20 Good Habits To Start In Your 20s
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20 Good Habits To Start In Your 20s

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Starting good routines and habits earlier like in your 20s is the best way to begin your journey into a healthy and productive life. In the twenties, there are some habits you should have formed in order to make your life better and easier in your 30s and above. Here are examples of 20 good habits to start in your 20s.

Importance of starting good habits earlier

As you start getting old, some lifestyles and good habits become difficult to build. So, forming healthy lifestyles on time makes it easier for you to maintain them as you get older.

20 Good Habits To Start In Your 20s

1. Saving

At age 20, you should start building your financial life by forming the habits of saving money. If you have been reckless in spending (extravagant), is high time you curtailed this bad habit. If you’re not able to save $1 when you are in your 20s, it will become difficult for you as you age.

So, one of the good habits you should start building now you are in your 20s is to minimize your expenses and maximize your savings so you won’t be broke in your 30s and above.

2. Reading

If you are not a good reader in your 20s, you will never become one in your 30s. You got to cultivate a good reading habit now. Start buying books, especially motivational books that will inspire you to take a step forward to change your entire life.

3. Spending less time on social media

Most people in their twenties waste their time every day on social media. Such a lifestyle will not make you productive in life. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg founded facebook before getting into his 20s. So, you shouldn’t waste your time chatting and liking pictures on social media, rather use that time to invest in your life.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t use Facebook or other social media. What I’m trying to say is that you should manage your time properly, now you’re in your twenty-something in order to be successful in life.

4. Not sleeping too much

If you still sleep more than 5 hours in your 20s, you’re not going to be successful. Begin the habit of sleeping less at night. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a healthy sleep but don’t spend your whole night sleeping. Form the habit of waking up after five hours of sleep to do something meaningful like reading, meditating, writing, etc.

5. Form the habit of attending seminars

Those who are successful in their 30s started their 20s very well. Cultivate the habit of attending life-changing seminars. It can be marriage seminars or success summits. Anyone you choose to attend, start now.

6. Eating and drinking less

At age 20, you should control your excessive intake of alcohol and over-feeding. If you don’t, is going to ruin your life as you mature (especially alcohol). Over-feeding on the other hand can cause obesity as your age increases.

7. Waking up on time

Adults who wake up early now formed the habit in their twenties. Whatever good habit you start now becomes a part of your life as you age. So, if you want to start going to work on time when you get to your 30s and above, begin now. You can do that by going to bed on time, setting alarm, eating light food at night, etc.

8. Meditating

Start the habit of meditating every day throughout your 20s. It helps keep you motivated and focused.

9. Planning

You got to start planning for the future. It doesn’t just happen. You have to form the habit. Write down your goals for tomorrow (future). That is the highest habit you should begin now you’re in your 20s.

10. The habit of praying

If you are a Christian reading this post, increasing your prayer life is another habit you should begin now you’re not yet in your 30s. A time is coming when you won’t have the time to pray as you ought to.

11. The habit of building meaningful relationships

If there’s one habit you should start in your 20s is building meaningful relationships. Cultivate the habit of making friends that will lift and help you tomorrow.

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12. Daily Exercise

Daily exercise is good for your body and health. So, start the habit of going to the gym or yoga centre, at least, once a week. This will help you stay fit and stronger in your twenties.

13. Making research

If you want your life to be better as you grow older, form the habit of learning new things every day by making research, listening to podcasts, and studying daily.

14. Self-discipline

If you can’t discipline yourself in your 20s you will never do that in your 30s. So, start learning how to discipline yourself now and make it a habit.

15. Completing your tasks on time

Form the habit of not procrastinating in your early twenties. Procrastination is a killer of time and productivity. So, form the habit of not postponing your work for another time.

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16. Gratitude

Start learning how to be grateful in your 20s. A grateful heart stays healthy and happy at all times.

17. The habit of pursuing your dreams

This is the time you should be working tirelessly to actualize your dreams. It starts by cultivating the habit of being serious with your life. Make it a priority to work towards achieving your goals in life.

18. Saying ‘NO’

You got to build your confidence in your 20s by being assertive. Build the habit of saying ‘No’ or ‘YES’ when you are supposed to. It starts by boosting your self-esteem. Work on developing your self-confidence now.

19. Giving up on toxic friends

Some friendships are not meant to continue as you progress to your 20s. Let go of toxic people and friends who add little or no value to your life.

20. The habit of taking care of your body

You got to start eating healthy food to stay fit and stronger so that your adulthood will be filled with energy. Make frequent medical check-ups and take care of your skin and your health.


20 Good habits to start in your 20s
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