How To Apologize To Someone You Love
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How To Apologize To Someone You Love

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Apologizing to someone is not that easy. The word “I’m sorry” is a very powerful word that heals a wounded soul. Knowing when, and how to say it matters a lot when it comes to apologizing to someone you’ve hurt, especially your partner (boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband). There is no perfect relationship. Everyone makes mistakes every day, every time. But how do you show remorse for your mistakes?

In this post, you are going to see:

  • How to apologize to your boyfriend, girlfriend, a friend, your wife, or your husband after hurting their feelings.
  • Examples of I’m sorry messages to send to someone you’ve hurt so deeply

How to apologize to someone you love

Whether you’ve cheated on your partner, or said something to hurt their feelings, here are the strategies you should use to ask for forgiveness and win their heart again.

1. Tell them you’re sorry

There are no two ways about it. First, admit that you are wrong and tell them you’re very sorry for what happened. If you like, buy them the best gift in the world, without saying the word ‘I’ m sorry’ your gifts are insignificant. Your partner wants to hear it from you.

There may be other things you can do to show remorse, but you can never skip saying ‘I’m sorry when it comes to apologizing to someone. Apologies re-establish dignity for those you hurt.

You can apologize to them:

  • By Kneeling down and saying “I’m sorry.
  • By taping them in a playful way and say ‘I’m sorry.
  • By telling them a popular quote about forgiveness and say ‘I admit my mistakes, please forgive.’

There are other ways you can use it. You may say ‘how can I kneel down to apologize to my partner? Don’t let pride ruin your relationship. A simple word ‘sorry’ can save your dying relationship. But if you allow pride to stop you from doing the needful, then be ready to have a broken relationship. Pride destroys relationships.

2. Get them a gift

Most times, mere words aren’t enough to convince someone to forgive you. You need to take further action to prove your sincerity. What do I mean?

If your partner fails to pardon you even after asking for forgiveness, try to apologize again, using some gifts. Buy them quality and irresistible gifts.

Let’s say you cheated on your partner, lied to them, or said something silly to hurt their feelings, and you’ve asked for forgiveness several times, but to no avail, try again by using a gift like a flower or any other thing that will appease them.

I am sorry

I’m sorry messages when you’ve hurt someone’s feelings

1. To err is human, and to forgive is divine. I am very sorry for what happened last time.

2. I apologize to you with all sincerity. Please, forgive my mistakes

3. Forgiveness is not a sign of weakness, but a sign that you have the power to live above the mistakes of other people. I am very sorry for what I did.

4. I was so much depressed when I realized I have hurt your feelings. I regret my action. Please, forgive.

5. Man is imperfect and full of mistakes. I apologize for hurting your feelings.

6. I know I have been taking your love for granted. I admit my mistakes and ask for your forgiveness.

7. Hurting a loving and gentle soul like you have been the greatest mistake I have ever made. I am very sorry dear! Please, find the heart to forgive me.

8. We most times, don’t value what we have until we lose it. I regret my previous actions. Please, pardon me.

9. It took me so long to realize that I was wrong. I admit my fault and swallow my pride today. I am sorry, my love.

10. I promise not to repeat my mistakes again. Please, forgive me, dear.

I’m sorry messages after cheating

1. My action is unforgivable. I left the wonderful life we shared together and chose the wrong path. I know how much pain I have caused a loving partner like you. In all these, I have come to say, I am very sorry for everything I did. Please, find the heart to forgive me.

2. Cheating on you is the greatest mistake I have ever done in life. I have broken our marriage oath. With tears and deep sorrow in my heart, I say “please, forgive me for the sake of your love, our Children, and marriage.”

3. No amount of words will be enough to ask for your mercy. No amount of gift will heal the wound and the pain I have caused you. If you don’t forgive me, who else will? I am very sorry, my love.

4. Having extra-marital affair has been one of the things I frown at. But today, I am a victim. I don’t know the proper words to use in order to express how I feel. I am so much depressed for hurting and taking your love for granted. I am very sorry, my love. Please, forgive me.

5. If God can forgive men their sins, you can equally be able to forgive me. I know I have hurt you so deeply. If you fail to pardon me, who else will? If you reject me, who else will accept me? If you stop loving me, who else will love me as you do? I am truly sorry for all my foolishness.

6. I know I don’t deserve your love nor your attention anymore. I repent of all my sins and ask for your forgiveness.

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