These 9 Important Qualities Are What Makes A Good Relationship
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These 9 Important Qualities Are What Makes A Good Relationship

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What makes a good relationship?

No healthy or great relationship happens by chance or luck. There’re some qualities that make some relationships stand out. And I will be sharing those attributes with you, in this post. Let’s get started.

What Makes A Good Relationship?

1. Mutual Trust

Two people cannot live together or work as a team without trust. Trust is the ability to believe someone and confide in them even when you don’t want to.

Any relationship that lacks this quality is bound to fail. Although misunderstandings or false accusations from friends may arise, with trust, you can both live peacefully without minding what people are saying about your significant other.

Never make trust a second option or an alternative while starting a new relationship. But let it be the foundation of your relationship.

Here are the ways to build trust in a relationship.

2. Healthy communication

Good communication is the key to a healthy relationship. There is no doubt about that.

Having good communication skills will not only make your relationship stronger but will equally help you to resolve some relationship problems when they arise.

So, a relationship is said to be healthy, good, or great by the way the couple resolves relationship issues by adopting healthy communication skills.

Here are the ways to improve communication in your relationship.

3. Mutual support

A good relationship is built when couples support each other, both physically, spiritually, and intellectually. Mutual support is all about making your partner’s needs your priority.

A relationship is said to be balanced when the two parties learn to prioritize each other’s needs above their own.

Therefore, do not allow your S.O to be the only one making an impact in your life. Try to support them in any way you can.

It must not necessarily be financial support. Offering some words of encouragement or a piece of advice can be a great way to assist your partner.

4. Your ability to forgive each other

Forgiveness is another requirement for having a nice relationship. Couples who forgive each other lives more happily than those who don’t.

What makes your relationship good is your ability to pardon each other when something goes wrong. For instance, to maintain a healthy and happy relationship, you must be willing to apologize to your significant other anytime you hurt their feelings. And he or she should also be ready to forgive and move on with the relationship.

5. Respect for each other’s boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is necessary, but having respect for those no-go areas (boundaries) is the most important.

Have respect for your significant other’s privacy. Avoid crossing those boundaries or doing those things they frown at.

For instance, do not try to access their social media just to accuse them of cheating. It will only add salt to your injury. Furthermore, have respect for their friends, family, and values.

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6. Your ability to tolerate each other

Tolerance is another important attribute every relationship needs to be good. It involves recognizing your partner’s weaknesses and living above them with a great weapon called compromise.

Always try to accommodate your significant other. The reason is that you are two different souls coming together to become one. And you can’t expect your partner to act like you because you’re never the same.

When you tolerate people, you will always forgive them. You will have control over your emotions, especially your anger.

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7. Total commitment

A relationship is not said to be good until the two parties fully commit to each other. You must be willing to devote your time and love to your partner without secretly having an affair.

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8. Unconditional love

A solid relationship is built on true love.

Unconditional love involves caring for or loving your partner without expecting anything in return. It also entails recognizing the imperfect nature of your significant other but choosing to love them for who they are, rather than for what they do for you.

9. Intimacy

The final thing that makes a good relationship is your closeness with your significant other. Intimacy involves physical and emotional closeness. It is not limited to physical attraction or sex alone. It requires having a deeper understanding of who your partner is.


These 9 important qualities are what makes a good relationship
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