What Women Want in a Relationship According to Research
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What Women Want in a Relationship According to Research

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The desire of every man is to please his woman. That is why they try their best to know the heart’s desire of the woman they’re in love with, just to please her. If you’re trying to know what women want in a relationship, read on to discover the research we made about what a woman needs from a man when she’s in a relationship.

Understanding how women act, or what they expect from a man isn’t as hard as you think. After interviewing a vast number of my female friends, I discovered that these 8 things are what every girl secretly wants from her boyfriend or husband.

What women want in a relationship

Here are the 8 things every woman needs from a man when she’s in a relationship.

1. Your Affection

Women are emotional beings. They express love and want it more than men do. You can offer her everything, but without love, she will never be satisfied with the relationship.

Every woman wants her man to make her feel loved and desired as a woman. Her pride lies in a man who can make their friends feel jealous for having a caring man like you.

You can show her love by sending her some flowers, writing her a love letter, and by complimenting her. Make her feel admired.

2. Your Attention

One of the ways you can show a woman that you really care for her is by giving her your attention. She wants to be heard when she speaks. She doesn’t want you to treat her like an option in your life.

Giving her your attention entails spending time with her and attending to her physical and emotional needs. When a woman receives this from a man, she feels satisfied with the relationship.

Another way to show that you recognize her is by seeking her opinion whenever you’re about to do something. It makes her feel or have a sense of belonging.

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3. Honesty

Women dislike men who lie to them just to get what they want. Another thing she wants from you when she’s in love with you is honesty.

She doesn’t want you to pretend to be what you are not, just to impress her. Honesty is mainly what a mature woman wants from a man in a relationship

Pretending to be a rich guy or a smart guy is never her liking. She expects you to be your true self when you are with her. And it calls for being totally honest with her.

There are some girls that love unconditionally when they really like you. This type of girl wants you to be sincere with them and they will be ready to love you forever.

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4. She wants you to confide in her

Trust is an important factor in every happy relationship. And every woman craves it when it comes to a relationship. She desires to be with a man who will develop confidence in her.

She wants you to believe her words. It doesn’t mean you don’t have every right to doubt her. But they feel happy and satisfied with you when you learn to trust them.

5. Intimacy

Being close and the number one person in your life is another important thing in a woman’s life when she’s in a relationship with you.

Intimacy isn’t about sex alone. And it doesn’t mean she wants to have sex with you at all times. She only wants to be so dear to your heart that you will find it difficult to go after other women.

So, if you know whatever you can do to draw your woman closer to yourself, do it. That is what she wants from you.

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6. Understanding

Any relationship without mutual understanding is bound to fail. And the only thing that can trigger a deep level of understanding between you and your girlfriend or wife is having good communication skills.

Women love it when they’re with a man that understands their emotions. She wants you to be sensitive enough to notice when she’s unhappy even without telling you.

It doesn’t mean you should always look at her face to know if she’s happy or not. Of course, you’re supposed to do that as a man. But all she wants from you is to observe her mood. Women are too emotional.

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7. They want you to take charge

Women don’t really like a man who fails to realize his responsibilities and act accordingly.

She wants you to realize that you’re the head and should take charge of the relationship. It doesn’t mean you should control or manipulate her.

As a companion or a helper, she wants to support your dream to ensure you stand out among other men. But you must first show her that you recognize your position as the man by taking full responsibility.

8. Faithfulness

When a woman is in love with you, she expects you to be faithful to her. Real women don’t suddenly start cheating on their men. Most women have affairs when they realize you’re no more faithful to them. It is their way of taking revenge.

So, if you like buy her everything. So far you’re cheating on her, she will never be satisfied with the relationship. Except she doesn’t love you or wants a serious relationship with you. 

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women reveal 8 things they want from men in a relationship
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