What to say to a friend who is grieving
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What To Say To A Friend Who Is Grieving To Comfort Them

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Finding the right words to console someone can be a little difficult. Even how to talk to a friend who is grieving is a bigger problem to a lot of us. In this post, I am going to share with you, some ideas on what to say to a friend who is grieving, what not to say to a friend who is grieving, what to say to someone who is grieving, and the best condolence message to send to someone who is bereaved.

Life is full of ups and downs. As long as life continues, both good things and bad ones will continue to happen to everyone. It will either affect you directly, through a friend, or any of your loved ones.

Did your friend lose a loved one? Maybe their mum, dad, son, husband, wife, or anybody closer to them? here are simple things to say to someone who is grieving to comfort them.

A girl comforting her grieving friend

What to say to a friend who is grieving

If you are looking for how to help a grieving friend, maybe by comforting them, here are some sympathetic words to say to a grieving friend.

Whether you are planning to console them in person, or they are far from you and you are thinking about sending them a text to comfort them, here are some examples you can use.

What to say to someone who is grieving:

1. It touches my heart to see you feel this way.

2. I am very sorry for everything that happened.

3. I believe God has a better plan for you for allowing this to happen.

4. Although I cannot change the situation at hand, I am here for you.

5. I wish I could do more than I’m doing right now. Please, accept my condolence.

6. Whatever you are experiencing now is just for a moment. Take heart, my dearest friend.

7. We have become so close that no matter what happens in your life, I will never allow you to suffer that alone. I am here for you.

8. A times life does not treat us the way we deserve. Take heart, dear.

9. Only God knows why he allowed this to happen.

10. You are stronger than you realize

11. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

12. I know how close you are to them but I’m here for you.

13. May God gives you a heart stronger than a stone to overcome this disheartening situation.

14. You are more than a conqueror

15. You can overcome this situation

16. I’m here to help you in any area I can

17. No matter what has happened, God has not left you.

18. I may not be able to show you much love as they have done, but no matter what, you are always in my heart.

19. I can never replace your deceased husband (wife, mum, dad, or whoever that died) but I’m always around whenever you need me.

20. My heart hurts whenever you are unhappy.

21. I know how terrible you feel right now, but be strong.

22. No matter how life is treating you right now, I am always here to support you.

23. I know how supportive and caring your mom (dad, husband, wife, or whoever that died) was to you, but I’m here to put a smile in your face once again.

24. Whatever you are facing now is just temporary. I love you, dear.

25. I may not have the right words to console you, but I always have you in my heart.

26. It’s okay to feel bad. It’s okay to stay alone without talking to anyone. But in all this, I will never leave you.

27. The path to life comes with both sweet and bitter experiences, but you will surely overcome them.

28. I hope you recover faster

29. You are important to me.

30. I wish I could bring them back to you

31. I wish I could take your pain away

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32. My words cannot change the situation at hand, but I’m very sorry for everything that happened.

33. I have lost a loved one before and I can tell how painful it is. Please, accept my condolence, dear.

34. I know how much you loved her or him, but take heart.

35. I am so sorry you are going through this. But I want to assure you that you are not alone.

36. I’m glad you are still alive, notwithstanding what you are going through.

37. Too much words may not actually express how I feel for you, right now. I’m truly sorry for all that happened.

38. Losing a loved one is never easy at all. Take heart, my dear, and accept my condolence.

39. I will still feel the same way you are feeling if I was the one… I’m so sorry for the loss.

40. No one will ever feel good in this type of situation. Accept my condolence, dear.

A guy trying to console a grieving female friend

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What not to say to a friend who is grieving

1. You are not the first person to have experienced this or feel this way.

2. Stop being too emotional.

3. Losing a loved one is a normal thing we shall all experience

4. What killed him or her?

5. They left you for good

6. They’re in heaven (don’t say this because some don’t believe in the afterlife)

7. Your own experience is too small to be compared with mine.

8. He or she lived long or longer

9. He or she is in a better place

10. God knows why he did this

11. He or she died so that you will be free

12. Is even good they go and rest.

13. You have to move on

14. They died an old age

15. You will still meet them again

16. Crying will not change the situation at hand

17. Tell me more about your dad (mum, husband, wife, or whoever that died).

18. At least, they are in a better place.

19. Your loved one did not just die, they changed their address.

20. Thank God it wasn’t you that died (Don’t say this. Death is painful no matter who it is).

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