8 Cute New Home Gifts Ideas For Couples
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8 Cute New Home Gifts Ideas For Couples

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Here are cute 8 new home gift ideas for couples who are moving in together. Whether is for your boyfriend or girlfriend, these collections will make them feel loved.

When you move in with your partner, you may want to get them a little thing to celebrate moving in together! You’ll be buying a lot of things together, but perhaps you want a thoughtful gift that you can enjoy together in your new home that is a surprise for them. We’ve got something for every budget and every type of home, so get ready to find the perfect new home gifts for your partner! 

New home gift ideas for couples

1. Matching Keyrings 

First up, we have matching key rings! You can get so many different styles of new home key rings that are affordable, plus you can get them personalized with your name and the date you moved in. Every time either of you leaves the house or gets home, you will glance at the key rings and remember how hard you worked to get where you are. Plus, you can get some really cute photos outside your new home! 

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2. An Empty Scrapbook

This one may seem a bit strange; however, an empty scrapbook is a sentimental gift. You should stick a photo of your home before you move in on the first page, and then say, once a month, you’ll get all the photos printed that you’ve taken and you can do the scrapbook together. You could also get some cute pens and things to write notes on so you don’t forget everything you’ve done!

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3. Home Fragrance Kit

Another cute new home gift ideas for couples that your partner will love is a home fragrance kit. There are different types of kits, from candles to wax metals and reed diffusers, where you can choose your fragrance and sometimes even make your fragrance. Then you can create your home fragrance products. This is a fun thing to do with your partner in your new home, plus you get something you can use at the end!

4. Cute Kitchen Accessories

You’ll likely have a list of everything practical you need for the kitchen, like plates, cutlery, pans, and so on, but often what is missing are those cute extra pieces that are a bit of a novelty but can make your house feel like a home.

So, why not get those fun extra bits that your kitchen might be lacking? If you love to cook together and share food, you could get a wooden board with little sharing dishes for things like tapas or film snacks. Maybe you get a really cute oil dispenser or a jug for drinks outside in the summer.

You could get a pasta maker for fun date nights! You have so many options here, but it’s all about choosing something slightly less practical and something a bit more fun and decorative. 

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5. Cocktail Making Kit

Another fun gift for your partner when you’re moving into your new home is a cocktail-making kit! You can get a shaker and some accessories, then print off some of your favorite cocktail recipes or you could write them in a book.

Perhaps you get a few ingredients to start with and then start building your collection to make a new cocktail each week or every few weeks! This is fun and something a bit different if you want to mix things up (quite literally). 

6. House Plants

A good finishing touch that is often overlooked is house plants! House plants make such a great addition to a new home, as they can brighten the space and bring a breath of fresh air. It’s quite special to have them in your home from the beginning as well as to see how they grow over time! If you’ve not had many houseplants before, then you can get nice maintenance ones that don’t need much attention or light. 

7. Indoor Herb Garden

On the topic of plants, another wonderful gift for your partner that will be a bit of a project for both of you is to grow an indoor herb garden. You can get adorable decorative pots and then grow all sorts of different herbs on your windowsill. When you’re cooking together, you have delicious fresh herbs ready to use and it can be rewarding to watch them grow. 

8. New Board Game

Last but not least, a great gift for your partner when you move into a new home together is to get a new board game. You can play it while the two of you are together or when you’re entertaining people in your new home.

Try to get quite a diverse game that is suitable for a smaller group or a larger group so you can use it for lots of different occasions! New board games are constantly coming out, so perhaps get something new that not many people would have played before, and then you could also get one of the classic games that everyone knows. 

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New home gift ideas for couples

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