Signs he misses you during no contact
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10 Signs He Misses You During No Contact

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When you go no contact with your ex-boyfriend, you will be looking for signs he misses you during no contact. And in this post, I will be sharing some of those signs with you, what he is thinking during no contact, and how to know if someone misses you without contact.

What is the no-contact rule?

The no-contact rule is a period when you decide not to call your ex after the breakup, either to make them miss you or to help you recover from the breakup. It is one of the ways to make your ex miss you and the ways to get back with your ex if you still want them back.

The no-contact rule is powerful because it makes your ex miss a lot about you. It is believed that when lovers stay apart, their love wax stronger because “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” says Sextus Propertius, a Roman Poet.

When you go no contact with an ex, you are essentially saying that you don’t want to communicate with them anymore. This can be a very powerful way to get your ex to realize that you are serious about moving on. By cutting off communication, you are forcing your ex to face the reality that the relationship is over.

Although it is not easy to predict what goes on in a guy’s mind during no contact, there are signs that tell a guy misses you after some months of not communicating with him. And in this post, I shall reveal certain things about the male mind during no contact.

Below are the signs that tell your ex-boyfriend misses you during the no-contact period.

10 Signs he is missing you during no contact

If you are wondering how your ex feels or what they think after some months of no contact, they are signs that tell your ex misses you during no contact. Below are obvious and tale signs he misses you during no-contact.

1. He’s in a rebound relationship

If he has started a new relationship during the no-contact period, that is a rebound relationship and a sign he misses you during no-contact. He’s into a new relationship because he’s trying to cope with the loneliness and his inability to communicate with you.

2. He spends too much time on social media

If you notice that your ex-boyfriend is always online, that is a sign he is bored and misses you during no contact. If he spends too much time on social media, it means he has turned to his screen to help him stop missing you during this period you are not communicating with each other. He is doing that because he wants someone to talk to now you are not available or around.

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3. He asks of you

It can be your friends or people who know your whereabouts that he inquires from. This shows he is feeling your absence and the no-contact period. When an ex misses you during no-contact, he asks people about you, and what you have been doing after the breakup. These inquiries show they have been longing to see or speak with you.

4. He engages with your social media posts

Another way to know if no contact is making him miss you is that he engages with your social media posts. This can be in the form of liking your pictures or dropping a simple comment on your posts. This might be a signal that he has been looking at or following your posts since you have not been communicating with each other.

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5. He sends you a DM

When he has finally decided to break the silence during the no-contact, he sends you a message. This shows he is missing you since you have not been contacting each other. He is reaching out to you first because he can’t hold his feelings any longer.

6. He contacts you out of the blues

When an ex-boyfriend suddenly calls to check up on you, it is a sign he is missing you without contact. People only send text messages or put calls across to their ex out of the blue if they have been missing their ex.

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7. He flirts with your friends

If your friend has ever told you that your ex-boyfriend texted them or is trying to flirt with them, it is another sign that shows no contact is working on your ex and he is missing you. Guys often turn to the nearest or available girls whenever they’re missing their woman (either an ex or not). All they will do is flirt with the available girls to help them deal with their loneliness.

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8. You often stumble into each other

If you can’t seem to be running into each other during no contact, then your ex-boyfriend might be deliberately doing that just to see you since you have not been communicating with each other, and they’re seriously feeling your absence in their life.

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9. He feels unhappy without you

If you’ve been running into each other a lot, you will notice that he’s always sad or quiet whenever he sees you. That shows he’s missing you. Apart from that, you will also realize he’s depressed based on what others say about him, or by asking his friends.

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10. He feels super excited to chat with you

How do you know if your ex misses you during no contact? He gets excited when you finally reply to his texts or return his calls. This shows he wants to communicate with you and your pulling away by going no contact with him has made him miss a lot about you.

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What does no contact do to a guy?

By going no contact with a guy, you are allowing him to miss everything about you, and eventually, make him realize what he has lost. No contact makes a man realize you can stay without him. And this has the power to make him start missing you or regret breaking up with you.

How do men react to no contact?

Whereas there is no general way men react when you go no-contact with them, some men take a step back to rethink when you no longer communicate with them. And this makes them feel bad for breaking up with you or even want to come back after some months of no contact because they’re already missing you.

Do guys come back after no contact?

Although most guys don’t go back to their ex after no contact, some guys return to their ex after some months of no contact, when they might have realized how much they miss you and how they can’t do without you.

How long does it take for a guy to come back after no contact?

For some guys, it takes up to 2-3 months for them to finally decide to go back to their ex after no contact.

What goes through a guy’s mind during no-contact?

The male mind during no contact is always predictable. Below are a series of thoughts a guy often think when you go no contact with him.

  • Why has she suddenly stopped calling or texting me?
  • Should I call or text her first or I should wait?
  • Has she finally moved on?
  • Could it be that she has found a new partner?
  • Is she going no-contact to make me miss her?
  • Does she even miss me?
  • What could have happened to her?
  • Have I done anything wrong?
  • Aaah! I’m missing this girl.

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Why is no contact so powerful?

The no-contact rule is powerful because of its ability to help you move on after a breakup, make your ex miss you, or even want to get back with you.

How to know if no contact is not working on him?

Does no contact work on men? If it does, what are the signs no contact is working on him?

The first thing that happens when no contact is working on your ex-boyfriend is that he will start to miss you during that period. And you will know if he’s missing you through the signs discussed in this post.

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