10 Signs You Are Disrespecting Your Husband
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10 Signs You Are Disrespecting Your Husband

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How well do you respect your husband? If you ever find yourself doing these things I’m about to share with you in this post, they’re 10 signs you are disrespecting your husband.

Marriage, a revered union that intertwines the lives, dreams, and aspirations of two individuals, necessitates a foundation built upon mutual respect, understanding, and love. Throughout this journey, maintaining the same level of respect for each other is necessary as it not only nurtures the bond but also fosters an environment of mutual growth and contentment. Unfortunately, most couples don’t respect their partner.

The Importance of Respect in a Marriage

At the heart of a flourishing marriage lies the cornerstone of respect. It is the silent language of love that communicates value, admiration, and understanding between partners. Respect in a marriage is akin to the oxygen that sustains life; it is essential for the survival and growth of the relationship.

When respect is abundant, love blossoms, and challenges become manageable. Contrarily, a lack of respect sows seeds of resentment and discord, eventually leading to relationship problems. Recognizing and nurturing respect within the marital bond is thus not merely beneficial but indispensable.

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Subtle Signs of Disrespect Towards Your Husband

1. Lack of Appreciation and Acknowledgment

Appreciation is the language of love that echoes the value you place on your husband and his contributions to your life and the household. A lack of appreciation, or failing to acknowledge his efforts, can silently convey disrespect. When the hard work, sacrifices, and contributions of your husband go unnoticed, it can lead to feelings of undervaluation and neglect.

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2. Ignoring His Opinions and Decisions

Everyone wants to feel valued, especially men. They want to be in control and be a partaker of every decision-making process in the family. Thus, every relationship thrives on mutual respect, and a significant aspect of this respect is valuing each other’s opinions and decisions. Routinely disregarding your husband’s thoughts or decisions can be demeaning and can make him feel dishonored in the relationship.

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3. Publicly Criticizing or Belittling Him

Criticism, especially in public, can be deeply humiliating. It not only undermines your husband’s confidence but also erodes the trust and respect between you. Constructive feedback is necessary, but it should be given in private and with kindness. Publicly belittling your partner not only disrespects him but also diminishes the sanctity of your marital bond in the eyes of others.

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10 Signs you are disrespecting your husband

4. Disregarding His Needs and Desires

In marriage, acknowledging and respecting each other’s needs and desires is fundamental, especially your conjugal rights. Continuously overlooking your husband’s needs, whether emotional, physical, or spiritual, can send a message of indifference. This disregard can foster resentment and a feeling of isolation within the relationship. It’s essential to communicate openly and ensure that your husband’ needs are valued and met.

5. Failing to Prioritize Quality Time and Intimacy

The hustle of daily life can often lead to the neglect of one of the most crucial aspects of a marriage: quality time and intimacy. Failing to make time for your husband, to connect and nurture your bond, can be perceived as a lack of interest or care. It is vital to consciously carve out moments for each other, to strengthen your connection and demonstrate that your relationship is a priority.

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6. Taking Him for Granted

Complacency is a subtle but potent form of disrespect. Taking your husband for granted, assuming he will always be there regardless of how you treat him, is another way to demonstrate dishonor towards him. When you respect a man, you value everything he does for you, knowing that he has the right to stop it whenever he wants to, especially if you’re not appreciating the efforts.

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7. Not Valuing His Contributions and Efforts

Every individual wishes to feel valued, especially by their partner. Overlooking the contributions and efforts of your husband, whether in providing for the family, helping around the house, or supporting you emotionally, can lead to feelings of insignificance and disrespect. Acknowledging and valuing his role and efforts in your life and your home is crucial to showing respect and appreciation.

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8. Comparing Him to Others

Comparisons can be incredibly damaging. By comparing your husband to others, you’re implying dissatisfaction with who he is, which can lead to feelings of inadequacy and resentment. And this is another sign that tells you’re disrespecting him.

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9. Breaking Promises

To be frank, you will hardly break promises with someone you truly respect and honor. Whether the person is your partner or an outsider. Breaking promises in marriage can come in the form of having affairs. Oh, yes! When you cheat on your husband, it is proof that you don’t respect him. If you do, you wouldn’t want to do something that will hurt him emotionally.

Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship. Breaking promises, no matter how small, can chip away at that trust, showing a disregard for his feelings and expectations.

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10. Not Listening Actively

Active listening involves paying full attention, understanding, responding, and then remembering what is being said. Half-listening or ignoring him when he speaks can be interpreted as disinterest or disrespect. For example, you block your ears with Airpod when he is talking to you, simply because you’re upset with him, or you just walk away without listening to him. All these are forms of disrespect toward your husband.

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How to Show Respect and Strengthen Your Marriage

Respect is both a verb and a noun in a marriage; it is something you feel and something you do. Showing respect to your husband involves a series of intentional actions and attitudes that affirm his value in your life and your heart. Here are ways to cultivate and demonstrate respect:

  1. Communicate Openly and Honestly: Ensuring that communication lines are always open and that conversations are held with honesty and kindness can build a foundation of trust and respect.
  2. Show Appreciation Regularly: Make it a habit to express gratitude and appreciation for your husband’s actions, efforts, and presence in your life.
  3. Prioritize Your Relationship: Making your relationship a priority, through actions like planning date nights, engaging in activities together, and setting aside time for intimacy, shows that you value your bond.
  4. Support His Dreams and Goals: Encouraging and supporting your husband’s aspirations is a profound way of showing respect for his individuality and his journey.
  5. Practice Patience and Understanding: Every individual has flaws and makes mistakes. Practicing patience and striving to understand your husband’s perspective fosters a nurturing and respectful environment.


Respect in marriage is the silent guardian of love and harmony. Being vigilant about the subtle signs of disrespect and taking conscious steps to address them can pave the way for a deeper and more fulfilling marriage.

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10 Signs you are disrespecting your husband

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