4 Ways to end a relationship Peacefully

Have you ever being in a relationship where all you are thinking is how to end the relationship?

At first, you thought you have finally found your soulmate. As time went on, you began to notice some strange characters (toxic) in your partner.

The relationship suddenly became unhealthy. Now you are thinking about breaking up with your partner. I know how you feel right now. This post will give you some insight on how to breakup with your partner without hurting each other’s feelings.

How do you initiate a breakup without hurting your partner’s feelings?

Breakups hurt. But it is better to move on than to remain sad in the relationship. So, how do you initiate this idea without hurting your partner’s feelings?

You can start by commending your partner’s efforts so far and everything you love about them. Then, point out some of the things that are not working. Your reason(s) for breaking up with them. And let him/her know that you’ve tried your best to see if you can cope, but to no avail.

After that, simply break the ice by telling them you want a breakup. Don’t forget to apologize to them. It shows you have some respect for their feelings.

Before this, below are some of the things you should do or consider while ending your relationship.

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Here are the best ways to end your relationship peacefully

1. Be determined:

Determination is the first step to ending any relationship.

Prepare to face the problem at hand. You have been thinking of breaking up with your partner for a while now, what do you do?

Get prepared to make your intention known to him/her. What are you really preparing for?

1. Prepare for the day (date) you wish to tell him/her.

2. The venue and

3. The right word to use (how to start)

2. Choose a Venue:

Another thing to do while considering ending your relationship is to choose a proper place where you can tell your partner that you don’t want the relationship anymore.

It is not advisable to stay in a lonely or secret place. For instance, your Room, his/her Room, your friend’s place etc.

Choose an open place like Restaurant, Bar, etc. The reason why I suggest these two places is that, it will be very easy for people to see the both of you.

Some girls are been raped on the process of trying to tell their boyfriend or partner that they are no longer interested in the relationship. Some of them where even killed on the process.

So it is advisable to stay in an open place and discuss the breakup.


3. Say it out:

Don’t be afraid to say your mind. Tell your partner your intention. Make him/her realize that you are no longer enjoying the relationship.

For that reason, you want to disolve the relationship. The truth is that you have the power to quit your relationship anytime you wish to.

While making your plan known to him/her, do it in a polite manner.

Respect yourself first and your partner. Don’t see it as an opportunity to insult him/her.

It is not the proper way of ending a relationship. The best way to break up with your without hurting their feelings is to be polite.

Tell your partner why you think the relationship should be over. It will help him/her realize his/her mistakes and work on them.

4. Move on with your Life:

Having told your partner that you are no longer interested in the relationship, what do you do next?

The next thing to do is to move on with your life.

Stick to your decision and don’t look back. Don’t try to be a nice person by checking on them (calling your partner after breaking up).

The relationship is over. Therefore, move on with your life. Stop looking for some signs he/she will return to you. It is time to focus on your carrier. Focus on building yourself in other to become a better person.

What You shouldn’t do after ending the relationship

Below are some of the mistakes most people make after breakup. You have to stop it. Here are the things you shouldn’t do after terminating your relationship.

1. Don’t rush into a new Relationship:

Most people make this very mistake after ending their relationship. Give yourself some time to recover from the breakup before you finally decide to start a new relationship.

Take this period (now you’re single) to focus on how to develop yourself.

Why did you quit your past relationship? Is it your fault or your partner’s own. Why not use this period to improve yourself to avoid facing the same problem in your new relationship?.

Don’t be in a haste to enter into a new relationship now.

2. Don’t blackmail your partner:

Most people are victim of this. Immediately their relationship is over, they start saying all sought of bad things about their partner. It is very bad. You have to stop it.

That you broke up with your partner does not mean he/she is now your enemy. So, avoid doing anything that will tarnish his/her reputation.

When is it time to end a relationship?

Here’s when to quit a relationship and move on.

1. When you no longer enjoy it:

If you notice that your relationship is no longer what it used to be before, then it is time to end it. You cannot continue staying in a relationship that does not add value to your life. Your partner ought to be your helper and not a destroyer to you.

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2. When its full of abuses:

The right time to quit a relationship is when it is full of abuse. If you constantly experience any form of abuse (s) from your partner, then you have to terminate the relationship, it’s toxic in nature.

3. You’re simply tired of the Relationship:

If you constantly feel drained after being with your partner, then its time to breakup with your partner. Your relationship shouldn’t be a wrestling field.


Quiting a relationship is one of the most difficult things to do. You will always remember the good times you spent together. The places you visited, and how lovely your partner is.

But the above-mentioned tips will help you to do everything nicely without hurting your partner’s feelings.

When you have decided to move on, do that without looking back.

Focus on building yourself and your carrier. After breaking up with your partner, don’t be in a haste to start a new relationship. Give yourself some time to heal from the wound or pains of the breakup.

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