How to play hard to get -4 Strategies that work
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How to play hard to get -4 Strategies that work

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Playing hard to get is a tricky game. You need to master it. If you don’t play it right, you end up losing the game.

One of the mistakes most people make is to be completely inaccessible while trying to play hard to get.

Everyone hates wasting their time, and energy chasing someone they know they can’t have at the end.

To some people, playing hard to get is all about being selective and discriminating. Why will someone even play hard to get? Isn’t it insanity to make people try to chase you even if you like them?

Everyone plays hard to get for a reason. Below are some of the reasons why some people want to be chased before showing interest.

Why people play hard to get?

  • To test a partner’s level of interest and commitment
  • To increase demand for themselves and make someone desire them more
  • They are simply not interested.
  • To show that they are already in a relationship or dating someone else. Etc.

Playing hard to woo makes one more desirable if it is done the right way.

If you want to play hard to get, don’t overdo it.

Proper timing is the best strategy for doing that.

Also, be moderate and not completely inaccessible. Before then, learn how to be attractive and how to get people’s attention first.

What are the disadvantages of playing too hard to get?

Everything that has advantages equally have some disadvantages. Below are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t play hard to get.

  • It can cause you to lose a potential partner
  • You will most of the time lose some respects
  • You will appear as being arrogant and selective. Etc.

Signs a partner is playing hard to get?

  • They appear to be busy, but they are not
  • Flirt with you but suddenly stop
  • They give you attention, but then disappear
  • Taking a long time to respond to your calls or texts, or not responding at all
  • Showing little or no interest, or even showing initial interest and then being aloof, etc.

How to play hard to get?

#1. Show interest, but disappear for a while

Make your partner or Crush know that you are interested, but disappear after a while.

Flirt with him/her and disappear when it seems like everything is becoming serious.

Pretend as if you don’t know that he/she is crushing on you. Make him/her work hard to get your attention.

If you want to play hard to get over the text, reply to their first and second messages, and then wait for a while before responding again.

If you always reply on time, it will appear as if he/she has already gotten your attention.

Remember, don’t overdo this, and don’t forget to apologize to them if they get angry. It will help you not to lose him/her.

#2. Give him/her attention but distance yourself

If you don’t want to appear as being too easy to get (always available), give your partner or crush the attention he/she needs but not the attention they deserve.

You can do this by distancing yourself from them.

Stay for some days without contacting them. Stay for some minutes or hours before replying to their text.

Don’t always be available anytime he/she needs you. But always apologize at the end to show that you are not doing that intentionally. But just busy with some other activities.

If they are planning to go on a date with you, you can simply tell them that you are very sorry, you can’t make it. Maybe they should postpone it.

Don’t give him/her all your attention. Make them continue to woo you and try their best to please you.

This strategy is most effective, especially if your partner often takes you for granted. Or maybe that you appear to be too nice to your partner. Or that you simply don’t want to be left in the friend zone.

#3. Be unpredictable

Your partner, ex or crush will always chase you if he/she cannot predict your next action.

How can you be unpredictable?

Surprise him/her at times. Pay them a surprise visit or a surprise phone call if you’ve never called them before.

Play hot and cold (mix your feelings). Stay together, go on a date but don’t always be available every time he/she needs you. Show them love and most at times, act as if you don’t care. Ignore them. But remember, don’t overdo it.

#4. Give them hope, but take it slowly

Don’t be in a haste to accept their proposal now. Rather, give them hope.

If he/she is asking for a relationship, don’t say ‘YES’ yet if you love him/her. Ask them to give you some time to think about it.

Don’t appear to be desperate for love.

Show him/her how confident you are.

Let them realize that you can live without a man or a woman.


The best way to gauge a partner’s willingness to commit to you or to know how much he/she loves you is to play hard to get. Remember, it is a tricky game. Don’t overdo it to avoid losing a potential partner.

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