20 Habits Of Successful People That Make Them Excel In Whatever They Do

Successful people have daily habits they can’t live without, in the world of success. These morning and evening routines have become part of their life. Do you want to know what these lifestyles are? Read on to discover the habits of successful people that you too can adopt to become successful in life.

Success is not achieved overnight. It takes some daily, monthly or even yearly life of dedication towards your goals to see things work out for you. I know you’ve worked hard or even harder to excel in life but it seems there are secrets you need to know about success or even some habits you need to inculcate to become successful. There was a time I equally asked myself this question, ‘what are the secrets of successful people that make them so productive?’ But ever since I found the answers to this very question, I started approaching life differently.

Today, I will be sharing those habits or secrets with you, so that you too can practice them and excel in your business, academics, etc.

Habits Of Successful People

1. They plan ahead

Successful people are good planners. Not only that but they plan ahead of others. They know when the market will go up or down, and they start preparing immediately, even before others get to know what is happening.

Successful people have the eyes of an Eagle, they see tomorrow even before it comes. What does this mean? They think ahead in order to stay at the top. You too can become successful by being strategic in whatever you do. Discover trends and plan ahead of your competitors.

2. Good time management

Another habit of productive people is good time management. Time is a precious commodity that cannot be recovered once it is wasted. And successful people understand this secret and use it to their own advantage.

You too can become productive by making good use of your time. Minimize the time you spend on social media, with friends, and even with yourself doing nothing.

3. They don’t procrastinate

Procrastination is a dream killer and a time-waster. People who procrastinate hardly see success in whatever they do. Successful people have every reason to postpone their work but they choose not to until they have completed their task.

You should also form the habit of not procrastinating. Focus on finishing your work first, before you even think about something else. If you ever feel like procrastinating, find every good reason to convince yourself to start the work now and not later.

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4. They’re consistent

Consistency is the key to success. Being consistent is all about sticking to your plans even when it seems impossible to achieve. You need to be good at not changing your plans easily especially when it seems like you can’t make your goals come true.

Learn to not give up when the going becomes tough. Success does not come overnight. Perseverance and consistency are other habits highly productive people can’t live without.

The founder of Alibaba Group, Jack Ma narrated how many times he faced rejection from friends and other people he introduced his business. But guess what? He never gave up and today, he’s a Billionaire. So, you got to be consistent in what you are doing.

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5. They love what they do

How do you expect yourself to become successful if you don’t love what you do? You got to fall in love with your job, your business, your career, etc. before success will knock at your door.

Believe in what you are doing. Others may not believe that you are going to be successful in that. But just know that you are the one that got the idea or vision, and you need to convince yourself that you’re going to succeed. This is another secret about successful people. They love what they do even when no one believes them.

6. They’re never satisfied with what they know

Successful people have a quest for knowledge. They are never satisfied with what they know. They’re always current in their industry to discover the latest change or ways of doing things. This implies that they always gather the necessary information they need to become experts in their field. They don’t feel they have arrived when they experience little success, rather, they acquire more knowledge to become more productive and successful in their endeavours.

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7. They collaborate with others

Teamwork works more than you think. One will chase one thousand, two will chase ten thousand. Successful people understand the importance of collaborating with others. Do you know that the best way to beat your competitors is not by making them know that you’re competing with them? But by collaborating with them. You got to make your competitors your friends.

In whatever business you are into, learn to work with others. This habit fosters productivity and high performance more than you think. Here’s our previous post about how to encourage teams to increase performance at work.

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8. They wake up early

Waking up on time is the morning routine of every successful person. Do you think they wake up when they are satisfied with their sleep? I guess you think so.

Successful people like Tim Cook (Apple CEO) start his morning at 3: 45am, Ellevest CEO and co-founder, Sallie Krawcheck wakes at 4 a.m, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and Indra Nooyi have been known to rise at the crack of dawn. Check it out yourself in this post.

So, adopt this habit too and be more productive. Stop sleeping the whole night. I know we all love to sleep but the truth is that you can never distinguish yourself from the crowd if you are doing the same thing they do.

