How To Make Masturbation Feel Better (Sponsored)
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How To Make Masturbation Feel Better (Sponsored)

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Notice: This page contains adult links and may not be appropriate for certain users.

How can you start loving yourself from an authentic perspective?

Masturbation is a normal part of our life; it is healthy and necessary for our well-being, just ask the folks on Masturbate2Gether, they love it so much, and they spend most evenings masturbating with someone on cam 2 cams.

Almost everyone enjoys masturbating, while some do it just for the stress release.

If you are somebody who enjoys masturbating and you are looking for ways to enhance your experience, there are a couple of things you can try.

You should start viewing masturbation as a form of self-love, and that way, you will automatically enhance pleasures exponentially.

It is important not to get hung up on how you engage in solo play.

There is no “normal” amount when it comes to masturbating as long as it does not affect other aspects of your life.

If you are searching for ways to enhance pleasure while masturbating, here are a couple of things you can try. Of course, this will all depend on your personal preferences, so test out the waters and learn more about what your body responds to.

Setting the mood is important

Masturbation as a form of self-release does not require setting the mood. In those cases, we often just want to get to the release as soon as possible. But you can gain a lot more gratification if you set the mood first.

Masturbation does not need to be a bathroom quickie; you can take your time and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Planning your alone time guarantees pleasure, and that is very important.

The whole concept of self-love is to enjoy yourself and seek pleasure. While a quickie might bring you to an orgasm, setting the mood will make it a lot more enjoyable.

Play your solo time and enjoy yourself. You can start by dimming down the lights, playing your favorite porn movie or erotic music, adding a scented candle, or anything else you think is romantic or erotic.

Just because you are pleasuring, yourself does not mean you don’t get to enjoy it to the fullest.

It is also curial that you start slow. If you are using a toy, do not go to the max setting immediately. Use the toy to tease your erogenous zones, and just get yourself in the mood.

You could also just start with your fingers and slowly incorporate toys during your solo time. Relax your body and be present, try out new things that get you in the mood, and remember that this is the time for self-love.

Change positions

Although there is a certain routine that is our go-to when it comes to masturbation, there is no need to stay in that position every single time.

After a while, you will get bored, and it will not feel as exciting as it once did. So you might want to try switching positions to enjoy different sensations, which can lead to intense ejaculation.

Widen your pleasure zones and try to use your non-dominant hand while masturbating.

If you tend to sit down while masturbating, you can try standing up, leaning against a way, or using different positions in general.

You can also lie down and try out different masturbation positions. Go down on all fours and masturbate in that position. There are many positions that can lead you to an enhanced orgasm, so do not hesitate to try them out.

Use toys and sex furniture

Sometimes our hands are not enough to provide us with pleasures that will keep us engaged and satisfied.

In that case, you can try to incorporate any of the sex toys that seem interesting. Lucky for you, there are many sex toys available on the market, designed for any gender and sexual orientation. It all depends on the kind of stimulation you enjoy.

There are tons of toys that provide you with vibrations and are designed for vulva owners, but there are tons of toys that are perfect for penis owners as well.

Explore the various sex toys available on the market, and there’s no doubt that you will find something to get you in the mood.

That said, there are also other types of things you could try, such as sex furniture. Some sex stores provide you with sex furniture that is designed to position you in a way to heighten your hips for ultimate stimulation. This furniture is great for sex and self-pleasure, so do not hesitate to check it out.

While you’re at it, you could also consider lubricant. Some lubes are designed to enhance your sensation; others provide great taste and feelings.

Just make sure to get appropriate lubricant for the toy and yourself, and you’ll surely spice up your solo time.

Try edging

This is definitely not for everyone, as the practice of edging can provide you with incredible pleasure or not. It all depends on what you personally prefer.

If you want to prolong your play date, you can incorporate the start-and-stop method into the solo enjoyment.

Orgasm control is often referred to as just edging, and it draws out the pleasure a lot longer, providing you with an explosive experience at the end of the day.

Switch up your porn tendencies

We all love to watch porn because that is often what gets us in the mood. But, instead of watching your favorite pornographic video, you could try to switch it up a bit.

For example, you could try reading or listening to erotica or masturbating with a stranger on a live cam site.

Allow yourself to explore other versions of porn, such as erotic literature or audio erotica if you do not want to get the pages dirty.

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind is that you should take your time. There is really no reason to rush any of this; take your time, enjoy yourself.

Slow down, and use various toys, lubricants, and other things that could get you in just the right kind of mood. Masturbation is a time for self-love, and you need to find a way to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

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