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36 Emotional Prison Love Letters For Him To Make Him Cry

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How do you write a love letter to your boyfriend in jail? Read on to discover some ideas and samples of prison love letters for him that will make him cry.

Writing a love letter is the simplest way to summarize your deepest feelings in writing. Your boyfriend or husband who was sentenced to prison might think you have forgotten him especially if he hasn’t heard from you. But sending him a love letter even in jail shows that you love him.

Whether you are missing your inmate boyfriend or husband, or you just want to let him know that you have not forgotten him, here are jail letter examples you can write to him that will melt his heart. Show him, love, with these love paragraphs for him in prison.

When he has finally been discharged and acquitted, here are some romantic love letters to write to him.


20 I miss you love letters for your boyfriend in jail to make him feel loved

Prison Love Letters For Him

1. My love! Ever since you were arrested and sentenced to prison, life has never been easier for me. I thought of the possible ways to help you out, but all my efforts proved abortive. I want you to be courageous and never lose hope. You were born a free man, and I know that one day you will regain your freedom. Although you are not here with me, I always have you in my heart. I love you, my darling.

2. My heart! Distance will never be a barrier to us. I know that life has never been easier for you there in the prison. But I want to remind you that I have not forgotten you. I will stand by you till death do us part. I have searched for you in different worlds and languages, but can’t find anyone to replace you in my heart. You are a caring, loving, and the most handsome man in the world. I miss you, my sweetheart.

3. Darling! How have you been? I know you have missed me so much, likewise I myself. Each time I wake up from sleep, you are the first person that comes to my mind. I can’t stop thinking about you. The memories we shared keep reminding me of how nice you’ve been to me. I miss your kisses, your love, and your arms that warm me at night. I miss you, babe.

4. To the deepest part of my heart! Darling! If it were possible for me to serve the jail terms with you, I could have done that the day you were convicted. But certain things are beyond our control. I’m sending you this letter to remind you that I have not forgotten you. If loving you is a crime too, let me spend the rest of my life there with you in the prison. I love you, sweetheart.

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5. Spending a day without you is like being naked for the rest of my life. You are the clothes that cover my shame. My blanket, when I’m feeling cool. Who will look me in the eyes again and tell me I love you? Who will understand me the way you do? You are the only reason I look at myself in the mirror and smile. You are the deepest part of me that I can’t live without. I miss you so much and hope you will return to me, someday. I love you, babe.

6. Even in the fifth generation to come, I cannot find any boyfriend like you. Thank you for your love and for being there for me when I needed you most. Now it is time for me to reciprocate this love. I’m assuring you that I will never leave you till the end. I love you.

7. My dream is to spend the rest of my life with you. A day without you is like a thousand years to me. Loneliness has become part of me since you were convicted. I know you will be thinking about me too, but, I just want to remind you that I got your back always until we meet again. Take care of yourself, honey.

8. My life is not complete without you. Ever since you left, I have never found myself again. But I’m fine if only you are fine too. I will continue to remember you in my prayers. I love you, darling.

9. Nothing can take you away from me. Neither the government nor the police can stop me from loving you. Even the handcuff in your hands cannot stop my love from reaching out to you. All I want you to do is be strong and not overthink yourself. If Joseph was later released from prison, one day, you will surely come out and meet your family again. I miss you, my sweet hubby.

10. Falling in love with you has given me the opportunity to know what true love is all about. Even in the prison, I still feel your love at home. You are the best husband to me, and the best father to my children. We all miss you, darling.

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Love letters for boyfriend in jail

Dirty Love Letters for Boyfriend in Jail

11. I can’t stop thinking about how you make me feel in bed. Your skin reminds me of your love. Your kisses remind me of your romance. I long to feel your arms around me at night. I wish to wake up someday again and see you lying beside me. Love you.

12. I sent flowers and kisses your way, my love. I pray they find you in good faith. Your detention in the correction center can’t stop me from loving you. You came into my life my changed it completely. Therefore, I owe you more than my love. I miss you, darling.

13. My appreciation goes to the man that has stolen my heart. You are the best so far as life is concerned. Although, life has never been easier for your family ever since you were apprehended and sentenced to jail. I want to appreciate you for being a kind husband to me and a loving father to our children. We wish to reunite with you sooner. We love you, honey.

14. I cannot deny the way you make me feel. Even your absence still speaks to my ear. I’m fortunate to have a man like you in my life. No matter the crime they said you committed, none of this can take my heart away from you. Be strong, my love. I got your back always.

