8 Reasons Why Men Pull Away After Getting Close
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8 Reasons Why Men Pull Away After Getting Close

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You’ve been dating each other for a while, and all of a sudden, he started pulling away from you. He no longer picks up your calls nor replies to your texts. You’ve been trying to figure out what is wrong. All he could tell you is ‘everything is fine I am just busy. Does it mean he’s running away from you? If so, why do men pull away after getting close to a woman?

8 Reasons Why Men Pull Away After Getting Close

Men pull away because:

1. They don’t find you attractive anymore

Men are visually stimulated. In other words, they are more attracted to what they see than what they hear. Even research proves that.

So, why do men pull away?

Men walk away when they no longer find you attractive. What keeps a man in your life is both your physical beauty and good character. So, when they notice you lack any of these, they have no option but to withdraw from you. You might attract a man with your beauty but it takes inner beauty (good manners) to sustain your relationship with him.

2. He’s not feeling loved

Unlike women, men also want to feel loved by a woman. So, if all you do is make him feel jealous, rather than making him feel loved, he will likely pull away from you.

If he’s the only one making efforts to reach out to you, he will assume you don’t love him. This will make him abandon you for another woman.

3. He’s afraid of taking responsibilities

Most men are afraid of taking responsibility.

They are simply not ready for a long term relationship. All he wants now is to mingle. But when things become serious, he walks away. He doesn’t seem to be interested in a relationship that will last forever. Maybe all he wants from you is a casual relationship.

4. He has gotten what he wants from you

Most times, men pull away simply because they have gotten what they want from you, especially if they don’t love you. Maybe all he wanted was to have sex with you, and he has gotten it. He has no option but to pull away from the relationship.

5. Peer influence

Some men pull away from a woman as a result of the advice they received from friends.

For instance, a man may decide to break up with you if his friends or family members say bad things about you. Maybe they don’t like you.

6. You take everything too fast

A man may decide to move away or pull away from you if he discovers that the relationship is moving too fast. He might be thinking that you are trying to lure him into marriage when he has not yet decided.

Don’t be in a haste to prove to a man that you love him. Otherwise, he may think you are desperate for him and will likely pull away from the relationship.

7. He doesn’t love you anymore

Men withdraw from a woman when they have lost feelings for her. You don’t expect him to continue with the relationship when he’s no longer interested. He has no other option but to go for another woman he loves.

8. You’re not supporting him

Every man wants both emotional and physical support from the woman they love. If he’s not getting any help or piece of advice from you, he will surely pull away.

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