100 Quotes About Trust In Relationships

Trust is the backbone of every relationship. “Where there is no trust, there is no love.” You cannot say that you love someone without relying on them. Trusting someone is about having faith or confidence in them. You need to be honest and keep your promises to earn your partner’s trust. You also need to […]

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7 Shocking Truths About How Men Fall In Love

People fall in love in different ways, for different reasons. The way men act when they’re in love is different from the way women do. Continue reading to know how men fall in love. What attracts a man is different from what women are attracted to. The way a man acts when he’s falling in […]

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30 Best Self-Love Quotes

If you have lost your self-esteem, self-worth and self-conidence, cheers! You are not alone. Here is a list of the best self-love quotes to help you practice taking care of yourself. It is so unfortunate that we have forgotten ourselves and our true value. Maybe as a result of our bad experience with people, especially […]

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How to sustain a platonic friendship

Are you in a platonic friendship but looking for a way to sustain it? Read on to discover more. What does Platonic Friendship mean? A Platonic friendship is the type of friendship that exists between two friends without any form of romance or sexual activities involved. A friendship is said to be platonic if the […]

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