7 Signs She Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You
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7 Signs She Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

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Girls can be a little mysterious, especially when they realize you like them. Does she like you, but you’re not sure if she wants you to become more than friends with her? Here are some signs that tell she doesn’t want a relationship with you.

Can a girl like you but not want a relationship?

Yes! A girl can like you, but not want a relationship with you. It simply means she likes you as a friend and doesn’t have that sexual or physical attraction for you, which will lead to a romantic relationship

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Why would a girl not want a relationship?

1. She’s not into you

A girl would not want to become more than friends with you if she’s not that into you. All you should do is focus on attracting her first. Make her fall in love with you before asking her for a romantic relationship.

Getting her to become your girlfriend will not work if you’re only being nice to her. You have to trigger or spark that attraction for her to want you more. If not, she will end up dumping you in the friend zone.

2. She’s not ready for a relationship

When a girl is not ready to take your friendship with her to a committed stage, she will likely say “no” to a relationship right now.

It may be as a result of certain goals she’s pursuing at the moment, or that she just came out of a failed relationship. A breakup can make anyone decide to be single for a while before jumping into another relationship.

3. You’re not the type of guy she wants

Yes! You may be friends, but not the type of guy she would like to have as a partner. It is very clear.

Everyone has their expectations in an ideal partner. The qualities you want in a significant other may not be the same as her own.

So, if she turned you down, it is simply a sign that you’re not the type of man she wants.

4. She’s afraid of commitment

Not every girl is emotionally mature for a relationship. She may not have been emotionally stable to move into a committed stage with you.

Relationship commitment is not a child’s play. Only those who are mature enough to handle relationship problems move to a committed stage.

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5. She hasn’t known you enough

A girl will avoid moving into a relationship with you if you’re still a stranger to her. She wants to be sure she’s with the right person who will not end up abusing or dumping her. No one wants to end up in a toxic relationship. 

She’s still trying to know if you really love her. Saying ‘I love you’ only, isn’t enough to convince her. She has to be sure of herself before moving to a committed stage.

A girl trying to walk away from a guy to show signs she doesn't want a relationship with you

What does it mean when a girl doesn’t want a relationship right now?

When a girl says she doesn’t want a romantic tie with you, it simply means she doesn’t like you enough to become your girlfriend. There’re some qualities she wants in an ideal partner she’s not seeing in you. So, instead of hurting your feelings, she decides to reject you in a nice way.

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Signs she doesn’t want a relationship with you

1. She doesn’t get intimate with you

She avoids answering intimate questions. When you try to know a little bit about her, she refuses or says “what else do you want to know about me.”

She doesn’t seem to be interested when you try flirting with her over the text.

A girl who wants a relationship with you will try to know more about you, and even share some private information about herself with you.

2. She says let’s just be friends for now

When a girl says “let’s just be friends for now” it is an indication that she wants no romantic tie with you. It may be because she has no romantic feelings for you, or that she’s just not ready for a relationship.

All you have to do is to figure out her reasons for saying that. You may force her to be more open by saying “Am I not good for you?

She may likely say “I didn’t mean that or say so.” Then you can now proceed to ask her to explain or throw more light on what she meant by ‘let’s just be friends.’

3. She flirts with other guys in your presence

A girl that wants a relationship with you will avoid flirting with other guys in your presence. She may do that in your absence, but not what you’re together.

So, if you find out that she gives other guys room to woo her even in your presence, it is a sign she doesn’t want a relationship with you.

4. You keep forcing yourself on her

You always try your best to get her attention, but to no avail.

She doesn’t accept to go on a date with you. No matter how nice you try to be, she doesn’t seem to reciprocate your love.

You make every effort to get in touch with her, but she doesn’t reach out to you even for once. All she does is to avoid you. It is a sign you’re just wasting your time with her.

5. She contributes nothing to your life

When a girl loves you and really wants to be with you, she will support you in everything you do. But if she doesn’t seem to be interested in whatever that matters to you, then she’s not ready to have a romantic tie with you.

She doesn’t contribute anything to your conversation with her. Rather, she always feels bored whenever you’re together.

6. She doesn’t want anyone to know you’re her friend

When her friends mistakenly meet the both of you on the road and ask her who you are, she will quickly introduce you as her brother or a family member. She doesn’t want them to think there’s anything between the both of you.

It is not because she’s shy. But she’s just not proud of you, let alone of being your girlfriend.

7. You’re always an option for her

She doesn’t seem to make you her priority. Rather, she sees you as an alternative. She doesn’t text or calls you first. Most times, she doesn’t return your calls after missing them. All these are the warning signs she doesn’t want you more than as a friend.

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