Interesting things to talk about with Your Partner
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Interesting things to talk about with Your Partner

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Having an interesting conversation with your partner can be so amazing but most of the time, boring when you don’t have interesting things to talk about.

Have you ever experienced something like this – You were having a very nice chat, phone conversation or one on one talk with your partner, after some minutes of asking some series of questions, you were left with nothing to talk about anymore?

If you have experienced that before, just know that it is normal. Sometimes we run out of things to talk about with our partner. But luckily for you, I am going to share with you some of the interesting topics you can discuss with your partner to keep the conversation going. It is also very important to know some Relationship questions to ask your partner.

Follow me quickly to the topics you can discuss with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or even a friend in other not to run out of things to say and at last have an interesting conversation.

things to talk about

List of Topics to Talk About

In this article, I am going to share with you, things to talk about with your crush, your girlfriend, a girl on the phone, with a guy,  with your boyfriend, with your best friend, etc. and also, how to make a conversation more interesting.

Things to talk about with your Crush

Discuss the following interesting topics with your Crush.

1. Talk about their day:

The first way to start a conversation with your Crush is to ask him/her about their day. Whether it ended happily or it was boring.

It is not only a great thing to talk about but it also shows how caring you are.

2. Talk about their Work:

After asking your crush how his/her day went, what do you do next?

Talk about their work or studies if he/she is still a Student.

You may decide to ask them how comfortable they are with their job and the reason behind their answer.

Incase your Crush is still a student, ask him/her about today’s lecture. By starting this way, you are not only ushering him/her into the conversation but you are also trying to know their present situation.

Topics to discuss with your crush

3. Talk about their family:

Don’t think that asking your crush about their day and how their work went is the only way to tell him/her that you care.

Why not ask of his/her family. It simply means that you don’t care for him/her only, but only for their family.

Get to know the present condition of their family. Ask of their Parents and Siblings. It may even be an opportunity for you to know more about their background.

4. Talk about their hobbies:

Another interesting topic to talk about is their hobbies.

Remember, you are not just asking about their hobbies just to keep him/her talking, but you are also trying to know what they are passionate about.

One thing you shouldn’t do is to be the only one asking. Allow him/her to participate fully in the conversation. If he/she did not ask of yours also ( I mean your hobbies), you may decide to ask them something like – don’t you want to know mine also?. It is a great way to keep your conversation going.

5. Ask He/She about their background:

Another thing to talk about with your crush is their background. Try to know more about him/her and don’t forget to talk about yours also.

You may decide to know the particular country or state he/she is from (assuming you are from different countries or regions).

Another thing you can talk about when it comes to their background is ‘their family’. You may decide to ask questions like ‘what is your position in your family? (You are trying to know whether he/she is the firstborn, 2nd or lastborn). Where did you grow up? etc.

topics to talk about with your girlfriend

Topics to discuss with your Girlfriend

Below are some nice topics to discuss with your girlfriend. These topics will help you not to run out of things to say while having conversations with her.

1. Talk about their interests:

Girls like sharing things they are passionate about with a friend they trust and like. Ask her about her favorite movies, music, Actors/Actresses, Authors/Books, etc.

Introducing this type of conversation will make her develop an interest in the conversation. And also, according to Research, ” The best conversations begin with showing an interest in the other person, their world, and what they might be interested in”

2. Talk about your Relationship:

You can take this opportunity to discuss any issues affecting your relationship. If your relationship is healthy (no problems or challenges in it), then, talk about how you can improve it the more.

Also, you may decide to know the things you have been doing she frowns at without your notice. Ask her questions like – are they some habits I need to stop? what are the things you like about me ever since we started this relationship? etc.

Things to discuss with your girlfriend on the phone

3. Talk about her personality:

If they are things she does you don’t like, then discuss them. Don’t do it in a rude manner, but be kind. Try to let her know the reasons why you frown at those behaviors and also, don’t forget to talk about her good side. Also, appreciate her love and tell her things you like about her and why she should keep doing them.

4. Talk about her embarrassing moment:

To make your conversation with your girlfriend funny and interesting, discuss her embarrassing moment. They may be something that happened in the past she would like you to know about. Not only that but, it has become a very nice topic for both of you to discuss.

5. Discuss her Goals:

Everyone has a particular vision in mind. It is time to know the type of person your girlfriend is. Ask her about her vision. Talk about it and don’t forget to encourage her to do her best.

topics to talk about with a girl on phone

Things to discuss with a Girl on Phone

Phone conversation is quite different from one on one conversation. They are certain things you may not like to say over the phone but you can comfortably say it when you are together or on a date.