I personally sleep 3 hours every day. Most times 5 hours, especially on weekends. So, form the habit of waking up on time.

9. They’re self-disciplined

In the world of success, self-discipline is highly needed. You will never become successful if you are not disciplined enough. Self-discipline is all about your ability to control your feelings in order to overcome your weaknesses.

Successful people have self-control. They control what they eat, and how they spend their money. You too can do this and become successful in life.

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10. They’re never afraid of failure

The fear of failure is what holds people from being more efficient and successful in their endeavours. People who have experienced success understand that failure is never a bad thing, rather, it is the best teacher when it comes to being successful in life.

For instance, Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before perfecting the incandescent electric light bulb. Do you think if he was afraid of failure he could have succeeded in inventing the electric bulb? I guess ‘NO.’ So, this is another habit of highly successful people.

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11. They have a success-oriented mindset

Your mindset contributes to your success in life. If all you think about is a failure, you will definitely fail. Successful people have the habit of controlling what comes into their minds. You need to control your thoughts. Always have a positive mindset and you will succeed.

12. They take their health serious

One of the daily routines of successful people is to eat healthy meals, sleep well, and exercise their bodies in order to look healthier. What is success without good health? So, maintaining a healthy life is one of the priorities of successful people.

13. They’re good at meditating

This post by Nicol Natale shows that successful people like Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, William Clay Ford Jr., Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company, Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of SalesForce, Arianna Huffington, Cofounder of Huffington Post and Thrive Global, etc. have the habit of meditating daily to stay motivated. A similar post by Dhaval Patel shows that celebrities like Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Weiner, etc. are all good at meditating. Even a post by Alena Hall shows that even Jeff Bezos meditates daily.

So, you should also form the habit of meditating at least every night before you sleep. It helps keep you motivated.

14. They often express gratitude

People like Oprah Winfrey, Sir Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, Tim Ferriss, an American entrepreneur, etc are good examples of successful people who often express gratitude and have maintained their success for a long time now. Always be grateful for the little you have. That is the secret of getting more.

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15. They sleep on time

This article by Sarah Berger shows that most successful people go to be on time in order to wake up early. This is one of the evening routines they don’t joke with. You have to sleep on time if you must wake up early. Remember, early to bed, early to rise.

16. They work hard

I don’t need to cite any authority to prove that successful people are people who really work hard. If it were not so, everyone could have been successful, long ago. So, you got to work hard. It doesn’t stop there. Worker smarter and be successful. Here are some nice quotes about hard work that will ignite the strength in you

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17. They’re never afraid to take risks

Successful people are risk-takers. They’re never afraid of what will come after they have gotten what they want. They are not afraid to lose their money if the market falls. You got to take risks too.

18. They‘re flexible

One thing I personally observed about successful people is that they are not static. They are flexible. In other words, they can adapt to changes at any moment.

Imagine how Jeff Bezos increased his wealth to $150 billion since the beginning of the pandemic. Do you think he did that with magic? I don’t think. What then is the secret? Adaptability. Successful people easily adapt to changes no matter how strict they may be on others.

19. They often practice positive self-affirmations

Research from a team led by Carnegie Mellon University’s David Creswell found that people can boost their ability to solve problems under pressure by using self-affirmation. This is another habit of successful people.

This post by Think Up shows that celebrities like Jim Carrey, Denzel Washington, Oprah Winfrey, and Jennifer Lopez believe in the power of self-affirmations. You got to make that your habit too.

Always start your day with some positive self-affirmations like “I’m blessed, today will be better than yesterday, I’m going higher, I shall be successful, I can make it,’ etc.

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20. They’re patient

Success doesn’t happen overnight. If it does, people like Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Sir James Dyson, etc. couldn’t have failed before succeeding. This post by Sebastian Kipman confirmed that these people failed several times before becoming successful.

So, the hallmark of all the habits I mentioned above is patience. Successful people are never in a haste to become successful overnight. They wait patiently, knowing that their hustle will surely pay off.

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20 Habits Of Successful People That Make Them Excel In Whatever They Do
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