15 Tips On How To Initiate A Kiss For The First Time
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15 Tips On How To Initiate A Kiss For The First Time

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Initiating a kiss for the first time can feel like standing at the edge of a thrilling but intimidating precipice. It’s a moment fraught with anticipation, excitement, and, inevitably, a touch of nervousness. Here are tips on how to initiate the first kiss without feeling nervous or being rejected.

15 Types of Kisses and How To Initiate Them For The First Time

1. The Peck

The peck is a simple, sweet, and straightforward gesture of affection. It’s the brush of lips on a cheek, a forehead, or briefly on the lips. To initiate a peck, lean in with a smile, making eye contact to gauge your partner’s comfort and consent. This kiss is perfect for a light, tender moment, serving as a gentle introduction to physical affection.

2. The Cheek Kiss

A cheek kiss is a universal sign of endearment, transcending cultures and contexts. Approach your partner with a warm, inviting gesture, perhaps a hand on their arm or shoulder to signal your intent. Lean in, aiming for the cheek, as a respectful yet affectionate way to express your fondness.

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3. The Eskimo Kiss

An Eskimo kiss, the act of rubbing noses together, originates from a traditional Inuit greeting. It’s a playful, non-lip kiss that conveys affection through a unique, tactile experience. Initiate this by getting close, locking eyes with your partner, and moving in with a smile, gently rubbing your noses together.

4. The Butterfly Kiss

This tender kiss involves getting close enough so that your eyelashes touch, fluttering them together like butterfly wings. It’s a whimsical, intimate gesture that requires closeness and comfort. Initiate by gazing deeply into your partner’s eyes, leaning in, and allowing the moment to unfold naturally.

5. The Single-Lip Kiss

A single-lip kiss is a sensual invitation, focusing on your partner’s bottom or top lip. It’s initiated by gently sucking or nibbling on their lip, a gesture that demands a bit more intimacy. Ensure your partner is comfortable with this level of closeness, moving in slowly and attentively.

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6. The French Kiss

The epitome of passionate kisses, the French kiss involves an interplay of tongues. It’s a step into deeper intimacy and requires mutual desire and consent. Start with soft, gentle lip kisses, gradually opening your mouth and inviting your partner to deepen the kiss, following their cues and rhythm.

7. The Earlobe Kiss

Whispering sweet nothings and gently kissing the earlobe can send shivers down your partner’s spine. Approach this kiss with tenderness, perhaps after a few other kisses, using your lips to lightly tug and nibble on their earlobe, combining it with whispered affection.

8. The Neck Kiss

A neck kiss is deeply sensual, often leaving a lasting impression. With your partner’s consent, lean in close, planting soft, lingering kisses along their neck. It’s a gesture that combines affection with desire, perfect for moments of privacy and intimacy.

9. The Hand Kiss

A hand kiss is a gesture of chivalry and respect. Gently take your partner’s hand, making eye contact, and press your lips briefly against their hand. It’s a romantic, almost old-fashioned way to express admiration and fondness.

10. The Spiderman Kiss

Inspired by the iconic movie scene, the Spiderman kiss involves kissing someone whose head is upside down from yours. It’s playful and requires a bit of setup, perhaps lying on a couch or bed, with one partner slightly over the edge. Approach with a sense of adventure and a smile.

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11. The Forehead Kiss

A forehead kiss conveys care, protection, and affection. It’s a simple, yet profound gesture. Lean in towards your partner, placing a soft, lingering kiss on their forehead. It’s a universal sign of comfort and reassurance.

12. The Vampire Kiss

A vampire kiss, a playful nod to pop culture’s fascination with vampires, involves gentle biting or sucking on the neck. This kiss should be approached with caution and clear consent, ensuring your partner is comfortable with the intensity of the gesture.

13. The Jawline Kiss

Kissing along someone’s jawline is an intensely personal gesture, conveying attraction and affection. Start with soft pecks, working your way along their jaw with gentle, lingering kisses. It’s a powerful way to communicate your desire.

14. The Lizard Kiss

The lizard kiss, involving quick, darting movements of the tongue, is a playful, unconventional way to kiss. It’s best reserved for moments of shared humor and intimacy, initiated with a cheeky smile and an open, adventurous spirit.

15. The Air Kiss

Common in social settings, the air kiss involves puckering your lips and kissing the air near someone’s cheek. It’s a gesture of formal greeting or farewell, requiring little physical contact but a mutual understanding of its courteous intent.


How do I know if my partner wants to be kissed?

Observing body language and verbal cues is crucial. If your partner is leaning in, making eye contact, or touching you gently, these can be signs of their interest.

What if the kiss doesn’t go as planned?

It’s important to remember that not every first kiss is perfect. If things don’t go as anticipated, approach the situation with humor and just laugh over it. A shared laugh can ease any awkwardness, and openness can turn the moment into a learning experience for future intimacy. Come on! You’re a professional. Don’t get upset yet, lolz.

How can I improve my kissing technique?

Like any form of physical intimacy, kissing can improve with practice and communication. Pay attention to your partner’s responses, adjusting your technique based on their cues. Discussing preferences openly can also enhance the experience, making each kiss more enjoyable than the last.


Initiating a kiss for the first time is a moment filled with potential. It’s an opportunity to deepen your connection with someone, expressing affection and desire through a simple yet profound gesture. I wish you success in your first kiss.

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how to initiate first kiss

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