Dating Vs Relationship – Major Differences Between Them
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Dating Vs Relationship – Major Differences Between Them

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Dating and being in a relationship are two different words people often interchange. But what is the difference between these similar words?

Dating Vs Relationship

The major difference between dating and relationships is that, whereas dating has to do with being committed to knowing each other better, being in a relationship is about having a mutual agreement to remain faithful and committed to your partner for a long period of time.

So, if you’re dating your boyfriend or girlfriend, it means you are romantically attracted and committed to knowing him/her better than you do before. Although dating implies romantic involvement, it does not necessarily involve sex.

“It is a way of looking at the other person’s potentials for a more meaningful relationship.” Says Dr. Ijeoma Odoemenam, an experienced educational administrator.

1. Whereas a relationship requires commitment, dating does not. That is why people often date more than one person at a time. When such a thing happens in a relationship, it becomes cheating. You are simply not allowed to look around.

2. Communication in dating is often simple and about knowing your partner better. But in a relationship, you can discuss whatever you want to, without the fear of being criticized.

3. In dating, you expect less from the person you are dating, but in a relationship, you often expect your partner to live up to the agreement you had before the relationship.

For instance, being loyal and working for the good of the relationship. So, when you are dating, you may not necessarily make your partner your priority. But in a relationship, your partner is always among your priorities.

How do you know you are in a relationship and not dating?

Most people often say “We’ve been dating for a long time now” without even knowing whether it is still dating or they’re already in a relationship.

If you always make plans together, had an agreement to be committed to each other, then you are already in a relationship.

Most dating lasts for about 2-3 months before it turns into a relationship. Although it depends on you. Most people move on to a committed stage earlier. So, it all depends on what you want, how much time you spend together, and the power of your communication.

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