How to sustain a platonic friendship
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How to sustain a platonic friendship

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Are you in a platonic friendship but looking for a way to sustain it? Read on to discover more.

What does Platonic Friendship mean?

A Platonic friendship is the type of friendship that exists between two friends without any form of romance or sexual activities involved.

A friendship is said to be platonic if the two friends are just friends. No form of romance is found in the relationship.

Although at some points, they may have some kind of sexual feelings of attraction (as human-being), they have vowed to keep the friendship non-sexual.

It can also be defined as a non-sexual but intimate and affectionate friendship. It can also be described as a relationship that is purely spiritual and not physical (canal).

For instance, if a girl and a guy hang out all the time but aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, they have described their friendship or relationship as platonic.

Some assume that platonic friendships don’t succeed as they are no form of romance involved. But how true is that?

It is very possible for anyone to be in a non-romantic friendship and yet live happily with their friend.

Two friends sitting together and laughing at each other showing a platonic friendship

Difference Between Platonic Friendships, Unrequited Love and Friends with benefits.

When two friends who are not in any form of relationship indulges in sexual acts, they are said to be friends with benefits.

On the other hand, a friendship is platonic when the relationship is strictly non-sexual. In other words, there is no form of romance like kissing, touching, or even flirting depending on the boundaries you set for the friendship.

For instance, a married man or woman who has a very close friend and a colleague in the office can be called a platonic friend if they are just mere friends.

Unrequited love is the type of love that is not often reciprocated (not often returned). For instance, crushing on a friend who doesn’t even know that you have feelings for them. Or falling for someone who doesn’t feel the same way you feel for them.

Note that it is a normal thing to develop romantic feelings for a friend, especially if you have been together for a while.

You must develop some kind of romantic or sexual feelings for your friend one day, some day especially if he/she is cute. After all, no man is an Island.

For anyone to say that they have a friendly friend, the following things must not occur in the friendship.

  • No form of sexual activities
  • No form of romance (touching and involving in long kissing) etc.
Two platonic friends jogging

What are the Benefits of keeping a Platonic Friendship?

They are some advantages surrounding a casual friendship. Below are some of the benefits.

1. It helps you to abstain from pre-marital sex

Platonic friendship helps you to abstain from pre-marital sex. Since there is no form of romance or sexual activities in this type of friendship, those in it tend to focus more on knowing and accepting each other.

2. It improves communication and Listening skills

Platonic love helps you to learn how to listen and communicate properly.

For instance, if you’re someone who finds it difficult to open up to people, you can learn to express your true feelings when you are with a platonic friend. The reason is because you are always open to each other and you both accept each other as you are no matter what you hear about yourselves.

So, one of the advantages of keeping your friendship platonic is that it improves your communication skills. You are always yourself whenever you are communicating with your friend. You don’t always have this fear of what to say and what not to say to your friend, or the fear of being criticized by he or she.

3. Support in time of needs

Platonic friends tend to develop unconditional love for each other. You will benefit from this type of friendship because your platonic friend will always be there for you. They will support you in time of need as this is one of the best qualities of a good friend.

4. You get to know each other better

Most times, our emotion does not allow us to get to know our partner or friend better, especially if that friendship is romantic. In a romantic love, you are often led by your emotions. And those feelings make you think you have known your friend or partner as you ought to. But when you detach yourself from those romantic feelings you will discover new personality traits in your friend you haven’t identified all this while.

5. Platonic friends are our best friends

Platonic friends tend to be a source of inspiration since we share this closeness (intimacy) with them. Not only that, they are our best friends.

Most times, they tend to be the only people that understand how we feel and still accept us as we are.

Giphy of platonic friendship

How to sustain a Platonic Friendship

Below are the things you can do to make a platonic friendship work.

1. Focus more on knowing each other

Every relationship is sustained with mutual understanding, and this understanding comes from knowing who your friend is. So, try to get to know your friend better by asking them questions and observe their response. This will help you to be more familiar with each other.

2. Tease but avoid touching each other

There is nothing wrong with teasing a platonic friend. But touching each other can lead to romance which can lead to sex. If you have it in mind to remain platonic with your friend, then you must avoid romantic gestures like touching, kissing, etc.

3. Always be there for each other

No friendship can stand the test of time without mutual support from both friends. See your platonic friend as your best friend and offer them your maximum support. Ensure you are always there for them whenever they need you.

4. Focus on improving your communication style

Every friendship can be sustained with good communication skills. Since your friend is not a romantic partner, you should be able to freely express yourself to them. By doing this you are developing your communication skill.

5. Always be grateful and forgive each other

If there is one thing you shouldn’t forget is to be grateful to your friends especially those of them who sacrifice everything they have just to be there for you. Ninety five percent of such friends are your platonic friends.

So, do not take them for granted. Appreciate and love them for who they are. Anytime you have misunderstanding, make sure you forgive and let go of those wrong.


Platonic friendships are the foundations of every Romantic Relationship. They are the first stage of friendship you must not take for granted if you truly want to know your friend or partner to be better.

How do you keep your platonic friendship moving? Share some tips with us.

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