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How Do You Know If A Girl Is Dating Another Guy

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Suppose, you like this girl from your class or work, and it’s more than just an infatuation. You have a legit crush on her and would like to ask her out on a date. Sadly, before you can do that, you’ll have to go out on a truth-seeking mission. 

The objective of this mission is to find out if the girl you like is already dating someone else. So, how do you get on with it? Let’s find out.

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How do you know if a girl is dating another guy

1. Talk Directly to Her 

This is one of the quickest, and also the scariest way to find out whether or not your crush is dating someone. 

You don’t have to put in much effort to find out whether or not your crush is single if you can do this. All it’ll take is a bit of courage. However, there’s a downside to it.

Assuming that she is single and not dating anyone, you’ll probably try your luck with her. For that, you’ll eventually start cozying up to her. You’ll try to talk to her more often, get personal at times, and even try to impress her. 

The problem, however, is that by asking her directly, you might have given away your intentions. So, there’s a possibility that she knows you’re into her. There’s also a chance that she might start judging you without knowing you too well then. That could prove to be fatal for your chances with her.

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2. Ask Her Closest Friends

Research suggests that more than 60% of teen girls stay in touch with their closest friends daily. 47% of them communicate with each other many times a day. Thus, it’s easy to assume that these friends tell each other about almost everything that’s happening in their lives.

So, now you’ll have to try and extract information from her closest friends. You’ll know who these close friends are if you know your crush well enough. The question is, will they be willing to give you that information.

Unless it’s a well-hidden secret, her friends shouldn’t have any problem sharing that detail with you. They might hesitate to tell you in detail about the person she’s dating, but that shouldn’t be your concern. You simply need to know whether or not she has someone else in her life.

The risk with this approach is that her friends might tell on you, and you’ll eventually get caught. Once again, your crush will get the idea that you’re into her and might try to avoid you. Thus, you’re getting rejected even before you get the chance to talk things out with her.

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3. Seek Help from an Online Psychic Reading Service

So far, the two ways we talked about are risky in their own ways. Both of those approaches work well, but share the same consequences should they fail. Hence, you must look for alternate ways to get that piece of information. 

Talking to love and relationship psychics can help you get some definitive answers. Many psychic reading services provide love psychic readings online. Just make sure to go through their reviews to see which ones provide accurate psychic readings.

Ask the psychics whether or not your crush has a date or if she is in a relationship. They’ll provide you with a straightforward answer. You can also ask them if you need to be concerned if she indeed has a love interest. The psychics will answer that question of yours too. That is something you can’t know from your crush or any of her friends. 

4. Go Through Her Social Media Accounts

Do this only if you’re her friend, or know her personally. Otherwise, it’ll come off as stalking and look creepy. Besides, it’s unlikely that you’ll get to see much on their social media profiles if you’re not connected to them on these platforms.

Just keep an eye on their relationship status. It’ll be too hard to assume anything just by looking at their posts or the people they tag. Of course, you can get suspicious if you see your crush tagging someone on lovey-dovey posts.

5. Be On the Lookout

In case you’re working for the same organization or studying in the same place, you can keep an eye on the people she is close with and interact with the most. Just don’t act creepy or get caught doing all this. 

It’s best not to make any assumptions right away. Besides, it’s also possible that she is keeping things to herself, and is not very open about her feelings. You can’t get any hint from her movements if that’s the case.

These are all the things you can try to find out whether or not your crush is single. So, best of luck, and make sure you don’t make things creepy or awkward between the two of you by getting caught doing all this.

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