42 Healthy Habits To Track Daily To Improve Your life
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42 Healthy Habits To Track Daily To Improve Your life

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Tracking habits can help you build habits, improve your life, and also boost your productivity. If you are looking for healthy habits to track, you are at the right place.

Keeping bullet journals is a great way to track your habits. Habit tracking can help you work hard, achieve your goals, beat laziness and procrastination, and also improve your daily life. People who track their habits stay in control of their life and activities.

What does it mean to track habits?

Tracking habits simply means calculating whether you did a particular thing or not. Developing the act of tracking your habits helps you to checkmate the progress and commitment you have towards your goals. People who track their habits are more committed to their plans and often see more results than people who don’t.

How do you keep track of your habits?

Consider having a planner where you write down all your goals. Open this planner every day to see the things you have done and the ones that are yet to be touched and make sure you reward yourself, each time you complete a particular goal.


42 Healthy habits to track daily to improve your life

42 Healthy Habits to track daily

In the morning

1. Meditation

2. Morning prayer

3. Dressing your bed

3. Yoga or exercise

4. Brushing your teeth

5. Greeting family members

6. Preparing meals for your family

7. Tiding up your rooms and parlour

8. Eating breakfast

9. Taking your bath

10. Making your hair

11. Going to work

12. Washing dirty clothes if any

In the afternoon

11. Siesta

12. Lunch

13. Eating fruits

14. Drinking water

15. Brushing your teeth

16. Bath

17. Listening to music

18. Checking your mail

19. Listening to podcasts

20. Watching your favorite movie

21. Learning something new on Youtube

22. Reading (if possible)

23. Journaling

In the evening

24. Planning on what to prepare for dinner

25. Street walk

26. Washing plates

27. Preparing dinner

28. Bathing

29. Eating your dinner

30. Drinking water

31. Making phone calls

In the night

32. Eating fruits

33. Brushing your teeth

34. Exercising

35. Reading

36. Writing a gratitude journal

37. Listening to music or watching movies

38. Closing your doors

39. Praying

40. Meditating

41. Switching off the light

42. Sleep

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42 healthy habits to track daily in your bullet journal
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