50 Premarital Counseling Questions Couples Should Ask Before Marriage
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50 Premarital Counseling Questions Couples Should Ask Before Marriage

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Consider discussing these premarital counseling questions with your spouse before getting married. Asking the right questions helps. Courtship is a period you get to know your partner better. And one of the ways to achieve this is by asking premarital questions.

Marriage is a sacred institution. You don’t want to rush in and rush out at the same time. That is why asking relationship questions is necessary to help you understand each other better.

Are you engaged and about to get married? Ask and discuss these important premarital questions for couples with your partner before marriage.

Premarital Counseling Questions About Finances

1. Are we going to have a joint account?

2. Who will control the family budget?

3. Are we going to share expenditures?

4. How much do you earn from your job?

5. Is one of us going to depend solely on the other?

6. What do you consider a wise investment?

7. What are your views on taking loans?

8. How much should we save?

9. Do you consider a certain degree of wealth ungodly?

10. What are your thoughts on giving to church and charity?

Premarital Counseling questions about lovemaking

11. How many times should we make love in a day or a week?

12. What styles do you enjoy most and why?

13. How long do you expect a partner to last during lovemaking?

14. What turns you on?

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15. What will you not want a partner to do when making love to you?

16. What will you do if your partner fails to satisfy you in bed?

17. What are the places you like to be touched when making love to you?

18. What makes you feel satisfied during lovemaking?

19. What are your fears about making love with your partner?

20. What will ever make you refuse to make love with your partner?

Premarital Counseling Questions About In-Laws

21. How do your parents feel about me?

22. Are there relations who are so special to you?

23. How do you feel about cohabitation? Do you mind if any of my siblings come to live with us?

24. Are there members of your family who solely depend on you?

25. What are your thoughts about involving a 3rd party in family decisions?

Premarital Counseling Questions About Children and Parenting

26. How many kids do you want us to have?

27. Do you have a gender preference?

28. Who should take the kids to school?

29. How long should we wait before having kids

30. What should be the age gap between each kid before we think about having another one?

31. What are some parental roles you wouldn’t want your partner to delegate to you?

32. Are we going to hire a nanny?

33. Which of the family members should come first when I give birth (yours or mine)?

Premarital Counseling Questions About Food

34. Are there foods you don’t eat?

35. Should we have a food timetable?

36. What type do you prefer to eat your food, especially your dinner?

37. How will you feel if another person cooks for us?

38. What are your favorite foods?

Premarital Counseling Questions About Spirituality

39. What are your religious values?

40. What are your thoughts about fasting?

41. How committed are you to the things of God?

42. Are there special positions you hold in your place of worship?

43. What are your thoughts about praying at midnight?

44. What are your thoughts about going to a different church?

Premarital Counseling Questions About Conflict Resolution

45. How long does it take you to stay calm when a partner provokes you?

46. What are your thoughts about forgiveness?

47. Do you prefer settling disputes on your own or involving a 3rd party?

48. How do you express your anger?

49. How do you handle misunderstandings?

50. What will ever make you beat your partner?


50 Premarital Counseling Questions Couples Should Ask Before Marriage
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