8 Reasons Why Relationships Fail And What To Do
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8 Reasons Why Relationships Fail And What To Do

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Everyone wants a lasting relationship. Why then do relationships fail if that is the intention of everyone starting a new relationship?

Relationship breakups don’t just happen. And today, I’m going to share with you, the 8 reasons why relationships don’t work out and what you can do to avert them. 

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8 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

Here are the 8 reasons why relationships don’t last. 

1. Communication Problems

Communication is the key to a lasting relationship. But in a situation whereby couples or lovers can’t express or communicate their feelings to one another, what then do you think will happen in such a relationship?

A relationship starts failing the moment you find it difficult or uncomfortable to express how you feel to your significant other. That is why most lovers suddenly change (behaviors) overnight.

The reason is that they may be something bothering your partner, but their inability to speak their mind makes them suddenly change how they treat you before.

For instance, a couple with low self-esteem will always find it hard to say certain things he or she dislikes about their partner, especially if their partner is outspoken and doesn’t listen to them when they speak.

Your communication skill is the most important thing you should seriously work on in your relationship. Be open-minded to your partner so that he or she will always find it very easy to communicate their feelings to you. 

Couples who have strong communication skills hardly lie or cheat on each other. I once heard a woman saying that she nearly cheated on her husband when a man promised to offer her money just to spend a night with her (where she went for a church program). But she quickly called her husband and told her everything that happened (after overcoming the temptation).

What do you think gave her the boldness? The good communication that exists between her and her partner. 

Therefore, a vast number of relationships don’t work because couples don’t know or find it uncomfortable to communicate their feelings to one another. 

A problem shared is a problem solved. How do you expect your partner to know what is bothering you when you are not open-minded with each other? So, communication is very necessary for every relationship.

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2. Infatuated Feelings

Not everyone in a relationship is really in love with their partner. Some are infatuated with their partner and that is why some relationships don’t last. Infatuation is short-termed, whereas love lasts forever. So, when those infatuating feelings fade away, couples fall out of love and decide to end their relationship

Before you start a new relationship, make sure you understand your feelings. Is the feeling you have for your partner true love or infatuation? Examine yourself before moving to a committed stage.

Here’s the difference between love and infatuation.

3. Incompatibility

Incompatibility is another reason why relationships fail. Couples or lovers who are not compatible with each other always have re-occurring issues in their relationship. These conflicts happen because the couples are not compatible with each other.

Below are some examples that show you and your partner are not meant to stay together:

  • You don’t have a common interest
  • You always fight over unnecessary issues
  • And, you find it difficult to communicate with each other without quarrelling or having a disagreement. Etc.

Couples who are physically and spiritually connected to each other stay together. A relationship is not only sustained by physical intimacy alone but by spiritual one also. Can two walk together, except they are in agreement? You know the answer.

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4. Too Many Expectations

There is nothing wrong with having some expectations in a relationship. But too much of it is another reason why breakups happen in a relationship.

When a couple feels like his or her expectations are not being met, then a breakup becomes an alternative to them. 

My advice to you is this, never expect too much from your partner. Show your partner love and do not allow the relationship to be one-sided. 

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5. Inability To Tolerate One Another

One thing most lovers don’t understand is that they are different from their partners. And a situation whereby you have different personalities, you will always offend each other. But with tolerance and forgiveness, your relationship will stand the test of time.

Relationships fail because the couples find it difficult to keep tolerating and forgiving each other. To have a successful relationship you need tolerance and the ability to compromise. But wherever there is no forgiveness, love and harmony cannot exist in that relationship. And the end thereof is a breakup. 

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6. Acting On Every Piece Of Advice You Receive

It is good to listen to other people’s advice, but when it comes to having a lasting relationship, you shouldn’t act on every piece of advice you receive from friends and family members. 

Most couples allow third parties to decide what happens in their relationships, and this brings unnecessary issues between couples. 

Therefore, I advise you not to act on every piece of advice you receive from people concerning your relationship. It is yours and not theirs. Therefore, make it look like you want it to be.

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7. Trust Issues

Trust is all about having faith or confidence in your partner. When this confidence is broken, couples split. 

Most relationships don’t work out because couples no longer trust each other. Trust is an important thing needed for couples to keep living in love and harmony. 

Here’s how to build trust in a relationship. 

8. Lack Of Time For One Another

Lack of time for one another is a reason why relationships don’t last. Most couples hardly have time for their relationship or their partner. 

For a relationship to last and be enjoyable, you must give it your time by being committed. 

I often hear some married couples, especially women complain that their husbands hardly have time for them anymore. And this also brings unnecessary issues between romantic couples.

If you hardly have time for your partner and your relationship, how then do you expect the both of you to grow in love and intimacy?

Therefore, give your relationship, your attention if you really want it to last longer. If not, be ready to break up with your partner. 

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