Below are some interesting things to talk about with a girl on the phone:

1. About the Weather:

If you normally run out of things to discuss over the phone, then talk about the weather.

Ask her about the weather over there and also share yours with her. You may also ask her whether she likes the season/atmosphere or not.

2. Talk about where she is present:

Having talked about the weather, what do you say next? Talk about where she resides. How life has been to her. Whether she enjoys the environment or not. If she doesn’t, then how is she coping with the situation?

Topics to discuss with a girl over text

3. Discuss Her Day or Night:

If it is in the morning that you called her, then ask her about her night. Whether she slept well or not. You may even say it in a funny way by asking her what she dreamed about last night.

On the other hand, if you called her maybe at noon or at night, discuss her day. Ask her about that day’s work etc.

4. Tell her a short story:

Another thing to discuss with a girl on the phone, either online (chatting), text messages (SMS) or phone call is to tell her a short story.

Before then, try to know her favorite story (s). You may decide to ask her a question like- do you like listening or reading stories? what are your favorite stories? do you mind if I tell you one? All these are topics that will help you to have a long-lasting conversation.

5. Talk about places she has been to:

Another topic idea for having a great conversation is discussing places she has visited before. Mind you that these questions are trying to help you to understand the type of person she is.

7. Discuss her likes & dislikes:

While chatting online or talking on the phone, ask her about her likes and dislikes. Convince her to tell you the things she frowns at especially people’s behaviors or character.

things to discuss  with a guy

Things to discuss with a Guy

Girls, this category is specially meant for you. They are numerous things you can discuss with a guy. Let’s just assume that this guy we are talking about is your boyfriend or just a male friend. Below are some interesting topics to discuss with him.

1. Talk about Sports:

Men love sports. Almost all men enjoying watching a football match. Although not for me (am not in that category) but the majority of guys enjoy it.

What am I trying to say? As a girl, try and know the type of sports your man loves. Talk about them and he will be very excited to tell you things you never expected to hear from him.

2. Talk about his work:

Talking about his work shows you care for him. Ask him about today’s work, how stressful it was to him, etc.

3. Talk about his personality:

Is he a gentle guy? a shy guy? very kind, or handsome, talk about them. Let him know that you love the way he dresses, his love for you, etc.

Topics to talk about with your boyfriend

4. Discuss his Plans or Vision:

Every man wants a woman who will support his vision or plans, but unfortunately, some women don’t understand.

Talk about his vision. Ask him questions like- what is your plan for the future? where do you think you will find yourself in the next 5 years? etc.

5. Talk about his favorite food:

Men love food. It sounds so funny, right? but it is true.

You may ask ‘what does his favorite food has to do with topics to discuss with him?

The fact is that you may be the lucky woman he will marry tomorrow. How then will you know his interest (favorite food) if you don’t ask him now?.

best friends talking

Topics to talk about with your best friend

They are topics specially made for friends. Not what you discuss with your boyfriend or girlfriend that you will freely say to your friend.

1. Discuss their biggest fear:

Everyone has things that baffle them. They are things your best friend may be afraid to lose. It may be you or material things. By asking him/her you will come to know what their fear is all about.

2. Talk about their greatest achievements:

Ask your friend what he/she has achieved so far. Whether they are ones he/she is still trying to accomplish or not?.

3. Talk about his/her passion:

Another thing to talk about is your best friend’s passion or interest. Know their passion and the gifts in them and appreciate and also encourage him/her.

best friends talking

What do you talk about when you are bored?

Talk about anything that catches your interest. Discuss current or past events that will make you happy while talking about it. It is all about your interest or passion.

How do you make a conversation more interesting?

They are many ways to make a conversation more interesting. They are as follows:

  • Ask questions
  • Don’t do all the talking
  • Allow your partner to contribute
  • Start with interesting topics
  • Be sincere with your answers
  • Tell a short story while talking
  • Crack some jokes and finally,
  • Make references.

To start a conversation may be so easy, but to sustain it (keep it moving) can be most of the time difficult to achieve. The topics listed above is to help you with some ideas on what to talk about while discussing with anyone

Pick up any of the topics discussed above. It will help you not to run out of things to say while chatting or having one on one conversation with your partner.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post? Please share your thoughts with me in the comment box below.

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