7 Signs of True love from a partner in a relationship
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7 Signs of True love from a partner in a relationship

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True love still exists. It never dies but is very hard to find these days. In this post, you are going to see the meaning of real love, the signs of true love, how to find a truly loving partner, and how to test your partner’s love to know whether it is real or not.

In this post, you’re going to see the signs that tell you’ve experienced true love. 

What is true love?

True love is love that has no boundaries. It is the type of love that exists unconditionally.

In a relationship, it is the act of loving one’s partner genuinely, not minding his/her weaknesses or flaws.

When true love exists between a man and a woman, there is always forgiveness, tolerance, trust, and commitment in the relationship.

When you truly love someone, it means you accept and care for that person with all your heart, even after hearing some negative things about them.

Does True Love Ever Exist?

Yes, true love still exists. The only problem is that it is so hard to find. Everyone who has experienced heartbreak in the past, may not believe that real love exists, more especially if you love too much in a relationship and end up being disappointed.

True and perfect love pains, especially when your partner fails to reciprocate your feelings. To love wholeheartedly is to be vulnerable.

Have you ever fallen in love before and you discover that you can’t just stop loving your partner even after hurting your feelings? That is how true love feels like.

No matter how bad your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband treats you, you will always find yourself forgiving them even when you ought not to.

Real love comes once in somebody’s love. Especially if it’s your first time falling in love.

At that time, you will always try to please your partner and show him/her how much you care and love them. But if you eventually end up being disappointed, you will never try to love too much again until you find your soul mate or a life partner.

When you experience true love, you will always be more concerned about your partner’s happiness. You will avoid doing anything that will hurt their feelings.

If you’ve ever done any of these things before, then you truly love your partner.

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Signs of True Love in a Relationship

How do you identify true love in a relationship or from a partner? Below are the signs you’ve actually found true love in your life.

1. True Love forgives at all time

When you truly love someone, you will always forgive them whenever they hurt your feelings. When you are in a truly loving relationship, you will get angry when your partner offends you, but you will never have grudges against them. You will forgive even before they apologize to you.

Have you ever been hurt emotionally, and you find yourself forgiving your partner even before they apologize to you? If so, then you truly love him/her.

True love forgives even before a partner apologizes. Not for any other reason, but because the love is genuine. And one of the characteristics of love is forgiveness.

2. It stays even in hard times

Genuine love does not fade quickly. It is not infatuation or lust that disappears in hard times. But it remains even in difficult times.

The only way to test your partner’s love to know if it’s true love or not is in a time of scarcity.

If he/she sticks to you even in time of tribulation, then it is real love. But if they disappear during that period, then it is fake love in disguise. Here are ways to identify a fake lover, in a relationship.

3. It does not hurt

When you truly love someone, you avoid hurting them. True love makes you happy.

When you are in a sad mood, your partner will always look for a way to make you happy.

When you are mourning, they mourn with you. And when you rejoice, they rejoice with you. Your happiness is always their priority.

4. True love accepts you as you are

Most romantic relationships lack genuine love.

If your partner truly loves you, he/she will accept you as you are, without trying to change you just to benefit themselves.

It doesn’t mean that he/she will not change your life for good. All am trying to say is that they will never try to change your life for their own selfish interest. They will allow you to be your true self.

So, when you’re truly in love, you will always feel comfortable when you are together with your partner. Not only that, but you will allow them to be their true self.

5. It supports you

Real love helps you to become the best of who you are. It supports your dreams and changes your life for good.

A partner who genuinely loves you will always assist you whenever there is a need for that. He/she will be more concerned about your spiritual and mental growth.

6. It is selfless

Love itself is not selfish. Unless it is not genuine love.

True love does not seek for himself. Rather, it is more concerned about their partner’s welfare and that of the relationship.

When you are with a partner who always thinks about you and how to make you happy, then you are truly in love.

You will know you’ve found a partner who truly loves you if he/she gives without expecting anything in return from you.

7. It is patient

Patience is another sign of true love.

When you truly love your partner, you will learn to tolerate him/her without being annoyed.

But that doesn’t mean if you get angry with your partner, then it means you don’t really love them. Everyone gets provoked. But there are certain things you will overlook when you genuinely love someone.

Don’t be deceived by most television shows like Love Island, etc. Real love is not a Hollywood movie show. 

How to Find True Love?

The following tips will help you to find your real love partner.

1. Love yourself first

To demonstrate genuine love to others, you must learn how to love yourself first.

Love is like acquiring knowledge. You don’t teach what you don’t know.

So, the first step to finding true love is to start loving yourself first.

It is only when you’ve known how to practice self-love, that you can now discern between real love and a fake one. You cannot create a truly loving relationship without loving yourself first.

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2. Know what you want from a potential partner

Most people fail to recognize a love that is true and genuine simply because they don’t know what they want from an ideal partner.

What are the most important things you cherish most in a partner or a relationship?

Do you have a special way you want your partner to be expressing his/her feelings to you?

Personally, how do you describe true love to your own understanding?

The above questions will help you figure out what you expect from a partner. If those needs are met, then you will interpret it as real love. But if they are not, you will assume your partner is faking their love.

3. Be open-minded

True love still exists, but only those who are open to opportunities find it.

One of the reasons why we say that genuine love does not exist is because, we tend to ignore those who truly love us, and go for those who pretend to be in love with us.

We are only attracted to their physical appearance. But they end up hurting us at last.

So, if you want to find true love, do not discriminate against anyone. It is very unfortunate that the people we are not attracted to, are the same people that have genuine feelings for us.

Therefore, learn to love everyone and do not discriminate.

Do you have other ways to find genuine love? Share it with us in the comment box below.

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