47 Thank You Messages For Friends
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47 Thank You Messages For Friends

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Sometimes, it’s very hard to come up with the right words to use and appreciate someone when they’ve done something good to you. Being appreciative is one of the ways to sustain a friendship. Here are some thank you messages for friends to appreciate their support and love. Use these cute compliments to express your gratitude for their support, love, and concern for you.

There are many reasons to say thank you when someone have done something good to you. If you’re shut of the right words to use, don’t worry. This post will assist you.

Below are some examples of words to use in appreciating your friend when he/she does something good to you. Say nice things to your friends in appreciation for their love, support, and secret prayers for you.

Thank you messages for friends

1. A true friend is known in days of adversity. You’ve shown me that you are trustworthy. Thank you, my dear friend

2. When I feel like all hope is lost, I remember that I have a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Thanks for being my friend.

3. I am happy, sound and healthy today all because of you. Thanks for your support and words of encouragement.

4. I love you because you’ve taught me so many things I never knew before. You’re a mentor and a best friend to me. I appreciate your love for me.

5. Words cannot describe how excited I am for having a wonderful friend like you. I celebrate our friendship.

6. You’ve done what no one else can ever do for me. You’ve given me a reason to smile. I just want to appreciate you for your love, support and concern for me.

7. Friendship is sweet when you find a lovely friend like you. Thank you, my bestie

8. As the head cannot say to the neck ‘get out of here’ I don’t need you, so we are inseparable. Thanks for being part of me.

9. Even in hard times, you’ve proved that you love me so much. Thanks for coming around.

10. Thanks for being there for me in time of difficulty, sorrow and joy. You’ve given me a reason to laugh.

11. When everyone else stop trusting me, you never stopped. When everyone else abandoned me, you stood by me and said ‘here I am’. Thank you so much, my lovely friend.

12. For the years we’ve spent together so far as friends, I say thank you. Am proud to have you as a friend.

13. Others came and left, but you came and decided to stay. Thanks for coming into my life.

15. Thumbs up to you, my lovely, charming and best friend. Smile on

14. It is only God that knows why he sent you into my life. You’ve been the source of my inspiration ever since we became friends. I appreciate you dear.

15. If I should count or repay you for your good works, I don’t really know where to start. I just want to say ‘thank you so much’.

16. May your expectations never be cutoff. May good things never depart from your life. I am very grateful.

17. Accept my tokens of appreciation. God bless you

18. May your pocket never run dry. Thanks a lot dear.

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Words of Appreciation for a Friend

1. I can’t appreciate you enough. But just know that you shall never loose your reward here on earth. May the good Lord reward you.

2. Each time I wake up, I think about the best way to appreciate you. Accept my gratitude, my lovely friend. May good things never depart from your life.

3. One thing have I asked of the Lord-to keep and preserve you and your family. Thanks for making my day.

4. Am really grateful for your love and concern for me.

5. My heart is still smiling all because of you. Thank you, dear friend

6. You’ve made me forget my past failures, sorrow and hardship. I am grateful, dear.

7. You’re the perfect boyfriend in the word. Thanks for your love

8. What have I done to deserve such love from you dear, thanks sweety

9. I never expected what you did. You’ve shown me that you truly love me. I appreciate you, dear.

10. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t appreciate you enough.

11. You’re a blessing to me. Thank you dear.

Funny Words of appreciation for your friend

1. Thanks for being my paracetamol in time of headache. My blanket in time of cold, and my umbrella when am under the sun. You’re more than One Million friends to me.

2. Thanks for being a foolish, insane, and nervous friend. A fool at forty, mad and anxious but always there for me, love you, my friend and thanks for being there with me at all time.

3. Having you as my friend makes me feel like celebrating everyday as friendship day. Thanks for bringing joy, happiness and peace to my life.

4. If I don’t appreciate you, who else will do that? Thanks for making me a fool like you.

Emotional Words to express your gratitude to a friend

1. You’re the best friend in the world. Continue to conquer in whatever you do. Thanks so much dear for your gifts.

2. You’re such a kind friend. Thanks for your lovely gifts. I acknowledge your presents.

3. How wonderful it is to have you as a friend. Thanks for honouring my invitation.

4. For your concern, love, gifts and prayers, I say ‘Thank you’. You made me feel special on my birthday. Thanks a lot.

5. Words cannot express my joy. I was so much excited for seeing you on my birthday. Thanks for honouring my invitation.

6. Give honour to whom honour is due. You deserve my honour, dear. Thanks so much

7. For your wishes, gifts and letters on my birthday, I say ‘Thank you’. I appreciate you.

8. Thanks everyone for your lovely gifts, birthday wishes and phone calls. I thank God for blessing me with a wonderful family and friends.

9. I wish everyday is my birthday. I felt like the most important person in the world on my birthday. Thanks for coming around.

10. You deserve to be praised. I love you. Thanks for your birthday gifts and wishes.

11. I love the gift you bought for me my birthday. Thanks dear.

12. I appreciate your generosity. You’re a good Samaritan indeed. Thank you so much.

13. May the Lord bless you beyond measure. Thanks a lot

14. You’ve made life so simple to me. I appreciate your support.

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