15 Clear Signs He Only Sees You As A Friend
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15 Clear Signs He Only Sees You As A Friend

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Does he just want to be friends? This is one of the questions girls ask when they are not sure how a guy feels about them. We’re here to help you figure it out with the signs he only sees you as a friend.

When a guy only wants friendship from a girl, there are certain ways he will treat her to show his intentions. For example, he doesn’t flirt with her, he treats her like his sister, and he doesn’t make any move to take the friendship to another level. These are signs he only wants to be friends.

Why does he see me as a friend?

A guy will see you as just a friend if he doesn’t have any romantic feelings for you or if he has lost the feelings he had for you. Men will only want to date you or have a relationship with you if they are sexually attracted to you. Anything outside that, you’re in the friend zone.

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If you are still not sure if he wants a relationship or just friendship, here are a few signs to look out for.

Signs he only sees you as a friend

1. He does not flirt with you

One big sign a guy sees you as a friend and nothing more is that he does not flirt with you. When a guy flirts with you, it is a sign he sees you as more than a friend. Anything less than that, you have been friend-zoned.

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2. He does not want to be intimate with you

Another way to know if he only wants friendship is that he doesn’t get intimate with you. For example, he avoids touching you in a romantic way, he does not kiss you, etc. All these are indications that he takes you as his friend.

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3. He flirts with other girls in your presence

Does he flirt with another girl when he is with you? It is a signal that tells he sees you as a friend. A guy that has romantic feelings for you and wants to be more than friends will avoid flirting with other girls when you are around. This is to ensure that he doesn’t lose you.

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4. He introduces you to others as his friend

When you meet his friends, how does he introduce you to them? Does he just tell them to meet you (his friend) and nothing more? If this is how he treats you when you meet his friends and family, then you’re just a friend to him.

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5. He doesn’t talk about starting a relationship with you

Sometimes, you will know if a guy has an interest in a relationship by how he often talks about it. If your male friend or boyfriend doesn’t even joke about starting a relationship with you or dating you, then he sees you as a friend. If you are more than a friend to him, he will not wait too long to make his intentions known to you.

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6. He doesn’t get jealous of you

How does this guy act when he sees you talking with another guy? Does he just overlook it or he quickly gets jealous and starts to distance himself from you?

If a guy doesn’t get jealous when he sees you with another guy, it is a clear indication that he doesn’t have feelings for you. He only sees you as a friend.

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7. He doesn’t make efforts to impress you

When a guy wants a relationship with you, he will do his best to make you happy. All he is trying to achieve is to impress and win your heart.

So, if your friend does not make effort to please you or make you feel special, he sees you as a friend.

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8. He tells you about other girls he likes

If a guy discusses another girl he likes with you or even asks for your opinion or advice, it is a clear sign he sees you as a friend. If not, he wouldn’t want to let you know he has a secret crush on another girl.

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9. He does not often initiate contact with you

A guy takes you as a friend if he solemnly calls or texts you. He only reaches out to you whenever he likes. For example, he wants to get particular information from you, or he wants to go out with you.

10. He does not care much about his appearance when meeting with you

If a guy only sees you as a friend, he will not bother so much about his appearance whenever he sees you or wants to meet with you.

A guy who has a crush on you will try to look his best in order to impress you.

11. He helps his friends talk to you

When a guy only wants to be friends with you, his friends who like you will use him to talk to you. For example, he tells you that one of his friends likes you, and even tries to convince you to like him back.

12. He is emotionally distant from you

Another sign he only sees you as a friend is that he is emotionally detached from you. He doesn’t feel it or recognize it when you send signals that show you’re attracted to him. He sees your flirts as something normal and doesn’t seem to understand them or flirt back at you.

13. He treats you like a normal friend

If you can’t tell the difference between the way he treats you and his other friends, then you are also a friend to him. There should be a distinction between the way a guy relates with you and his friends if he really wants to date you.

14. He calls you his best friend

If a guy often addresses you as his best friend, without giving you a pet name even for once, he sees you as a friend. A guy who wants to be more than a friend will not only call you his best friend but will only joke about being your lover too.

15. He has his boundaries

Setting boundaries is pertinent in both romantic relationships and friendships. Most times, you will know if a guy wants to be friends if he set some strict boundaries for himself. For example, he doesn’t hold hands with you in the public or hug you. All these show he wants to remain friends and nothing more.

What to do if he sees you as a friend

If a guy you like has been exhibiting the signs that tell he sees you as a friend, it is necessary you ask him how he feels about you. This will make him confirm whether you’re just a friend to him or he wants a relationship with you.


15 Clear signs he only sees you as a friend
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