7 Relationship Red Flags You Should never Ignore
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7 Relationship Red Flags You Should never Ignore

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Is your relationship going to be toxic or healthy? Here are some relationship red flags you should observe.

At the beginning of every relationship, they are some signs that foretell how a relationship is going to be as time goes on. The only problem we have is that we tend to ignore those warning signs of a bad relationship, thinking that our partner will change as time goes on.

Some of these red flags in a relationship manifest in the form of constant quarrels, manipulative attitude (in your partner), disregard for your privacy, cheating, refusal to apologize to you whenever he/she does something wrong, etc.

When these things occur in a new relationship, we tend to overlook them by simply saying that “No one is perfect”. Of course, no one is, but there are certain things you will observe earlier in your partner that may be simply telling you that you are heading to an unhealthy relationship.

What is a Red flag in a Relationship?

Red flags in a relationship are those warning signs that suggest a relationship is going to be toxic or unhealthy. They are those signs that show a relationship is not going to last as you expected.

Below are some red flags to observe in a relationship.

7 Red Flags in Relationships you shouldn’t ignore

1. Constant quarrels or Arguments

There is no relationship or marriage without misunderstanding, but when this happens often, it may be that you are not compatible with your partner.

Couples do quarrel or argue sometimes, but, if you notice that anytime you are together with your partner, you will never communicate or discuss issues without quarrelling or arguing, then it is a red flag that shows you are not compatible with each other.

2. Your partner never apologizes to you:

Another warning sign that your relationship is going to be toxic is that your partner never apologizes to you whenever he or she does something wrong. It is a red flag signifying a proud partner, and Pride kills a relationship.

3. Your partner disregards your privacy

A partner who disrespects you at the earlier stage of a relationship will continue to do so even when you’ve gotten married to each other.

They disregard your privacy by accessing your phone or picking up your calls without your permission, trying to know your whereabouts every minute of the day, etc. Such a partner can be a controlling partner in time to come. It is another red flag in relationships you should consider.

4. The Relationship moves too quickly

Another warning sign you should observe in a relationship is ‘how fast your relationship is moving’

A relationship that moves faster dies quickly. If your relationship moves faster than it ought to, they are two reasons behind it.

First, it may be a result of infatuation. Infatuation moves quickly, whereas love takes to grow or develop. In other words, it may be that you are just being infatuated with your partner thinking that you are truly in love.

The second reason may be that it’s from your partner’s side. Maybe he/she had been waiting for an opportunity to come into your life, or, that they just want everything to move quickly so that you can get married to each other.

If any of the above mentioned is the reason why your relationship is moving faster than it ought to, then, such a relationship is bound to fail.

5. Your partner is too secretive

A Partner who hides every little thing from you is likely to be a cheat.

Does he or she always stare at his/her phone anytime you are together?

Do they refuse to pick up some calls anytime you are together? Etc. If ‘Yes’ then he or she is been secretive. It is another alarm you shouldn’t ignore.

Read also about the Signs of a cheating partner.

6. They make you feel guilty at all times

How does this person (your partner) make you feel?

Do you feel guilty, bad, rejected or belittled (inferior) each time you are together? If ‘Yes’ then, it may be another deal-breaker you should consider early in your relationship. If you don’t, you will eventually end up being depressed in the relationship and this can result in a breakup.

7. They don’t call nor return your call

This red flag in a relationship is most often ignored at the beginning of a relationship.

You are always the only one calling your partner. He/she will never stay for a day and decide to contact you even when you stop calling them.

When you call most times, they don’t pick up your call nor will they call you back. It does not necessarily mean that they are busy. They simply have no regard for you. They are simply ignoring your calls. Such a relationship is not balanced and it means that he or she does not value you. Anyone who loves you will give you his or her attention and time. Take note of these 7 relationship deal breakers now to avoid finding yourself in a bad relationship.

7 red flags in a relationship you should never ignore
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