15. I’m sending you this letter to remind you who you are. You are the man after my heart, and the father of (mention how many children you have, if any). Never allow your stay in the prison to make you forget your true identity. You are a man I trust and will always defend in any situation. I know you are innocent but don’t worry. You will surely regain your freedom again. I love you, darling.

16. Loving you is the only thing I can’t stop doing even at the point of death. You are the part of me that cannot be seen elsewhere. I’m glad you came into my life, honey. I miss you.

17. When I gave my heart to you, I never intend to take it back. If I do, who else will handle it with care like you? I miss you, my heartbeat.

18. My love! I know it’s not your fault that you are in the prison today. Do not be discouraged for I have not forgotten you. You will always be my boyfriend until you are set free. I love you, babe.

20. I’m writing this love letter to you with a heart full of joy and sadness. I am not happy because you are not here with me. But, I’m also happy because your heart cannot be stolen away from me. Come rain, come sun, you will always be in my mind. I love you, darling.

Letters to boyfriend in jail

19. “If your freedom can be purchased with or regained with money, I could have spent everything I have to set you free. If someone else can help a convict serve his jail term, I could have asked to replace you. But none of this can ever stop me from loving you until you are discharged and acquitted. I love you, sweetheart.”

20. I’m writing this love letter to you with a heart full of joy and sadness. I am not happy because you are not here with me. But, I’m also happy because your heart cannot be stolen away from me. Come rain, come sun, you will always be in my mind. I love you, darling.

21. All your friends may abandon you but I will never. We are destined to be together. Therefore, the only thing that can separate us is death. Your detention in jail cannot stop me from feeling your presence and your love. I love you, my hero.

Encouraging letter to boyfriend in jail

22. My love, do not give up on your dreams or life in general. Though your freedom has been restricted you still have a hope of coming out one day. I love you and will continue to pray for your release.

23. This encouraging love letter is to remind you that a living dog is better than a dead lion. No matter how life is treating you now, there is still hope for you and me. So, don’t give up, and always remember that you still have a special place in my heart.

24. Tough time does not last but tough people do. Weeping 😔 may endure for a night, but joy 😂 comes in the morning. Therefore, never lose hope, my darling. I love you.

Freaky letter to boyfriend in jail

25. Freedom is one thing everyone desires in life. Although that privilege has been taken away from you, I have not been taken away from you. I love you, sweetheart.

26. I’m sad because you are not here with me. But I’m still happy because you will be with me again someday. No matter how hard your current situation my be, just know that I still love you and I will never leave you, my love.

27. If loving you even now you are incarcerated is a crime, then I would love to serve my jail terms with you. You are forever in my heart, dear.

28. I wish I can fully express how I feel about you right now. Ever since we met last, I have been thinking of possible ways to help you out in this situation. But just know this, darling-no matter how many years you spend in prison, nobody can take your place in my heart.

Missing someone in jail letters

29. Staying a day without you is like a year to me. Staying for a whole week without you is like a thousand years to me. I miss you, my love.

30. Even in prison, I still remember how good, kind, and caring man you are. I often remember the memories we shared and wish to be with you again, someday. I miss you, my heart.

31. Missing you is like going hungry for the whole day. I miss your love, your jokes, your smell, and everything that reminds me about you, but I know that one day you shall become a free man and we shall live together again.

32. My lips 💋 miss your lips👄. Everything about me keeps looking for you. I wish I can spend a day or night with you in the prison. I miss you, my love.

Standing by your man in jail letter

33. I may not be there with you in prison, but I always have you at heart. You are the first person that comes to my heart, each time I wake up from sleep, and the only person I think of when I’m about to sleep. I love you, darling.

34. The greatest tragedy that will ever happen to me is to forget the love of my life. Your absence will never stop me from loving you. I’m standing by you, honey.

35. In a time like this, you may think everyone has left you. But I’m sending you this love letter to remind you that even if everyone abandons you, you will forever remain the hole in my heart (love).

36. I may not have much to say in this letter but I want you to remember that there is someone who still cares about you. Although, I may not have done better than you expected from me, just know that I care for and love you with all my heart.

How to show someone in jail you love them

1. Write them a love letter

2. Visit them at least once every week

3. Get them their favorite meal or fruits as you go

4. Encourage them to know you are by their side

5. Always pray for them.


20 emotional prison love letters for him

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