How To Cheer Someone Up: 9 Incredible Ways To Make A Friend Smile
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How To Cheer Someone Up: 9 Incredible Ways To Make A Friend Smile

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How do you get someone in a better mood if they’re sad, stressed, or even angry with you? Here are 9 things you can do to cheer someone up and make them smile today.

Whether it’s your girlfriend, boyfriend, or just a friend facing hard times, here are the ways you can brighten their mood and help them feel positive.

Starting from words of encouragement, the type of gifts to buy to cheer them up, how to comfort them, and what not to say while trying to make them happy.

Simple nice words from you can help them recover quickly.

How To Cheer Someone Up

1. Send them some Motivational Quotes

Inspirational sayings and life-struggle quotes can lift up a sad friend. Written words have the power to change your mood from sad to happy.

Consider sending them a gift card with some motivating quotes or you can send it to them over the text.

2. Watch Hilarious Movies with them

The internet today is full of exciting activities that captivate the mind.

Watching comedies like Charlie Chaplin’s Adventure, Mr Bean, or any fascinating Netflix movies with your friend can help them get rid of those negative emotions and smile again.

3. Send them their favourite Song

Music is the language of the soul. It has the ability to make a broken heart merry, instantly.

If your friend is the type that loves Country hill, Reggae, Hip pop, or Gospel songs, consider buying it for them and make them listen to them.

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4. Surprise them

An unexpected gift or a surprise party at home can brighten their mood.

For your girlfriend, get her a teddy bear, a camera, a rose flower, a chocolate box or I love you compass necklace to cheer her up.

You can equally get some gifts, like a cute t-shirt, an inspirational book, or a rose flower to cheer your boyfriend up.

5. Spend time with them

Sometimes, only your presence is enough for a friend who needs cheering up.

They may not want a gift or anything from you, but to just sit beside you.

You can make their mood better by spending time with them. Visit a movie theatre together, play games with them, or tell them an interesting story to encourage them.

6. Say nice things to them

Compliments are powerful. They have the capacity to either lighten you up or bring you down.

Positive words like Do not be discouraged, you’re the best, never give up, failure is never the end of the road, can all help to brighten a friend’s mood.

Even if they’re planning to give up, or something painful like; a breakup, infidelity, or death occurred in their life, a very good comment from you can make them feel supported and happy again.

7. Listen to them

Most people recover quickly as soon as they get someone to share their feelings with. It helps them to relax when they’re stressed or depressed.

So, offer to listen to their sad stories without blaming them for the incident. Rather empathize with them.

8. Crack some funny jokes for them

Funny words can make a sad friend smile again. All you need to do is to figure out some hilarious jokes or events that will fascinate them.

9. Give them a hug

Research shows that hugging helps relieve stress. Give your friend a hug and remind them that you love and care for them.

Tell them that you’re ever ready to support or help them out. It will brighten their mood again.

What not to say to someone you’re trying to cheer up

1. You’re the problem

Even if they’re the cause of the problem, don’t start criticizing them right away. Telling them that they’re always the root of the problem will add more salt to their wounds.

2. You’re acting like a kid

If you’re trying to tell them to be brave, it shouldn’t be by telling them to stop acting like a kid. Such a statement is hurtful and should be avoided.

3. You’re too sensitive

There is nothing wrong with being sensitive. Instead of saying it that way, you can try and say something like “I didn’t know you will misunderstand me. I was just trying to express myself in a way you will understand.”

You should use this statement if you offended the person you’re trying to cheer up.


How to cheer someone up: 9 incredible ways to make a friend smile
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