17 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Happy
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17 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

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Girls are not too difficult to please. A little text message or a flower from you can go a long way to brighten up her day. As a boyfriend, it is your responsibility to make your woman happy. At least, let her feel loved and appreciated.

How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy.

1. Get her a surprise gift

Girls love surprises. Sending her a flower or her favorite chocolate is one of the best ways to make her feel delighted. Pay a surprise visit to her work with some romantic gifts in your hand This will make her ecstatic.

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2. Compliment her

When you notice something new about her, don’t hesitate to praise her. For instance, she just wore beautiful cloth she bought newly, she plaited new hair, or even look adorable in her makeup. Girls love compliments, it makes them feel special.

3. Wake her up with some sweet text messages

A little romantic text message from you can make her happy for the whole day. So, why not wake her up with some sweet love notes?

Sending her some sweet texts shows you are thinking about her and will definitely make her happy.

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4. Pay attention to her needs

It is never a must that you will provide everything for your girlfriend. But to make her feel loved, pay attention to her needs, even if you can’t afford them all.

Show her you really care for her. It is a way to make her feel satisfied. She does not necessarily need your money. Girls want a man who will give them his attention, affection, and time.

5. Give her the respect she deserves

Every girl deserves some respect. Don’t treat her like a side chick. Honor and pamper her.

The easiest way to upset a girl is to dishonor her. Your girlfriend wants you to treat her with some respect. Make her feel like she’s the luckiest girl for having a boyfriend like you.

6. Appreciate her for every little effort she makes

Do not forget to express your gratitude for the little act of kindness she showed toward you. A little thank you can go a long way to show how much you value her.

7. Apologize when you’re wrong

Don’t be a proud boyfriend. Learn to say I am sorry anytime you hurt her. Do this with all sincerity to let her know you care about her feelings. And don’t forget to send her an apology letter over text.

8. Tell her some funny jokes

Make her laugh by telling her some hilarious stories or incidents that happened, where you visited, or a movie that left you in a happy mood yesternight. Make her grin by sharing some funny thoughts with her.

9. Go on a date with her

It may be going to a shopping mall or visiting the nearest restaurant where you can both relax and have some tete-a-tete (private talk).

You can please her by arranging a surprise date for her. Take her out in the cool of the day to where you can buy her lunch. While in the public, make sure you are holding her hands. It will make her feel protected, valued, and happy for meeting such a caring man like you. Here is my previous post on how to ask a girl out on a date.

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10. Support her dreams

Every girl wants a man who will not only love them but will be ready to lend a hand when she needs it. Be supportive of her by giving her some words of encouragement. It is another way to make her proud of you.

11. Do not cheat on her

A simple act of unfaithfulness can make your girlfriend unhappy. To avoid this, try and be loyal to her. Do not flirt with other girls in her presence. It will make her jealous. Rather, tell her you to love her and be sincere with your words.

12. Treat her family and friends with respect

You cannot please or make her happy only by doing the above-mentioned. You need to show her that you equally have regard for her family and friends.

13. Include her in your decisions and value her opinion

Never take any decision in your relationship without involving her. It is a sign you value her presence in your life. Before taking any action, seek her opinion or piece of advice.

It gives her a sense of belonging. Women like men who recognize their presence. By including her in decision-making, you are simply telling her that shes’ important too.

14. Do not keep secrets from her

Every girl wants to date a man who is open-minded. She wants you to confide in her ability to keep your secrets. You don’t have to hide anything from her. Be open to her and she will love you more and more.

15. Trust her

Trust is very crucial in every relationship. If you don’t trust her, how would you expect her to be happy?

Have confidence in your woman. Avoid doubting everything she says. She wants you to trust her like no other person and equally be honest in your communication.

16. Treat her like a Princess

You are the prince, and your girlfriend is your Princess. Give her the honor she deserves. Pamper her like your unborn baby. But don’t overdo that.

Make every other girl feel jealous of her for finding such a lovely guy like you. Go on an adventure with her. Treat her with some respect and her heart will be filled with joy.

17. Tell her you love her

“I love you” is a very simple but powerful word she wants to hear from you. Tell her how you feel about her. It will not only make her smile, but she will equally feel special. Hold her hands and confess your love to her. It will please her and equally make her excited.

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17 Ways to make your girlfriend happy
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