12 Qualities that define a good friend
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12 Qualities that define a good friend

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Friendship is one of the most important things everyone cannot downplay. Friends help us in times of need. They are among the closest family we all have.

Does your friend have the qualities that make them a good friend? Below are the ways to discover if your friend is really a true friend.

12 Qualities of a Good Friend

1. Avaliability

A good friend avails him or herself to help you out, in time of need. No matter how busy they are, they will always show up when you need them.

They often sacrifice their time for you, even if it is not convenient for them. They will do that just to make you happy.

Not every friend offers this type of sacrifice. But if your friend often answers you, any day, any time you need him or her, then he or she is really a good fellow.

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2. They’re supportive

Any friend that supports your dream and helps you to become a better version of yourself is a good friend.

They don’t envy you or try to bring you down. Rather, they lift you up when you are down, and you can always look up to them for help.

If you are pursuing the same goal with them, they will try to assist or give you the necessary information you need to succeed.

Good friends avoid being jealous of you. Rather, they rejoice when you excel or achieve something they couldn’t acquire.

If you ever find yourself in this type of friendship, then you are with a friend indeed. Avoid doing anything that will terminate such friendship.

3. They’re positive

A true friend does not gossip you.

There are friends who pretend to be good, but end up saying negative things about you in secret. But a nice friend is often positive to you. Whether in your presence, or at your back (your absence).

They don’t pretend to be your best friend, and at the same time, work against you in secret. Rather, they say nice things about you whether in your presence or your absence.

They don’t fake themselves before you, just to make you believe they’re your best friend.

4. They’re trustworthy

A good friend can be trusted wholeheartedly. There is no doubt about that.

You can trust them with your boyfriend or girlfriend, your money, or any other valuable thing. You can really count on them.

When they make promises, they try their best to fulfil them.

They’re often honest with you. Instead of lying or trying to deceive you, to achieve their own goals, they will simply tell you the truth, no matter how difficult it may be to them. Such a person is a nice friend.

5. They value you

A true friend has regards for you. They know how important you are to them, and wouldn’t like to do anything to hurt your feelings.

They don’t look down on you. Rather, they value and respect your opinions, privacy, and boundaries.

6. They love you for who you are

Good friends love you unconditionally. They don’t try to change you, just to fit in. Rather, they love you for who you are.

They give without thinking about what to receive back from you.

Even if you don’t have much to offer to them, you will always see them showing you more love than you deserve.

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7. They often reach out to you

A good friendship is a balanced friendship.

Good friends don’t make a one-sided friendship. They don’t allow you to be the only one reaching out to them. Rather, they also get in touch with you.

But a bad friend believes in receiving, and not giving. You seem to be the only one giving out and never receiving from them. But a real friend does the opposite.

They don’t allow you to be the only one calling them, or giving. They try their best to reciprocate your love.

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8. They’re compassionate

Kindess cannot be downplayed when it comes to the characteristics of a good friend.

A good friend is kind, humble and gentle to you.

They’re not always in a haste to judge or criticize you when you make mistakes. But they realize that no one is perfect.

They always forgive you whenever you offend them. It is not because they are weak, but because, they know the importance of forgiveness in friendships.

They are compassionate, not only to you, but to others also.

9. They keep your secrets

Any friend that conceals your secrets even when you have some misunderstandings or a fight with them, is a friend indeed.

Most friends disclose everything you told them in the secret as soon as you misunderstand each other. That is not an attribute of a genuine friend.

A real friend keeps your secret, no matter what happens between you and them. And they are the type of people you can easily trust.

10. They make you happy

Your happiness is their priority. They become sad when you are not happy. And rejoices with you when you merry.

They are playful and protects you. You always look up to them to recover when you are sad.

11. They sacrifice

Friendship cannot be sustained without any levels of commitment and sacrifice. A good friend offers their comfort zone to satisfy your needs.

They sacrifice their money, time, love and even their life by taking some risks for you. If your friend does any of these, then he or she is a friend indeed.

12. They’re teachable

Good friends are ever ready to learn from you, and also teach you new ideas.

They nurture you to become the best of who you are. They inspire you every day with some words of encouragement. All they’re trying to achieve is to bring out the best in you.

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