How A Man Should Treat A Woman And Make Her Feel Valued
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How A Man Should Treat A Woman And Make Her Feel Valued

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If you are a man in a relationship, you should realize how crucial it is for a guy to treat a lady the right way. Failure to do so, you will lose her to another man. Below are some ideas on how a man should treat a woman and make her feel valued in a relationship.

But before then, take a look at what women want in a relationship. 

A man kissing his woman to show how a man should treat a woman

How a Man Should Treat a Woman

Below are the right ways a man should treat a woman he loves.

1. Value her

Most men don’t know that if you fail to handle your woman the right way, another man is willing to take proper care of her.

Do not take your woman for granted. Treat her like she’s the only woman in the world. It doesn’t mean you should spoil her. But try to make her feel valued in the relationship.

You can show her how much you value her presence by:

  • Paying attention to her needs and when she speaks or complains
  • By not looking down on her or ignoring her words
  • By involving her in every decision you make
  • And by asking for her opinions

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2nd tip on how a man should treat a woman

2. Treat her like a weaker vessel

As a man, you should always know that your woman is a weaker vessel. Therefore, be compassionate to her.

Avoid losing your temper on her when she makes mistakes. Never lift your hand to hit her when you have misunderstandings. If not, you will lose your honour as the head (the man).

Most times, she would like you to pet or pamper her. It is your responsibility. Do not deny her such privilege.

Treat her like the weaker vessel that came out of your rib. Never you form or imitate the habit of beating your woman.

3rd tip on how a man should treat a woman

3. Show her some respect

Treat your woman with respect.

Do not use your position as the man to intimidate your wife or girlfriend or abuse her. Rather, treat her like an equal partner.

Respect her privacy and decisions. Do not force her to take certain actions that will affect her emotions.

You can treat a woman with respect by having regard for her boundaries. Do not try to manipulate or control her. Rather, honour her as a lady. Every woman deserves an honour.

A guy giving a girl a surprise gift

4. Surprise her often

Women love surprises. A little surprise gift from you can make her value you more than any other man.

You don’t have to wait until her birthday or on Valentine’s day before buying her a gift.

Get her a flower with an ‘I love you’ note attached to it. It is a way to show how much you love and cherish her.

You can equally surprise her with some good morning texts. Make her day by sending her sweet text messages in the morning.

5th tip on the right way a man should treat a woman he loves

5. Respect her feelings and don’t cheat on her

Most men take their women for granted by cheating on them. You shouldn’t be in this category.

Women are too emotional. They get hurt at every slightest provocation. Therefore, do not play down her by secretly dating her friends. And also, avoid talking about your ex when you are with her to avoid making her jealous.

 how a man should treat a lady

6. Appreciate every effort she makes

Women can show great concern when they’re deeply in love with you. Never take her love for you, for granted. Rather, learn to appreciate her.

Also, do not forget to compliment her. Whether she’s wearing a nice dress or plaited a new hair. Make her feel like a queen by complimenting her. Make her realize how beautiful she is and how much you desire her.

Every woman wants to feel loved and appreciated. Research shows that appreciation makes someone feel good about what they do.

A man carrying a woman on his back

7. Make her happy

A relationship is not a battlefield. It needs some comic relief to keep the spark alive.

Make your woman feel comfortable and happy being around you. Women love men with a good sense of humour.

Therefore, crack some jokes that will make her laugh. You must not be a comedian to do that. You just have to be a little better at telling fascinating stories.

But if you are not good at that, just make sure you always make her happy. That is the right way a guy should treat a lady.

An honest guy talking to his woman

8. Be honest with her

Everyone values honesty so much in a relationship.

As a boy who wants to please his woman, you can treat her better by having an open and honest conversation with her.

Do not try to hide little things that matter to her. Telling lies will not make you have a good relationship with her. So, it is necessary, to be honest in your communication with her.

A guy holding a woman gently

9. Be gentle with her

Learn to be friendly with her. Do not try to show your superiority or masculinity by maltreating her. Rather be gentle with her both in words and your action.

If there is a need to turn down her request, do it with love and humility. Avoid any form of verbal abuse with her.

A girl hugging a guy to show how a boy should treat a girl

10. Treat her the same way you want to be treated

Women are not a different species. Therefore, deal with them as you want to be treated in a relationship.

If you want your woman to always trust you, then you should also trust her.

What of respect and love? Do you want a woman who will respect and love you unconditionally? Then do the same thing to her.

As you want love, friendship, and happiness, so does every woman desire them.


In today’s world, most men do not know how to handle a woman, let alone take proper care of her.

Men should treat women the same way they want to be treated.

In summary, the golden rule says “Do to others what you would like them to do to you. And avoid whatever you will not like them do to you.”


how a man should treat a woman and make her feel valued
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