5 Signs of Cheating in a Relationship
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5 Signs of Cheating in a Relationship

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Cheating in a relationship is the act of betraying your partner. It is the breach of trust, love, and companionship shared between you and your partner in a relationship or marriage.

Unfaithfulness in a relationship or marriage manifests in the following ways:

  • It manifests in the form of flirting with someone other than your partner.
  • Showing affection or having intimate feelings with someone other than your partner.
  • Hiding certain things like online conversations, text messages or even answering phone calls in a place where your partner will not be able to listen to your conversations.
  • Lust etc. All these have to do with infidelity.

Some relationships have failed as a result of infidelity. There is no more trust, unity, and understanding in the relationship.

According to Marriage ” People commonly have affairs because they feel they are lacking something in their current or new relationship”. Some cheat as a result of want or something they are incapable of getting in that relationship.

5 Signs of Cheating in a Relationship Or Marriage

Unfaithfulness can sometimes be hard to notice but, with these signs, you will discover the signs of infidelity in a relationship.

  • Secret Conversation

When your partner begins to hide some text messages, online chats, and phone calls, he/she is cheating on you. When you begin to notice some strange or secretive conversations from your partner, he/she is having an external affair.

  • Nagging behavior

When a partner starts cheating in a relationship, he develops a nagging attitude. He/she begins to complain all the time. He will want everything to be done immediately. It is a sign that shows he/she is having an affair outside the relationship.

  • Communication Skills

Infidelity leads to poor communication skills. When you notice that your partner no longer spends time with you discussing things that will help both of you, he/she may be cheating on you.

  • Lack of time and attention

When a partner begins to cheat in a relationship, he/she will suddenly become unnecessarily busy. If he/she is the type that comes back from work on time, things will suddenly change. He/she will begin to give excuses like ‘Am very busy in the office, I have lots of work to do today, therefore, I won’t be back from work on time today.

Another area of lack of time and attention is too much travel. He/she will start traveling all the time. They don’t travel because of important appointments. Most of the time it is an opportunity for them to cheat on their partner.

  • Decrease in Love

Another sign of infidelity in a relationship is a decrease in love. Your partner no longer expresses his/her affection to you. He/she suddenly becomes too arrogant in the relationship.

When love diminishes, trust fades. Hatred comes in. Crisis becomes the order of the day.

Forms of Infidelity in a Relationship or Marriage

They are various forms of unfaithfulness in a relationship.

  1. Emotional Infidelity
  2. Physical cheating
  3. Cheating through text messages etc.
  • Emotional Infidelity: It has to do with emotional distance from your partner. You become emotionally attached to another person. You begin to have feelings for someone other than your partner. It is a form of emotional cheating.
  • Physical Cheating: This form of cheating appears in a way everyone can see it. It can be by having an extra-marital affair for a couple or cheating on your partner by going with another man or woman. It most of the time involves buying gifts for someone other than your partner, sex, etc.
  • Cheating through text messages: This form of unfaithfulness is very common online where you find married men and women flirting through text messages. It can also be in the form of deleting some text messages you wouldn’t want your partner to see. All these are the various forms of infidelity.

3 Ways to fix your relationship or Marriage After Cheating?

The following tips will help you to fix your relationship after cheating.

  • Apologize to your partner if you are the defaulter:

The first step in fixing your relationship after cheating is to apologize to your partner. Make him/her realize that you are sorry for your mistakes. You can kneel down if possible. Make sure you do it with all sincerity.

  • Forgive:

For any broken relationship to work again, it requires forgiveness. Pardon your partner no matter how big he/she has hurt you. The only way to make things to be in line again is to let go of wrongs and move on. People will always wrong you. Mistakes will always occur. Just let go of the past and move on.

  • Build Trust and your Communication skills:

Trust and communication are very vital in every healthy relationship. Although it is very hard to trust a partner again after cheating on you. All you have to do is to discuss things together. Settle the relationship problem of cheating and give your partner a second chance.

How Long does it take for a woman to cheat?

According to Tendermeets, the followings are the number of years it takes for a woman to cheat in various countries.

  • Ireland – 3.6 years with the average age of women cheating being 35.2 years
  • Sweden – 4.1 years – the average age of women cheating – 37.4 years
  • UK – 4.4 years, the average age of women cheating is 34.4
  • Norway – 5.5 years from marriage to cheating with an average cheating age of 37.1
  • France – 5.7 years, an average of women cheating 36.5


Most times it is not easy to identify a cheating partner. It takes time, sensitivity, and effort to discover. Take note of the signs discussed above to discover a cheating partner. Follow the steps and advice given above also to fix your relationship after cheating.

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