Dating A Divorced Woman? Do These 7 Things To Keep Her
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Dating A Divorced Woman? Do These 7 Things To Keep Her

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Are you in love with a separated woman? Here are 7 tips for dating a divorced woman.

Dating after divorce is never easy, especially for a woman with kids. The fear of being rejected, being used, and dumped, and the fear of having a failed relationship for the second time, may be some of the challenges she is likely to face. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try.

That a woman has a failed marriage does not mean she can’t make a good partner. The most important thing is the efforts you make, nurturing the relationship.

Dating a recently divorced woman has its own benefits. As someone who has been in love before, she has more experience and knows how to handle relationship problems than a woman who has never been married before.

Below are the pros and cons of dating a divorced woman.

Benefits of dating a divorced woman

1. She has more experience about Love

One of the advantages of dating a woman who is divorced is that she has been in a relationship before, and therefore, has a better experience on how to handle relationship problems.

A divorced woman in love is likely to be more committed in a relationship. Why? Because she has had a failed relationship before, therefore, she wouldn’t want to have the same experience over again.

So, never think of playing with her feelings. She will quickly move away as soon as she discovers that you are a player.

2. She knows what she wants

Most women move into a relationship without knowing what they actually want. But a divorced woman who intends to start dating again is searching for true love.

In other words, she is not likely to play games with you. Rather, she will be focused and put in more effort in order to make the relationship work.

Divorced couple

Disadvantages of dating a divorced woman

The challenges you are likely to face while dating a separated woman.

1. She’s likely to bring in her past into the relationship

One of the challenges you are likely to face while dating a woman who is divorced is that she is likely to allow her past emotions to hinder her from loving you with all her heart. And most divorcees tend to have emotional baggage. This makes it difficult for most of them to trust their partner at the beginning of the relationship until you have earned her trust.

As someone who has experienced a failed relationship in the past, she is likely to be afraid of giving her heart away to someone she’s not even sure if he loves her or not. This emotional trauma is likely to hinder her from trusting you.

Therefore, you will likely experience, trust issues at the beginning of the relationship.

2. The fear of commitment

Most divorced women will not commit to you until they are sure you are serious with them.

No one wants to be used and dumped at last. Or to even have the same negative experience over again.

Before a divorced woman finally commits to you, just know that she has tested you and discovered that you are not just coming to play games with her.

So, one of the disadvantages is the fear of commitment. And this fear is triggered by their past experience in their marriage.

3. She’s likely to have kids

Most divorced ladies are single mothers. And if you don’t think it is not a good idea to marry a woman with kids, then, this should be a red flag for you.

Before you proceed to date a divorced woman with kids, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • Are you ready to take up her children as yours?
  • Will you be able to defend and claim the children in case, there be any ongoing custody battle for the child or kids?
  • Are you ready to assume the responsibility of a father to a kid who is not your biological child?
  • Will you still treat them the same way even after having your own biological kids?

All these questions will help you to know if you can cope with the situation or not.

A divorced woman holding her wedding ring

Tips for dating a divorced woman

Below are some rules and guides for dating a woman who is divorced.

1. Do not rush her

Instead of rushing a divorced woman to make her fall in love with you, try to earn her trust first.

A divorced woman is not likely to trust you quickly until she is sure you are not coming to use and dump her. That is why it is very crucial to build trust at the beginning of the relationship.

Be open to her. Tell her everything about yourself, and why you want to date her. Also, do not forget to allow her to examine her feelings first, to know whether she is emotionally ready to start dating again, or not.

2. Make her feel loved

Women crave affection more than men. Whether she is a divorcee or not, they all want to experience love.

A divorced woman is likely to carry on her emotional baggage. But all you need to do is to show her unconditional love. This will help her forget her past breakup experience and love you more.

Every woman wants to feel loved. Therefore, do not take her for granted, simply because she has been married before. Treat her with some respect and make her feel loved like a woman.

3. Be patient with her

As someone who has experienced love in the past, she may not likely be fully committed to you at the beginning of the relationship. But as soon as you earn her trust, she will definitely do.

Therefore, you need to be patient with her.

4. If she has kids, take them as yours

If you have no problem falling in love or marrying a divorced woman with kids, then you should be willing to accept her kids as your own.

Show them love, and assume the responsibility of a father to them. Even after having your own biological children, endeavor to maintain that same level of love you had for them in the past.

Avoid making your biological children know that you are not the father of the other kids. Rather, treat them all, equally, and accord them the same love and respect.

5. Do not bring in the issue of her ex-husband into the relationship

There is no relationship without conflicts. But no matter what happens between you and her, never bring the issue of her broken marriage into the argument.

Let the past be gone. And do not accuse her of being the reason why her relationship failed.

6. Respect her decisions as well

That she is divorced does not mean she is desperate for love.

If you want to make a divorced woman fall in love with you, respect her decisions.

Do not try to force certain things on her. And also, do not think you are doing her a favor by dating her, simply because she has been married before.

Respect her decisions, boundaries, and privacy.

7. Do not play games on her

A divorced woman is not in for games. If you are not ready for a committed relationship, do not play with her emotions.

If you have decided to date her, do not even think of cheating on her, because she will quietly walk away from you.

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