Signs he will never commit

10 Obvious Signs He Will Never Commit

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Will he ever commit? I know you’ve been asking yourself this question to know if you are wasting your time with your boyfriend or not. Read on to discover the signs that tell a guy will never commit.

It is normal to start wondering if a guy will ever commit after dating him for some months or even years and he doesn’t seem to talk about taking the relationship to the next level. Isn’t that enough to make you believe that he’s not serious about you? Here are some signs that tell he won’t commit.

Signs He Will Never Commit

1. He doesn’t make plans with you

One of the ways to know if a guy isn’t ready to commit is that he takes decisions alone. He doesn’t seem to involve you in certain things he does nor seek your opinion. This shows that he is not ready to have a future with you.

2. He cancels dates without reason

He goes on a date with you anytime he feels like it but cancels yours without any reason. This shows he doesn’t seem to make himself available whenever you need him but wants you around whenever he needs you. Does this not tell you that he’s using you and won’t commit?

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3. He told you he’s not ready for a committed stage

Did he tell you blatantly that he’s not ready to commit now? If he’s not ready to take the relationship to the next stage now, when will he? This is a sign he’s not going to commit even in years to come. So, stop wasting your time with him.

4. He has never introduced you to his family

This is another obvious sign he’s not going to spend the rest of his life with you. If he’s ready for a serious relationship, he should have introduced you to his friends and family by now.

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5. He doesn’t care to know much about you

A guy who is not ready to commit to you will never bother knowing much about you. He doesn’t seem to ask you questions to get to know you. This is a sign he is not interested in anything that concerns your future with him. If not, he would have wanted to know more about you.

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6. You don’t know what his plans are

A guy who wants to commit doesn’t hide secrets from you. He shares his plans with you and tries to also know what your plans are.

7. He cheats on you

Has he cheated on you before or still cheats? It’s another indication that he is not ready for commitment in your relationship. A guy who wants to marry you or commit will try his best to stay faithful to you.

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8. He has many exes

Have you considered his past relationships? Why did he end those relationships? How many exes does he have? This is a sign you will soon join the ex list.

9. He has stopped chasing you

A guy who wants to commit to you will never stop chasing you even when you play a little bit hard to get. It is natural in men. But if he has stopped chasing you or even trying to do certain things to make you happy, this is another warning sign he won’t commit to the relationship.

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10. Your mind tells you he won’t

You have the conviction that he’s not going to commit because of certain behaviours you’ve seen from him. Your instinct keeps telling you that this guy is a player and you shouldn’t trust him.


10 Obvious signs he will never commit
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