Do These 4 Things To Stay Close in a Long-Distance Relationship
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Do These 4 Things To Stay Close in a Long-Distance Relationship

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Making a long-distance relationship work requires a lot of effort. If you want to sustain a long-distance relationship and stay connected with your partner, here are tips on how to stay close in a long-distance relationship.

When you’ve got something good, you will always want to keep things going, no matter how far away your partner is, but keeping things exciting and fresh can be difficult without face-to-face interactions, and personally, that would be something that would be hard for me and my partner. As people show their love language in many different ways, such as through communication, acts of kindness, or physical affection, it can be hard to feel valued or show your love to your partner through soulful words of affirmation.

However, all hope is not lost; couples have done it before and come out even stronger at the end of it. One of my close friend’s boyfriends moved to the other side of the UK for a whole year, and they got along by seeing each other every couple of weeks. It’s important to note they had an incredibly strong foundation and were busy with work, so these factors made things not as a struggle in the grand scheme of things and made those moments they were reunited that much sweeter. While they were lucky enough to see each other every couple of weeks, not every couple has that luxury, so if you are struggling with staying connected to your partner, I have put together some fun and creative things you can both do to make those days apart a little bit sweeter.

My first creative idea came from watching a million romantic movies, and in the world of the digital age, everything just seems impersonal. If you are anything like me, being on my phone or texting is something that I don’t enjoy; it tends to be just boring small talk with my partner because, realistically, nothing crazy tends to happen on a day-to-day basis, so it can just get really boring, and I could imagine if it continued if we were in a long-distance relationship that we would just slowly stop talking. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

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How to stay connected in a long-distance relationship

01. Write Instead of Texting

Like all the old-time classic films such as Dear John, The Notebook, and even more recently from my watch list, The Green Book (if you haven’t watched that yet, please do), there is just something so romantic and personal about writing a letter. It’s like you are telling your partner a story for the whole week, and it’s something you can read over and over again, and it will feel like you can hear them through the letter. Plus, it shows the effort and time they are willing to put into it, which makes it even more meaningful. Personally, this is something I would adore, and what women or men don’t want a love letter? I could cry just thinking about it. This is something to consider and talk to your partner about if texting and FaceTime aren’t cutting it.

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02. Consider Long-Distance Relationship Apps

There is an app for everything nowadays, and the long-distance relationship app is no exception. They include features where your thumbs can kiss each other and cute countdown moments till you are next reunited, so you can remind yourself that there isn’t that long left to wait. So if text and love lettering aren’t for you, then have a gander at some of the LDR apps they have available, and who knows, it might be great fun and the perfect solution for you both to stay connected.

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03. Send Over Surprises

If you are anything like me and you love surprises, whether it’s receiving or giving them, this is the perfect way to spark some electricity back up in your relationship. From flowers to a brand-new men’s full tracksuit, you can get anything delivered to your partner; all you need is the address. It just shows your partner that you are listening to them when they are talking about “I need this, I want this” in passing conversation and this could earn you some brownie points, making the reunion that much sweeter.


In the grand scheme of things, it takes a few minutes to arrange for something to be delivered for your partner so I don’t see any excuses. Yes,  there is the money factor but you could hope on Etsy and get a little charm or crystal for dirt cheap. This isn’t about cost; it’s mainly about being thoughtful enough to do something to brighten your partner’s day and strengthen your connection, no matter how many miles away they are.

04. Have Fun On FaceTime

Sitting there and looking into your partner’s eyes is cute and romantic for about two days, and then to keep things fun and creative, you need to have some fun with it. When we were all in lockdown due to COVID-19, I and my friends stayed connected by going on Zoom once a week and playing a game. I made a drinking board game where you don’t need to drink every time you FaceTime, but that was basically the idea. We also did quizzes, award shows, and so forth.

You both could try playing a board game, dressing up, reading a book to your partner (starting a book club), or sitting and watching the same program while on FaceTime together. Sometimes it’s just the moment when they are just their present with you that you miss the most. There are ways around everything, and if we all survived doing that for 3 months or something crazy like that, then you and your partner can find the time to do that.

Final Thoughts

You both know your relationship better than anyone else and while there will always be moments where it feels hard to persevere and try all of these creative ways to stay connected,. We wish you luck and all the love in the world to make your long-distance relationships work.

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