation is another way to practice self-love. Learn to always say nice things about yourself and to yourself. Did you get the difference?

Compliment yourself each time you look your best. Appreciate your beauty, your body and your intellectual. Tell yourself that you are beautiful, handsome, priceless, etc. All these are ways you can practice loving yourself.

9. Let go of negative feelings and toxic people

You can’t fully love yourself without overcoming negative feelings and toxic people. If you don’t, they will keep draining you and make you feel bad about yourself.

If your relationship is not healthy for you, get out of it. Learn to let go of toxic people who add little or no value to your life. Check the relationship category of this blog for some relationship advice.

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10. Eat healthy to stay wealthy

I know you probably read this number ten twice or more than that. You were expecting to see ‘stay healthy’ instead of ‘stay wealthy’ right? But good health is wealth. What have you if you are wealthy without sound health to enjoy your wealth?

Now you understand what I mean. Practice eating healthy food to stay healthy. That is the final and the most important way to love yourself. Apart from God, there is no other thing greater than food. Think! Think again! Did you find any other thing greater than food apart from God? If yes, drop your comment below. Again, try not to eat for one month and tell me the result.

The best way to love yourself is to take care of your health. Avoid negative habits or food that damages your health. Eat well, sleep well and stay healthy. Let me know what you think in the comment section.


10 Ways to love yourself first
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