7 Things To Do When Your Girlfriend Is Sad
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7 Things To Do When Your Girlfriend Is Sad

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The first thing every nice guy or boyfriend does when his girlfriend is unhappy is to think about what to do when she is sad, what to say when she’s sad, and how to comfort her and get her mood back.

Happiness and sadness go together in our lives. But, sometimes, small things can impact your mind and stay with you forever. Happiness is always cherished, but everybody tends to struggle when the time is hard.

If something bad happens to you, it will surely give you a sad feeling. But witnessing a loved one in such a situation is like it has happened to you. You need to take care of minor things when you are in love. Being alone and sad can cause stress, anxiety, and depression. 

There can be a very bizarre feeling when you see your girl struggling and get stressed as you can’t find ways to cheer her up. 

Don’t worry, in this post, you’re going to find some tips on how to cheer her up when she is sad.

What to do when she is sad

1. Try To Make Her Speak  

Going by the sequence of things, first, you need to understand the reason behind her sadness. 

Therefore, go to your partner and let her express herself so that you can figure out why she is sad. Keep a clear head, and don’t be judgemental as she starts speaking.

For example, if it is due to your negligence, you should talk and make her understand why a certain thing happened. Or if something happened at her workplace or with any other person in her friend circle, you can comprehend the issue better after knowing the problem.

Moreover, for her well-being, she needs to speak about the issue. As long as she keeps bad things in her heart, they will keep on disturbing her, which can have consequences. 

To gain a deeper understanding, maintain eye contact with her, nod your head as she speaks, and think about what she says.

It will make her realize that you stand by her in difficult times and extend your support to her.

2. Plan A Surprise For Your Lady Love

You wish you had thought of it before!

But it is never too late when you intend to do something good. So, you plan to give her a surprise. 

For instance, if you find that her birthday is around the corner, here you go!

How lucky can one be? The best opportunity you can have up your sleeve to cheer your partner. Organize a birthday party for her and get some presents she’ll love for her birthday

Such special celebrations can make her smile from ear to ear and will surely make her forget the bad happenings of her recent past, which made her feel sad. 

3. Divert Her Mind 

Try to divert her mind by doing something unusual.

This refers to sharing some jokes or other funny things. Before you start doing any such thing, ensure that she is receptive; otherwise, your effort will be wasted.

You can take a little help from social media and share memes or funny posts. If she is a music lover, you can try to make her listen to some songs. But make sure that you don’t play a sad version. Instead, go for some fast track and upbeat music, which can automatically shift a person’s mood.

Moreover, you can sit by her side and recall some good old memories she enjoyed and cherish till today. Then, share some photos of that day so that this act can take her right to those moments.

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4. Cook Something For Your Partner

It’s time to test your cooking skills a bit.

In order to make her smile and feel good about everything, you should try some innovative things. Cooking can be one of the unique things you could do in such circumstances. If you are not a pro or trying it for the first time, try to get help from a recipe book.

Go for a dish your partner likes the most because, in such situations, one doesn’t feel like eating. Hence your efforts in cooking her favorite dish will make her feel loved. Eventually, she will eat it, and you both can enjoy it and make it a precious moment.

5. Take Her On A Drive

You can also try to take her out on a drive to take her out of the strange phase.

Taking her out for a breather and changing her surroundings will be great, as such initiatives come in handy. Meanwhile, you can play any music she likes, or you both can talk about different things.

In this way, you can stay with her for longer and will be able to keep your attention on her, getting updates on how she’s feeling.

As she is sad because of your carelessness, you must ensure to fix all the things until she is satisfied. 

6. Console Her And Make Promises

If she is sad due to your sloppiness, then apart from making efforts to make her smile, you should also emphasize not repeating your mistakes.

Forgetting important things and not compensating them shows that you are not concerned about that individual, which can be a reason for differences between you. 

She will feel wrong about the happenings if you don’t accept your mistake.

Furthermore, it is essential to assure her that such a thing won’t happen in the future. That is how you will be able to rebuild trust in the relationship

Therefore, to save your association from worsening, take control and not shy away from challenging situations. 

7. Dedicate Maximum Time To Your Partner 

You must understand that when there is a period when your partner is feeling low, you should give up everything and give your time to her.

Get rid of the things that might distract you, like switching off your mobile for some time. Wind up your office work early and excuse friends if you have some plan to go somewhere with them. You should make her realize that you care for her more than ever. 

Show total commitment toward your companion, as such gestures are vital for making her feel normal.


To keep your relationships healthy, you must take care of them.

If an odd thing happens, try to cover it up with corrective measures. Furthermore, ensure your presence with your partner in moments of hardship, as it provides you with an opportunity to grow together. 


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